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Empty Nest Timing is Everything (TV-PG) Harry hopes to transition his old friendship with a woman into a romance; Carol needs Charley's help assembling some exercise equipment.
Empty Nest Thanksgiving at the Westons (TV-PG) Laverne is hesitant to accept the Westons' invitation to attend their Thanksgiving dinner, after thinking back to the events that took place the year before.
Grounded for Life Part Time Lover (TV-14) Lily gets Walt an online date when he finds himself with an abundance of free time and starts to drive Lily crazy after the dump closes.
Grounded for Life Your Father Should Know, Part 1 (TV-14) Sean learns that he is the last member of the family to discover Lily and Brad have consummated their relationship; Eddie gives grifting lessons.
Spin City The Perfect Dorm (TV-14) Paul takes up residence in a college dorm after his separation from Claudia; Caitlin has trouble adjusting to life as a newly single woman.
Spin City Hey Judith (TV-14) The Mayor dates Caitlin's neighbor, who clashes with Charlie after influencing the Mayor's decisions; Stuart practices for a hockey contest worth $1 million.
Empty Nest Emily (TV-PG) Emily returns from college, and Carol sets her up with one of Patrick's friends; Emily's wealthy boyfriend refuses to accept that their relationship is over.
Empty Nest The Sting (TV-PG) Emily's boyfriend is running an illegal gambling ring, and wants the FBI to put a stop to him before he gets her in trouble; Laverne teaches Charley CPR.
Grounded for Life Your Father Should Know, Part 2 (TV-14) Claudia tries to make peace with Brad's parents since he and Lily are dating; Jimmy and Henry use Eddie's coin collection to play video games.
Grounded for Life All the Young Nudes (TV-14) Sean and Eddie hire strippers for the bar for financial assistance, and they wind up being protested by the PTA; Brad asks Lily to break up with Dean.
Spin City The Gambler (TV-14) Charlie agrees to join the rest of the guys in their weekly poker night and the guys blame themselves when he goes on a gambling spree.
Spin City In the Company of Dudes (TV-14) Charlie's old college buddy causes trouble when he's hired to represent the Mayor in a lawsuit filed by a supermodel; an attractive female employee is hired.
« The Suburbans (TV-14, R, **+) A "one-hit wonder" band from the 1980s considers making a comeback after they impress a sultry record executive with a spontaneous performance at a wedding.
Empty Nest Lessons (TV-PG) Barbara goes undercover to work a case at an area high school, and winds up having to deal with a lovelorn student that falls for her.
Empty Nest Take My Mom, Please (TV-PG) Harry's patient is adamantly certain that he would be a great match for their mother; the girls hire a housekeeper they fear is stealing.
Ellen Guys or Dolls (TV-PG) Ellen runs into an ex-boyfriend during a double date and is surprised to find that she still has feelings for a man she had nearly forgotten about.
Ellen Social Climber (TV-PG) Ellen takes an aerobics class with Spence and Paige and finds herself drawn to the instructor; Ellen attends a mountain-climbing trip.
« Betsy's Wedding (TV-PG, R, **+) A free-spirited fashion student and her conservative fiancĂ© want a small, simple wedding reception, but her parents want to impress his rich, old-money parents.
Father Hood (TV-PG, PG-13, **) A small-time grifter and deadbeat dad retrieves his two children from abusive situations, and the three of them run from the police together.
Empty Nest Dog Day Afternoon (TV-PG) Laverne's small investment in a new mall development causes her to act demanding; Dreyfuss refuses to acknowledge commands after Carol yells at him.
Empty Nest More to Love (TV-PG) Emily starts dating an old friend of Carol's, who has an interesting compulsion to constantly reference his weight; Laverne is upset about gossip.
Grounded for Life I Right the Wrongs (TV-14) Lily is embarrassed to be seen with Brad; Sean accidentally gets a student suspended from school; Jimmy's "trademark" hair-length becomes an issue at school.
Grounded for Life Oh, What a Knight (TV-14) Sean joins Walter's Knights of Hibernia Lodge so that Lily can be eligible to participate in their beauty pageant in order to feel special.
Spin City The Image Maker (TV-14) Carter accidentally brings Stuart's domineering wife back into Stuart's life; an image consultant searches for a way to raise the Mayor's approval ratings.
Spin City Trainstopping (TV-14) Charlie finally convinces Julia to go out with him, but he is late for the date after he is trapped on the subway during a public relations event.
Empty Nest Love and Marriage (TV-PG) Carol is shocked and jealous over the announcement of her little cousin's marriage plans; Charley is sentenced to do community service at the hospital.
Empty Nest The All-American Boy - Not! (TV-PG) Harry takes in a wayward young shoplifter in the hopes of rehabilitating him, but the challenge proves tougher than he imagined it would be.
Grounded for Life I Just Paid to Say I Love You (TV-14) Brad plans a romantic date for Lily in New York; Eddie breaks a window in the sewing room; Henry wants to keep an animal that walks in as a pet.
Grounded for Life S.A.T. and Sympathy (TV-14) Lily and Brad worry about their S.A.T. tests, so Claudia turns the examinations into a competition; Sean teaches Henry a lesson when he takes in a homeless man.
Spin City Rain on My Charades (TV-14) The carefree lifestyle of the Mayor's high-spirited daughter proves to be an inspiration to Caitlin; Charlie doesn't feel like he's ready to commit.
Spin City You've Got Male (TV-14) Stuart gets a second job as a screenwriter for an adult movie; Charlie and Caitlin compete to convince a chauvinistic donor to give money to the campaign.
Empty Nest My Mother, My Self (TV-PG) Charley's mother comes to inform him that she and his father have divorced, and she ends up falling in love with Harry; Carol meets Patrick's mother.
Empty Nest Charley to the Rescue (TV-PG) Emily gets harassed by an obnoxious comic while working as a waitress on the same cruise ship as Charley; Laverne sets Harry up on a date.
Grounded for Life Pay You Back with Interest (TV-14) Claudia's college enrollment check bounces after Sean gives Eddie a loan to buy an eco-friendly car to impress a woman; Lily wants her "Dean" tattoo removed.
Grounded for Life Ticket to Ride (TV-14) Without success, Lily attempts to hide her first hangover after a night of partying; Sean passes a severe judgment on Lily; Sean and Claudia sell Lily's car.
Spin City Minor League (TV-14) Caitlin tries to help out Charlie when he tries to realize his childhood dreams; the Mayor hires a bodyguard after receiving a death threat.
Spin City Science Friction (TV-14) The Mayor is so embarrassed by his ex-wife's tell-all book that he lets Charlie take over as acting mayor; Caitlin falls in love with a wealthy bachelor.
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Empty Nest A Life in the Day (TV-PG) Harry's day at the office features a number of eclectic patients, including a boy with a case of "cooties" and a teen with a drug addiction.
Empty Nest Settling (TV-PG) Carol's new man has her concerned with his troubling lack of intimacy; Harry has a problem trying to give Laverne a raise at work.
Grounded for Life Smells Like Teen Spirit (TV-14) Jimmy reaches puberty and starts to spread a strong odor; Sean talk to Jimmy about the birds and the bees; Sean and Eddie develop a rivalry over Jimmy.
Grounded for Life Baby Come Back (TV-14) Claudia models for a fashion photographer; Claudia storms away from Sean and leaves him to deal with a bath products party; Lily sees her yearbook photos.
Spin City A Shot in the Dark, Part 2 (TV-14) When Caitlin invites Charlie to go on a double date with her and Tom, Charlie resorts to inviting a crazy ex-girlfriend in order to make her feel jealous.
Spin City The Arrival (TV-14) Caitlin's former boyfriend with her and Charlie's relationship; Charlie tries to convince the Mayor that it would be a bad idea to date a judge.
Empty Nest Between a Cop and a Hard Place (TV-PG) Barbara gets paired with a new partner that enchants her sister Carol, but Barbara finds out some discouraging news; Harry fails with a baseball team.
Empty Nest Just You and My Kid (TV-PG) Harry feels that one of the first patients he ever treated has tracked him to Miami because she has feelings for him, but her intentions are much different.
Grounded for Life Been Caught Stealing (TV-14) Sean and Eddie arrive at the bar to learn they've been robbed; Walt suspiciously insists on cleaning instead of calling the cops; Lily and Brad get in a fight.
Grounded for Life She's Got Kegs (TV-14) Claudia and Lily run into each other at a Fraternity party after they lie and say they have homework to do; Brad accidentally sees Claudia naked.
Spin City A Tree Falls in Manhattan (TV-14) Charlie unwittingly has a brief romantic encounter with the campaign manager the Mayor's rival; the Mayor mistakenly chops down a historic tree.
Spin City Wife with Mikey (TV-14) Charlie feels like his authority is being threatened when Mike breaks up with his fiancée and dedicates his time to working on the Mayor's re-election.
« House Arrest (TV-14, PG, **+) Feuding parents on the verge of getting a divorce are locked in the basement by their children who refuse to let them out until they resolve their differences.
Empty Nest Full Nest (TV-PG) Harry promises his daughter Barbara not to interfere or meddle in her personal life, but that promise is not fulfilled when she moves back in with him.
Ellen The Parent Trap (TV-PG) In an attempt to get her parents back together, Ellen attempts to recreate their Cuban honeymoon in her apartment; Paige regrets hiring Spence.
Ellen Looking Out for Number One (TV-PG) In an attempt to cope with the trauma of her parents breaking up, Ellen decides to see a therapist but is unsure if she should take the professional's advice.
« The Tao of Steve (TV-14, R, ***) A beer-bellied kindergarten teacher has a three-part philosophy that lets him have his choice of women until he meets one who knows some things he doesn't.
A Low Down Dirty Shame (TV-14, R, **+) A private eye gets involved when the DEA goes after a drug lord who eluded him during his days as an L.A. police detective, and he faces his foe unaided.
Empty Nest You Are 16 Going on 17 and I'm Not (TV-PG) Carol finds herself feeling romantic tinges toward one of her students, and they're reciprocated; Harry gets blamed for Laverne's absence.
Empty Nest The R.N. Who Came to Dinner (TV-PG) Laverne leaves her husband's house and moves in with the Westons, where she focuses so much attention on their lives she leaves none for own.
Grounded for Life Can't Get Next to You (TV-14) Eddie discovers that Walt forced him to become right-handed; the teenagers sign pledges at school to stay abstinent, and Sean tries to make Brad feel guilty.
Grounded for Life Tombstone Blues (TV-14) Lily pitches a fit when Brad is not allowed to pose in a family portrait; Claudia learns that Walt buried his dead cat in the family plot reserved for her.
Spin City Yeah Baby! (TV-14) The Mayor's new campaign consultant claims to have psychic powers; Stuart suspects he may be a father when Michelle believes that she's pregnant.
Spin City Chinatown (TV-14) Jennifer reconsiders her commitment to Charlie after realizing how dedicated he is to his job; the Mayor decides to propose to Claire during Election Day.
Empty Nest A Christmas Story (TV-PG) Dreyfus disappears and forces the Weston family to confront the fact that they will have to face their first Christmas since their mother and Harry's wife died.
Empty Nest Change of Heart (TV-PG) Harry refuses to heed the warnings of his doctor to limit his stress, and in turn puts angst on his daughters worried about their father's health.
Grounded for Life Pictures of Willy (TV-14) Eddie hatches a daring plan when he attempts to steal back incriminating photos of himself from his ex-girlfriend so she will not ruin his new relationship.
Grounded for Life It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (TV-14) Sean and Eddie plan a wild St. Patrick's Day celebration, only to discover they forgot to order beer; Brad and Lily work on a parade float.
Spin City An Office and a Gentleman (TV-14) Caitlin decides to go on a date with the City Hall Santa Claus without seeing what he looks like beneath the costume; Stuart realizes his feelings for Michelle.
Spin City Prototype (TV-14) The Deputy Mayor of New York City takes charge of his diverse employees in order to deal with a garbage strike and a political gaffe by the Mayor.
Empty Nest M.D., P.O.V. (TV-PG) Harry is featured in a profile for a local show, but his main focus remains on a patient whose life hangs in the balance unless he can come up with a treatment.
Empty Nest Everything But Love (TV-PG) Harry's niece visits and tries to put her phobias about men to rest by going on a date with Charley; Lurlene makes an accusation about Laverne.
Grounded for Life Beat on the Brat (TV-14) Sean disciplines one of Henry's disobedient friends; Lily asks Brad to choose between her and his dorky friends; Eddie uses a Jewish online dating service.
Grounded for Life The Cheat Is On (TV-14) Claudia copies Lily's school paper for her college English class, only to find out that Lily plagiarized the essay; Eddie teaches Jimmy how to unhook a bra.
Spin City The Great Pretender (TV-14) Mike has trouble living up to his newfound reputation; when the Mayor is honored at a dinner event, Mike struggles to keep his difficult wife in check.
Spin City The Apartment (TV-14) Mike and the Mayor are mired in negotiations with striking sanitation workers, leaving the staff work under the supervision of power-hungry Stuart.
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