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Dick (TV-14, PG-13, **+) Two teenage girls witness the 1972 burglary of the Watergate building, and President Nixon hires them as his official dog-walkers to keep them quiet.
Around the World in 80 Days (TV-PG, PG, **+) A bet pushes a British investor, a Chinese thief and a French artist to venture around the globe in 80 days in this version of the Jules Verne classic.
Ellen A Deer Head for Joe (TV-PG) Ellen meets her new boss and begins to develop a rivalry with him, which leads to a showdown between her and the new man in charge.
Ellen Splitsville, Man (TV-PG) Ellen excitedly prepares for her father's retirement party, but her joyful optimism is crushed when her parents give her some shocking news.
Ellen The Parent Trap (TV-PG) In an attempt to get her parents back together, Ellen attempts to recreate their Cuban honeymoon in her apartment; Paige regrets hiring Spence.
Ellen Looking Out for Number One (TV-PG) In an attempt to cope with the trauma of her parents breaking up, Ellen decides to see a therapist but is unsure if she should take the professional's advice.
Ellen The Bubble Gum Incident (TV-PG) Paige and Ellen attend a reunion, where Paige is determined to get revenge on a girl she believes put gum in her hair 25 years ago.
Ellen Harold and Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen's father decides to move into the second floor after separating from her mother, which leads to the two quarrelling about his freedom as a bachelor.
Ellen Not So Great Expectations (TV-PG) Ellen's mother decides to join a video-dating service in order to take advantage of her new status as a single woman, but her actions only cause Ellen to worry.
Ellen The Pregnancy Test (TV-PG) The girls have a night of passion with handsome gentlemen but are concerned about possibility being pregnant, so they each decide to take pregnancy tests.
Ellen Kiss My Bum (TV-PG) Ellen joins Ed at the soup kitchen as a volunteer, where she meets a charming man that she decides to invite to her Thanksgiving dinner.
Ellen Bowl, Baby, Bowl (TV-PG) Ellen and Ed enter into a fierce competition after she manages to beat him in a game of bowling; Paige and Spence have conflicting schedules.
Ellen Alone Again... Naturally (TV-PG) Ellen makes the New Years Resolution to go out more, so she decides to have a night out at an extravagant restaurant but quickly becomes discouraged.
Ellen Joe's Kept Secret (TV-PG) Joe asks his girlfriend to get a permit for Ellen so she can add on a breakfast nook in her new home; Joe jeopardizes Ellen's plans.
Ellen Makin' Whoopie (TV-PG) Ellen and Spence attend a wine-tasting party, but Ellen gets carried away and makes a fool of herself in front of Spence's superiors.
Ellen Ellen Unplugged (TV-PG) Ellen convinces the gang to join her in a trip to the rock 'n' roll music camp in Hollywood, Calif., but she becomes star struck by the music legends there.
Ellen Ellen's Deaf Comedy Jam (TV-PG) Ellen helps Peter prepare for a production of Romeo and Juliet that stars deaf actors, and she finds herself being attracted to the leading man.
Ellen Hello, Dalai (TV-PG) Peter does not believe that Ellen is as happy as everyone believes she is; Paige, Spence, Joe and Audrey are tied up in the shop by a robber.
Ellen Secrets & Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen's grandmother decides to stop by for a visit, which leads to Ellen making a series of confessions; Spence injures himself on a trip to Las Vegas.
Ellen Reversal of Misfortune (TV-PG) Ellen tries to introduce her parents to the joys of being single, which involves taking Harold to sports bars and Lois to self-defense classes.
Ellen The Clip Show Patient (TV-PG) Ellen decides to take Spence's advice by volunteering at a hospital, and she finds herself entering into a conversation with a badly burned man.
Ellen The Puppy Episode, Part 1 (TV-PG) Ellen's best friend from college, Richard, comes to town on business; an old friend's boss makes a pass at Ellen, thinking she is also gay.
Ellen The Puppy Episode, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ellen decides that she wants to break the news about her repressed sexuality to her friends all at once; Ellen tries to form a new relationship.
Ellen Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (TV-PG) Ellen comes up with an elaborate plan to tell her parents about her sexual revelation but her parents react negatively to the news.
Ellen Moving On (TV-PG) Ellen begins to suspect that Ed is homophobic when he demands that a feminist display in the bookstore is taken down; Ellen moves into her new home.
Ellen Guys or Dolls (TV-PG) Ellen runs into an ex-boyfriend during a double date and is surprised to find that she still has feelings for a man she had nearly forgotten about.
Ellen Social Climber (TV-PG) Ellen takes an aerobics class with Spence and Paige and finds herself drawn to the instructor; Ellen attends a mountain-climbing trip.
Ellen Roommates (TV-PG) Ellen is forced to consider looking for a new roommate since Spence is planning to move out on his own; Ellen is introduced to a woman.
Ellen Gay Yellow Pages (TV-PG) Ellen decides to use a Yellow Pages specifically created for homosexuals in order to find a plumber that can have her home ready for a party she is planning.
Ellen Just Coffee? (TV-PG) Ellen runs into the woman who brokered the loan on her new house and begins to wonder about their relationship with one another after a few more outings.
Ellen G.I. Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen joins her father in his annual Civil War re-enactment, and she causes troubled at the outing when she demands that she play a soldier.
Ellen Public Display of Affection (TV-PG) Ellen is introduced to Laurie's 12-year-old daughter and finds that she is offending the young woman by not holding her mother's hand in public.
Cybill Where's Zoey? (TV-14) Cybill must travel to Vancouver to film for a series, and Maryann offers to watch Zoey; when she comes back from the store, Zoey is nowhere to be found.
Cybill Lowenstein's Lament (TV-14) Cybill, upon regarding the written character as a needy doormat, loses the role of herself to Paula Abdul in the film based on Ira's book.
Cybill Wedding Bell Blues (TV-14) After learning that she is getting married, Cybill and Maryann plot to ruin Andrea's wedding reception, and while nothing goes as planned, the job gets done.
Cybill A Who's Who for What's His Name (TV-14) Cybill goes head to head with her acting nemesis Andrea at a casting call, and to make matters worse, Andrea announces that she is marrying Maryann's ex.
Ellen Emma (TV-PG) Ellen jumps at the chance to be Emma Thompson's assistant while she stars in Paige's movie, and they are excited to discover that the other is gay.
Ellen Like a Virgin (TV-PG) Ellen is nervous about having sex for the first time with Laurie, after Laurie makes a big deal about their first night alone together.
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To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (TV-14, PG, **+) Neglecting his teenage daughter, a forlorn husband spends the majority of his time swimming, dancing and walking on the beach with his wife's ghost.
Holy Man (TV-PG, PG, **) A calculating executive at a home-shopping channel puts a street-corner mystic on the air, boosting the ratings.
Ellen Womyn Fest (TV-PG) Ellen, Paige and Audrey attend a weekend festival for females that leaves her questioning her relationship with Laurie; Paige considers breaking up with Spence.
Ellen The Funeral (TV-PG) Ellen tries to convince Laurie to attend the event in the hopes that she will forgive the family that disowned her for her life choices.
Ellen Escape from L.A. (TV-PG) Lauren and Ellen decide to go to San Diego, Calif., for the weekend which leads to their conflicting personalities damaging their relationship.
Ellen The Christmas Show (TV-PG) Ellen has trouble finding the right time to break up with her new boyfriend; Paige tries to find a gift for her mother; Joe scares away customers.
Ellen Do You Fear What I Fear? (TV-PG) Ellen is filled with a number of emotions when her parents present her with the gift of a burial plot; Joe and Audrey deal with an eccentric employee.
Ellen Fleas Navidad (TV-PG) Ellen declines a trip to Mexico when she comes across a stray dog that no one wants to take care of, so she decides to send Joe in her place.
Ellen Ellen in Focus (TV-PG) Paige is stressed about the upcoming focus-group meeting for the new show she developed, so she recruits Ellen and Joe to sabotage the group.
Ellen Neighbors (TV-PG) Ellen accidentally sends an inflatable doll to her neighbor's home and has to deal with their ridicule when she is locked outside of her house in a costume.
Ellen It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World! (TV-PG) During a seemingly routine visit to the hardware store, Spence is exposed to an experimental bug spray that causes him to dream of a new world.
Ellen Hospital (TV-PG) Ellen rushes to the hospital after learning that Laurie has been in a car accident; Ellen is unable to resist arguing with Laurie's ex-girlfriend.
Ellen Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute, Part 1 (TV-PG) A special presentation honors the 75-year-long career of Ellen, as a special look back features clips from her earliest performances in show business.
Ellen Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute, Part 2 (TV-PG) A look back is taken at the career of Ellen DeGeneres with clips from her earliest days in show business and her relationships with industry stars.
Ellen When Ellen Talks, People Listen (TV-PG) After having to undergo car troubles on the side of the road with no help from others, Ellen pushes for a public movement to be nice to one another.
Ellen Vows (TV-PG) Ellen, Paige and Laurie begin to plan an elaborate ceremony for Lois and Harold when they decide to renew their vows; Ellen talks to Laurie about marriage.
Ellen Pilot (TV-PG) A woman does whatever she can in order to improve her driver's license photo after her friends complain about how horrible it looks.
Ellen The Anchor (TV-PG) Ellen desperately tries to win back the friendship of a woman whom she has been trying to rid from her life for years; Holly is determined to win over a man.
Ellen A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (TV-PG) Ellen meets someone she believes to be the man of her dreams but is disappointed when she kisses him; Holly has a date with a neurotic divorcee.
Ellen The Class Reunion (TV-PG) Ellen decides to pose as a married cardiologist at her high school reunion in order to impress her former classmates; Adam tries to get a new apartment.
Ellen The Promotion (TV-PG) Ellen buys her boss an expensive gift in the hopes of getting promoted but her chances are ruined when a maid overhears her make a rude comment.
Ellen The Hand That Robs the Cradle (TV-PG) Ellen finds herself in a relationship with a much-younger man and decides to change her own style in an attempt to better relate to him.
Ellen The Go-Between (TV-PG) Susan is in desperate need of a date for a wedding and agrees to have Adam fill the role; Ellen picks up the pieces of a short-lived relationship.
Ellen The Houseguest (TV-PG) Ellen gets a visit from her cousin and tries to plan a fun vacation, but she is forced to embark on a frantic search for her when she runs off with a gang.
Ellen The Refrigerator (TV-PG) Anita offers her employee discount to Ellen and Adam so that they can get a new refrigerator but the act of generosity becomes a major burden.
Ellen The Soft Touch (TV-PG) Ellen gets some bargaining tips from Adam, but she misuses the newly acquired skills and accidentally gets a car salesman fired from his job.
Ellen The Boyfriend Stealer (TV-PG) Ellen tries to convince everyone that Holly's new boyfriend is hitting on her; Ellen struggles to get along with a new employee at a coffee shop.
Ellen The Mugging (TV-PG) Ellen manages to organize a date for Adam, but while on the way to meet him, she becomes the victim of a mugging; Adam is unable to testify.
Ellen The Tape (TV-PG) Ellen and the rest of the group frantically rush to retrieve an explicit video of Anita with her boyfriend after her parents manage to get a hold of it.
Ellen The Dentist (TV-PG) Ellen loses control of herself while in the doctor's office after inhaling a dose of laughing gas; Adam has a turbulent relationship with a woman named Joanna.
Ellen Saint Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen agrees to join Adam and Paige in crashing a party she believes to be exclusively for people in show business but is actually a charity event.
Ellen The Thirty-Minute Man (TV-PG) Ellen learns the customer whom she finds attractive is a pizza delivery boy who is happy with his low-paying job; Adam buys a new couch.
Cybill Romancing the Crone (TV-14) After accidentally breaking her arm, Cybill offers a famous actress to recuperate at her home, but the celebrity becomes overly demanding.
Cybill An Officer and a Thespian (TV-14) In preparation for a role, Cybill rides alongside a real on-duty police officer , but his wife goes into labor, and she is left alone with the squad car.
Cybill To Sir, With Lust (TV-14) Cybill dates her acting teach and finds herself physically attracted to him, until she witnesses his one-man play; Zoey finds herself lustful for Sean.
Cybill Virgin, Mother, Cheater (TV-PG) Kevin's focus on becoming tenured makes Rachel suspect that he is having an affair, so she decides to play her own version of the game.
Ellen The Note (TV-PG) Ellen drives her friends crazy trying to determine which member of her book club cannot stand the sight of her; Adam has a date with a stranger.
Ellen The Fix-Up (TV-PG) Ellen is nervous when she learns that she has been set up on a date with a childhood acquaintance that she remembers as being strange.
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