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That '70s Show Laurie Moves Out (TV-14) Red gets furious when he learns Laurie moved in with a guy instead of her girlfriends; Jackie begins to think that Kelso may be cheating on her.
That '70s Show Eric's Stash (TV-14) Eric suspects Hyde of nabbing his secret stash of money but later finds out Red took it because he was short on cash for a water heater.
That '70s Show Hunting (TV-14) Midge and Kitty stay at home playing poker with the girls while Red and Bob take the guys out for some good, old fashioned hunting.
That '70s Show Red Gets a Job (TV-14) Both Red and Eric apply for jobs at the new Pricemart and Red ends up as Eric's supervisor; Kelso hopes to score with Laurie but she just wants to talk.
How I Met Your Mother Slap Bet (HD, TV-PG) Barney tries to uncover the past and find out why Robin does not like shopping malls, and the information provides endless hours of amusement.
How I Met Your Mother Single Stamina (HD, TV-PG) Barney may have to live with the fact that all of his friends have gotten married when his gay, black brother James, joins him as his number one wingman.
Home Improvement Some Like It Hot Rod (TV-G) Tim gets the chance to have his hot rod featured in a magazine, but Jill gets distracted and unintentionally leaves the vehicle in the snow.
Home Improvement 'Twas the Night Before Chaos (TV-G) Tim and Jill are busy trying to solve their marital problems while friends and family visit; Tim does his best to win the Christmas lighting competition.
Home Improvement The Route of All Evil (TV-G) Brad has trouble balancing his homework, chores and paper route, so he decides to resort to drastic measures to keep on top of his responsibilities.
Home Improvement Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod? (TV-G) Tim decides to sell his old hot rod, which upsets Brad; Randy is terrified his mom will embarrass him while they are shopping for clothes.
How I Met Your Mother Tailgate (HD, TV-14) Marshall visits his father's gravesite to carry on a tailgating tradition; Barney and Ted open a bar called "Puzzles"; Robin fills in for a drunk news anchor.
How I Met Your Mother 46 Minutes (HD, TV-14) Lily and Marshall make the official move to the suburbs and realize that Lily's bossy father refuses to move out; the gang decides to go to the strip club.
Home Improvement It's My Party (TV-G) When Tim accidentally over-polishes the dance floor for Randy's party, it creates a dangerous hazard for Randy's guests, especially his girlfriend.
Home Improvement A House Divided (TV-G) One of Tim's friends moves into his aunt's house while she is out of town, but when a gas leak destroys the home, Tim allows him to move into the Taylor house.
Home Improvement The Naked Truth (TV-G) Marty and his wife come for a visit, and Tim accidentally sees his sister-in-law in the shower; Randy splits his pants while at a Bar Mitzvah.
Home Improvement Talk to Me (TV-G) Tim ends up on Jill's bad side after making a derogatory remark about her on his show, ruining dinner, and dropping her ring into the furnace.
How I Met Your Mother The Broath (HD, TV-14) The gang tries to split up Barney and Quinn after they hear about plans of them moving in together; Ted and Robin fight over who gets to sublet the apartment.
How I Met Your Mother Trilogy Time (HD, TV-14) Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another "trilogy time," a tradition in which they get together every three years just to watch the "Star Wars" trilogy.
Home Improvement Tool Time After Dark, Part 2 (TV-G) Tim feels sick to his stomach, and in an attempt to ease his ill feeling, he stays up all night long watching previously recorded episodes of "Tool Time."
Home Improvement Sisters and Brothers (TV-G) One of Jill's sisters wants to observe Jill's everyday life to help her decide if she really wants to get married; Tim's brother moves closer.
Home Improvement A Marked Man (TV-G) Al tells Tim and Jill that one of their children may have stolen something, and they are devastated when they find the knife in Mark's pants.
Home Improvement Wilson's Girlfriend (TV-G) Tim attempts to give Wilson some helpful guidance after Jill sets him up on a date; Brad tries everything he can think of to get rid of his acne.
How I Met Your Mother Farhampton (HD, TV-14) Robin starts to feel of anxious on her wedding day, so Ted tries to comfort her by retelling the story of how he persuaded Victoria to leave her fiance a note.
How I Met Your Mother The Pre-Nup (HD, TV-14) When Barney creates an extensive pre-nup, the guys take notice and propose their own set of amendments to their relationships with their significant others.
Home Improvement Her Cheatin' Mind (TV-G) Tim is threatened by the bond Jill had developed with a classmate, so in order to keep an eye on her, he decides to become a member of her book club.
Home Improvement Jill's Surprise Party (TV-G) Tim plans a party for Jill, but after the guests he invited arrive, he realizes she has left town to search for an old piano she had as a child.
Home Improvement Advise and Repent (TV-G) Feeling confident after getting a high grade on her paper, Jill begins to give psychiatric advice, but soon regrets it when she nearly destroys a marriage.
Home Improvement The Look (TV-G) Tim regrets buying season tickets for the Pistons after seeing how angry the purchase has made Jill, but he is not sure if he can resell them.
How I Met Your Mother The Stamp Tramp (HD, TV-14) Marshall does a favor for his old law school classmate Brad, but when the interview goes awry, it leaves Marshall having to do damage control with his boss.
How I Met Your Mother Twelve Horny Women (HD, TV-14) Marshall must take on his old friend/nemesis Brad, in the biggest case of his career; the gang looks back at their own skirmishes with the law as a teenager.
Home Improvement Doctor in the House (TV-G) Jill, Wilson and Al are angered by Tim's honorary Ph.D., and Tim's delight turns to dismay after he learns why the college chose to give him the degree.
Home Improvement That's My Momma (TV-G) Tim's mom moves back to town and soon begins dating his former shop teacher, which makes Tim angry and jealous because she has no time to spend with her son.
Home Improvement 'Twas the Flight Before Christmas (TV-G) On the way to a winter party, Tim and Al are stranded at the airport; Al is forced to make a difficult decision; the boys participate in a Christmas contest.
Home Improvement High School Confidential (TV-G) Al and Tim design and manufacture a bedroom that caters to the modern man; Brad is jealous of Randy after he begins taking advanced classes at his school.
How I Met Your Mother Band or DJ? (HD, TV-PG) When Robin finds out that Barney never asked her father for his permission before proposing, she insists that he seek his approval before going public.
How I Met Your Mother Ring Up! (HD, TV-14) Barney pleads with Ted to continue seeing his much younger, much wilder girlfriend, even though Ted has no real attachment to her and her outgoing personality.
That '70s Show Burning Down the House (TV-PG) Jackie plans a small dinner party while her parents are out of town, but Kelso turns it into a giant, destructive bash; Red learns that Bob wears a toupee.
That '70s Show The First Time (TV-14) Donna tries to write Bob and Midge's new wedding vows but they don't give her much to work with; Kelso worries that the ceremony will give Jackie ideas.
That '70s Show Afterglow (TV-14) Eric becomes embarrassed when he discovers that he wasn't very good in bed with Donna, leading the both of them to try again; Red buys a motorcycle.
That '70s Show Kitty and Eric's Night Out (TV-14) Eric goes to the movies with his mom and ends up having a good time; Hyde is astounded when a girl he was dating goes out with Fez.
How I Met Your Mother Lucky Penny (HD, TV-PG) The gang's string of bad luck, including a missed job interview and a marathon injury, appears to stem from a "lucky" penny that Ted picked up.
How I Met Your Mother Stuff (HD, TV-PG) Robin insists that Ted get rid of his collection of gifts from old girlfriends, but she balks when asked to part with her own stash; Barney puts on a play.
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That '70s Show Parents Find Out (TV-14) Eric and Donna are caught by the police while having sex in the car, and the resulting tension causes Kitty to have a nervous breakdown.
That '70s Show Kiss of Death (TV-14) Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat; Fez requires emergency surgery; Jackie catches Kelso making out with Laurie and breaks up with him.
That '70s Show Kelso's Serenade (TV-14) Jackie starts putting the moves on Hyde so Kelso writes a song to win her back; Donna starts thinking that Eric takes her for granted.
That '70s Show Jackie Moves On (TV-14) The sibling rivalry between Eric and Laurie reaches new heights as they both begin telling the gang embarrassing secrets about each other.
How I Met Your Mother Something Borrowed (HD, TV-PG) As their wedding day draws near, Marshall and Lily's visions for the perfect wedding are blurred, but Barney steps in to try and save the day.
How I Met Your Mother Something Blue (HD, TV-PG) Ted and Robin are keeping a secret from the others, but Barney, with his prying ways, uncovers the mystery at Lily and Marshall's wedding reception.
Home Improvement The Vasectomy One (TV-G) The girls at school tell Randy he has won their best butt contest; after agreeing they don't want any more kids, Jill asks Tim to get a vasectomy.
Home Improvement Fear of Flying (TV-G) Mark wants to learn how to fly, but Jill thinks it is too risky; Tim and Al accidentally ruin their boss's new truck; Jill decides to take piano lessons.
Home Improvement When Harry Kept Delores (TV-G) Harry's wife takes a job at the hardware store, and when Tim's advice causes problems between Harry and his wife, he tries to fix the issues he created.
Home Improvement Eye on Tim (TV-G) A TV station decides to do a segment on Tool Time, and while a reporter interviews the cast, it becomes clear that she is interested in Tim, which angers Jill.
How I Met Your Mother The Fortress (HD, TV-14) Robin asks Barney to finally sell his bachelor pad so the two can build a home together; Lily's job gets in the way of her and Marshall's relationship.
How I Met Your Mother The Time Travelers (HD, TV-14) The future versions of Ted and Barney do their best to try and persuade Ted to go see Robots vs. Wrestlers; Marshall and Robin compete in a dance-off.
Home Improvement The Longest Day (TV-G) Randy learns he may have cancer after a medical checkup, and while everyone waits for the results of the blood test, Tim and Jill try to reassure their son.
Home Improvement Mr. Wilson's Opus (TV-G) Things quickly deteriorate after Wilson becomes the director of Randy's play, and when Tim brings in the set he built, Wilson orders him to build a new one.
Home Improvement Shopping Around (TV-G) Tim and Jill see his mother's boyfriend at a restaurant with a different woman; Tool Time's metal episodes spell disaster for everyone involved.
Home Improvement Alarmed by Burglars (TV-G) Tim puts in a security system after Wilson is robbed, but their peace and quiet are ruined by uncontrollable sirens; Brad considers cheating on a test.
How I Met Your Mother The Locket (HD, TV-14) Barney and Robin are concerned by the fact that they share the same cousin; Marshall gets into a fight with the woman sitting next to him on a flight.
How I Met Your Mother Coming Back (HD, TV-14) Lily begins to heavily drink after Marshall tells her about being late too New York; James gives Robin shocking news that she asks him to hide.
Home Improvement Workshop 'Til You Drop (TV-G) After Tim's boss gets divorced, Tim and Jill decide to take a therapy workshop for couples in order to confront any of their unresolved issues.
Home Improvement Burnin' Love (TV-G) Randy tries to go out with a girl who likes cars but learns she is dating Brad's friend; Jill gets invited to potluck but isn't' allowed to bring food.
Home Improvement Al's Video (TV-PG) Al chooses to let Tim direct the movie he is producing, but second guesses his decision when Tim gets bossy; Jill decides to get a personal computer.
Home Improvement Whose Car Is It Anyway? (TV-G) Jill purchases a foreign sports car with her inheritance money, but when Tim shows interest in driving it, she forbids him to get behind the wheel.
How I Met Your Mother No Questions Asked (HD, TV-14) Marshall enlists the help of the gang to get rid of a damaging message on Lily's phone, as they all owe him for rescuing them from embarrassing situations.
How I Met Your Mother The Lighthouse (HD, TV-14) Robin and Loretta's conflict grows even worse as Barney is caught between the two; Marshall and Daphne deal with a stowaway on their road trip.
Home Improvement The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry (TV-G) Benny isn't allowed to attend the Thanksgiving dinner at the Taylor house, but when Tim sees him eating at a soup kitchen, he chooses to break his own rule.
Home Improvement Workin' Man Blues (TV-G) Brad allows work to become his main concern after he gets a part-time job at a store that sells sporting goods, which causes him to miss his PSAT test.
Home Improvement No Place Like Home (TV-PG) Tim and his brothers help their mom move, and after finding out what the new owners plan to do to her house, Tim considers buying the property himself.
Home Improvement The Flirting Game (TV-G) Jill considers flirting with a potential employer to get a job; Tim purchases a cleanser after the salesperson flirts with him during her pitch.
How I Met Your Mother Bass Player Wanted (HD, TV-14) The gang meets a stranger at the wedding who causes problems within the group, forcing Robin, Lily, Ted and Barney to resolve their issues about moving away.
How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra (HD, TV-14) Before Marshall delivers a devastating blow to Barney, he explains how he received special martial arts training to master the Slap of a Million Exploding Suns.
Home Improvement A Funny Valentine (TV-PG) Tim cannot remember where he put Jill's present; a singer discusses her relationship with Tim's dad; Randy and Brad want to get their girlfriends gifts.
Home Improvement Wilson's World (TV-G) Wilson's monologue doesn't go over well with a newspaper critic, prompting him to mimic Tim's behavior; Tim and Al compete in a cooking contest.
Home Improvement Something Old, Something Blue (TV-PG) Al reveals he's having doubts about marrying Ilene just before the wedding, but unbeknownst to him, she has expressed the same concerns.
Home Improvement My Son, the Driver (TV-G) Jill's fears about Brad learning to drive become a reality when he gets into an accident and hides the truth about the real seriousness behind it.
How I Met Your Mother Vesuvius (HD, TV-14) Robin expresses her fear that Barney is like her father; Marshall enlists the help of Ted and Barney to find Lily, who suddenly disappeared from the group.
How I Met Your Mother Daisy (HD, TV-14) Marshall enlist Ted and Barney to help him out on a hunt to find out where Lily disappeared to in the middle of their fight.
That '70s Show Holy Crap (TV-PG) Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church anymore so Kitty invites Pastor Dave over for family game night; Fez and Kelso attempt to grow beards.
That '70s Show Red Fired Up (TV-14) Red must fire an employee at Price Mart that both he and Eric enjoy making fun of; Kelso decides to go public about his relationship with Laurie.
That '70s Show Cat Fight Club (TV-14) Red decides to have a talk with Kelso after finding out that he has been dating Laurie; Hyde tries to teach Jackie how to be cool after Laurie insults her.
That '70s Show Moon Over Point Place (TV-14) Eric gets annoyed when he finds a picture of Donna in the yearbook mooning a camera; Fez thinks the white man is trying to keep him down.
How I Met Your Mother How I Met Everyone Else (HD, TV-PG) Ted's new girlfriend becomes jealous when she hears a story of how the guys met, and Barney decides that she has jumped a few points on his "crazy scale."
How I Met Your Mother I'm Not That Guy (HD, TV-14) A corporate firm courts Marshall with dinner and drinks to let him know that they are taking him into consideration as partner on their staff.
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