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Night Court I Said Dance! (TV-14) Bull asks to borrow Roz's gun and when she hands it over, he ends up shooting himself in the foot; Bull's lawyer cousin decides to get involved.
Night Court My Three Dads (TV-14) In her husband's absence, Christine is forced to ask for a replacement coach in her childbirth class; the class is a crowd when three guys come with her.
Night Court Still Another Day in the Life (TV-14) Harry feels called to help a man in the courtroom who is desperate to stop the impending marriage of his girlfriend to a despicable yuppie.
Night Court A Closer Look (TV-14) Harry and the rest of the court try to watch their step when they're the focus of a television news reporter planning to do a story on the night court.
Roseanne Fathers and Daughters (TV-PG) Roseanne attempts to forge a closer bond with Darlene by watching basketball with her while Dan tries to do the same with Becky by going shopping with her.
Roseanne Happy Birthday (TV-PG) Dan decides to build Roseanne an office for her birthday so that she will finally have a place to work, but soon after she is stricken with writer's block.
Spin City The Mayor Who Came to Dinner (TV-14) When the Mayor has marriage problems, he decides to become Mike's new roommate; the staff members organize a charity fashion show.
Spin City Mayor Over Miami (TV-14) Mayor Winston decides to take a sudden vacation with Paul in order to forget about his marriage woes, but the travelers neglect to tell Mike about the trip.
Night Court With a Little Help from My Friends (TV-14) Christine finally convinces Roz to try "happy therapy" but the results are disastrous for everyone; Jack's son doesn't want to run the newsstand anymore.
Night Court Mac Takes a Vocation (TV-14) Dan is forced to find a replacement for Phil; Mac is lured away from the court for a place on a Supreme Court judge's staff, and Harry gets mad.
Roseanne Like a Virgin (TV-PG) Roseanne feels it is time to have the talk with Becky after witnessing a number of guys giving her attention, but she finds out it's Darlene who needs the talk.
Roseanne Like a New Job (TV-PG) Roseanne decides to take a second job at a coffee shop to add onto her busy schedule, leaving Dan to watch over the family while she is working.
High School High (TV-14, PG-13, **) An idealistic teacher gets a dose of reality when he moves from a private school to the most notoriously underperforming public high school in the district.
Stir Crazy (TV-14, R, **+) Two men from the east are framed for a robbery and are sent out to prison in the west, where they have a difficult time adjusting to their new environment.
Night Court The Blues of the Birth (TV-14) As her impending birth looms, Christine prepares for maternity leave but is shocked when she goes into labor while in an elevator.
Night Court A Family Affair, Part 1 (TV-14) Christine deals with the remnants of the man who replaced her while she was out on maternity leave; Bull becomes infatuated with Dan's visiting sister.
Night Court A Family Affair, Part 2 (TV-14) Harry has a crucial high school test that is coming up soon, but for some reason he keeps trying to avoid the tutor who's been helping get through the course.
Night Court When Harry Met Margaret (TV-14) Harry finally garners the courage to ask the night court's new court reporter out for a date, and in preparation he receives some advice about women from Dan.
Roseanne Trick or Treat (TV-PG) Roseanne learns a lot about the opposite sex when her lumberjack costume for a Halloween party turns out to be a little too convincing.
Roseanne PMS, I Love You (TV-PG) Dan's birthday has arrived, but unfortunately on the same day that Roseanne's PMS hits, as he tries to come up with any excuse to get out of the house.
Night Court Can't Buy Me Love (TV-14) Christine questions the longevity of her marriage; Dan is excited to participate in a bachelor auction for charity, but he soon regrets it when he's bid on.
Night Court Death Takes a Halloween (TV-14) Harry puts a defendant known as the "Spirit of Death" behind bars on Halloween, and after doing so, people stop dying, including his next victim.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 1 (TV-14) The entire court ends up forced to spend the whole night in the courtroom after a medical scares leaves the building quarantined.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 2 (TV-14) The staff's under quarantine for the night, and once the initial shock has passed, they settle in and reflect on life's milestones and roadblocks.
Roseanne Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? (TV-PG) Dan and Roseanne come up with an idea to teach the girls a lesson for continuously breaking curfew by celebrating the anniversary of their first lovemaking.
Roseanne Confessions (TV-PG) Bev decides to pay a surprise visit to Roseanne's house, tricking Jackie into visiting for a heated argument between the three women over past events.
Night Court Day Court (TV-14) While the court is used to Roz's usual surly demeanor, when the crew is assigned to daytime hours, they are shocked when she is actually perky.
Night Court A Night Court at the Opera (TV-14) Dan takes Margaret to the opera in hopes of wooing her; a group of people at the courthouse begin to believe Bull is their god.
Night Court Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore (TV-14) Harry realizes the man standing before him in court is none other than his childhood bully; Christine goes on a hunt for a good nanny.
Night Court Jail Bait (TV-14) When Christine is feeling especially low, a local street artist makes her feel better; Mac and Dan decide to take up photography.
Roseanne Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore (TV-PG) Becky has become fed up with Roseanne butting in her life and decides to run away and stay with Jackie, who is against her doing this at first.
Roseanne Home-Ec (TV-PG) Darlene becomes embarrassed at school about her family's lack of money when Roseanne teaches a lesson in real-life family budgeting to her class.
Night Court It's Just a Joke (TV-14) A comic is brought into the court when some of his audience thinks his routine is offensive, which starts an argument about free speech.
Night Court Bringing Down Baby (TV-14) The courtroom is taken over by a television crew and their demanding child star and his mother, irritating Roz, who lashes out at the oblivious parent.
Night Court Presumed Insolvent (TV-14) Dan is forced to change his mind about Phil the Wino after he does something unexpected and helps a defendant in need at the courthouse.
Night Court Mama was a Rollin' Stone (TV-14) Phil the Wino dies, and Dan expects a large some of money to come from his will; Bull prepares for a visit from his soon-retiring mother.
Roseanne Vegas Interruptus (TV-14) Roseanne is faced with a tough decision when her job is put on the line due to her vacation with Dan to go see Wayne Newton perform in Las Vegas.
Roseanne Her Boyfriend's Back (TV-PG) Becky becomes frustrated that her parents are unable to afford the car that she wants for herself and decides to take Dan's motorcycle out for a spin.
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Night Court Attachments Included (TV-14) Despite the fact that the day is quickly approaching, Harry has second thoughts about living with Margaret; Bull visits a matchmaker for help.
Night Court Alone Again, Naturally (TV-14) Harry suspects that Margaret wants to propose to him, so he asks around for advice on what to do, and every person has their own suggestion.
Night Court Hey Harry, For Cryin' Out Loud, It's a Wonderful Life... Sorta (TV-14) During a moment of questioning his lot in life, Harry is visited by a strange angel who shows Harry what the court would be like with Dan in charge.
Night Court To Sleep, No More (TV-14) Dan ends up using some of the funds from the Phil Foundation for his own devices, but finds himself feeling guilty; Bull wants to try out new hair.
Roseanne Dances with Darlene (TV-14) Darlene's school dance is approaching and Roseanne feels that she should wear something more feminine to the dance to attract the attention of the guys.
Roseanne Scenes from a Barbecue (TV-PG) The Connors decide to throw a barbecue in the backyard to celebrate Mothers Day with some guests, but things go awry once Roseanne's grandmother arrives.
Spin City Wonder Woman (TV-14) Mike doesn't think he's ready to have a committed relationship; James is being secretive about his new hobby, so Carter and Stuart decide to investigate.
Spin City The Goodbye Girl (TV-14) Mike isn't happy when the Mayor begins dating a much younger woman; Paul takes over as Mike's assistant while they interview candidates for the job.
Night Court Fools Rush In, Part 1 (TV-14) Harry seems to have let his chance with Christine slip by the wayside as Tony reenters the picture; Phil's twin brother, Will, helps Dan run the foundation.
Night Court Fools Rush In, Part 2 (TV-14) Harry seems to have let his chance with Christine slip by the wayside as Tony reenters the picture; Phil's twin brother, Will, helps Dan run the foundation.
Roseanne Take My Bike ... Please! (TV-14) Roseanne and Dan finally decide to open up the shop at Lanford Custom Cycle, but run into a problem when they realize that making a sale is exhausting work.
Roseanne Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker (TV-PG) Jackie is horrified when she wakes up after a night on the town drinking to find that she has slept with Arnie, while D.J. gets a dog for comic books.
Dear God (TV-PG, PG, **) A con man is forced to get a real job at the post office, where he begins to find redemption through replying to desperate letters that are addressed to God.
Holy Man (TV-PG, PG, **) A calculating executive at a home-shopping channel puts a street-corner mystic on the air, boosting the ratings.
Night Court Harry's Fifteen Minutes (TV-14) A New York newspaper recognizes Harry as one of the city's interesting males; Christine is disappointed at his lack of humility.
Night Court A Guy Named Phantom, Part 1 (TV-14) Harry and Christine embark on a mutual soul searching mission as they make a serious effort honestly expose and address their feelings toward one another.
Night Court A Guy Named Phantom, Part 2 (TV-14) Harry and Christine embark on a mutual soul searching mission as they make a serious effort honestly expose and address their feelings toward one another.
Night Court My Life as a Dog Lawyer (TV-14) Pandemonium Harry, undeterred by politics or diplomatic immunity, incarcerates a diplomat whose country's extremely hostile to the United States.
Roseanne Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down (TV-14) Roseanne gets nervous that Kathy will seek vengeance on her for a Halloween prank; Jackie flirts at a costume party only to learn it was with her ex-boyfriend.
Roseanne Vegas (TV-14) Arnie and Nancy come over to the Conners' house to inform them that they are getting married in Las Vegas and want them to stand in the wedding.
Night Court Puppy Love (TV-14) Roz's past emerges to haunt her with a vengeance; her caught-off guard co-workers are stunned to learn of her husband and of his desire to wed someone else.
Night Court Pop Goes the Question (TV-14) Wanda finally discovers that there is a contingency to them getting married; on their anniversary she finds out he has to perform a miracle.
Night Court Guess Who's Listening to Dinner? (TV-14) Dan finds himself at odds with a local crime boss when he decides to break up with his daughter; he and Christine are forced to attend a dinner.
Night Court Looking for Mr. Shannon (TV-14) Bull's last night of being single doesn't turn out as he'd hoped when the bachelor party is ruined by no money and no ride and then a kidnapping.
Roseanne Thanksgiving '91 (TV-PG) Bev drops a huge surprise on the four generations of the Conner family that have gathered together to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.
Roseanne Kansas City, Here We Come (TV-14) Jackie has to make a trip to Topeka and wants Roseanne to come along so they can visit their father's mistress that they haven't seen in a long time.
Night Court Teacher's Pet (TV-14) Christine runs into her old law professor that she once put on a pedestal, but finds him different then she knew him; Bull tries to regain his innocence.
Night Court The System Works (TV-14) Harry moves to the head of the class when he agrees to teach a law class; Christine becomes the subject when Dan hires an artist to sketch her.
Night Court Get Me to the Roof on Time (TV-14) Wanda refuses to wear the family wedding dress which leaves the entire wedding in question; Harry and Art both think they should be the best man.
Night Court Santa on the Lam (TV-14) A man playing Santa Claus finds himself depressed by the lack of the holiday spirit in the city, and Dan tries to help him find it again.
Roseanne The Bowling Show (TV-PG) Dan and Arnie are on the worst bowling team in the league, but when they start making progress to get out of last place, unexpected competition arises.
Roseanne The Back Story (TV-PG) Bev comes to the aid of the Conners when Roseanne throws her back out and is bed-ridden, instantly becoming loved by the children as she spoils them all.
Night Court Shave and a Haircut (TV-14) Dan and Will decide to try their hands at finding convicts on the run; Harry ends up the butt of the joke when he tries to convince Mel Torme to accept award.
Night Court A New York Story (TV-14) Harry is incredulous when a defendant comes into the court claiming he owns several important city landmarks; Dan judges a beauty pageant.
Night Court Undressed for Success (TV-14) Mac is offered the job as an underwear model and he ponders doing it for the money; Dan becomes the protector for some of Roz's belongings.
Night Court Poker? I Hardly Know Her (TV-14) Dan finds an attractive woman in the courtroom and decides to try and woo her; Harry tries to go for a new look in his office; Roz hold a poker party.
Roseanne This Old House (TV-PG) Roseanne and Jackie take one last trip to see their childhood home and reminisce about their memories, reminding her to give Darlene a stricter punishment.
Roseanne The Commercial Show (TV-PG) The Conners are elated when they are filmed in a television advertisement for Rodbell's Luncheonette, but when the commercial airs, the family is excluded.
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