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Why Me? (TV-14, R, **)
Adventures in Babysitting (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A perky babysitter and her two charges navigate downtown Chicago's darker side after a receiving a panicked call from her best friend.
Grounded for Life Henry's Been Working for the Drug Squad (TV-14) After learning about drugs in school, Henry believes his family is on drugs and tries to do something to set them straight, especially when he finds a plant.
Grounded for Life Cuts Like a Knife (TV-14) Sean lies to Claudia about finally getting a vasectomy and fights off her amorous advances; Brad pays Lily to tutor him even though he doesn't need it.
A Different World That's the Trouble with You All (TV-PG) Whitley plays matchmaker for Dwayne, but then becomes jealous of him and the beautiful co-ed she encouraged him to date; poker wager.
A Different World A Campfire Story (TV-PG) Dwayne accompanies Walter on a recruiting trip to see a high school basketball star that doesn't seem interested in attending Hillman.
A Different World Hillman Isn't Through with You Yet (TV-PG) Whitley has trouble finding a job and realizes that she would benefit from some business courses, so she decides to attend Hillman for another year.
A Different World 21 Candles (TV-PG) Whitley becomes drunk when she thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday and ends up having dinner with a picture of Denzel Washington.
Grounded for Life Who Are You? (TV-14) Sean and Claudia learn that Jimmy has been shoplifting; Lily worries about what to wear to dinner with Dean's parents; Henry brings his class' lizard home.
Grounded for Life Welcome to the Working Week (TV-14) Lily goes on a shopping spree with her emergency credit card; Eddie is angry over a scornful review of the bar; Henry takes energy preservation to an extreme.
A Different World Sweet Charity (TV-PG) Walter, Whitley and Freddie try to help Kim when they learn that she is working all night in a funeral parlor to earn money in addition to working at the Pit.
A Different World Soldier Boy (TV-PG) A soldier from Colonel Taylor's old platoon is a surprise guest speaker at his roast; Dwayne bets Whitley she can't go a full day without flirting.
A Different World Getaway, Part 1 (TV-PG) Drug dealers go after Dwayne and Ron when they find a duffel bag full of drugs and money while everyone is enjoying their spring break.
A Different World Getaway, Part 2 (TV-PG) Julian shows up to surprise Whitley; Dwayne and Ron disguise themselves as women to avoid being recognized by some vengeful drug dealers.
« Adventures in Babysitting (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A perky babysitter and her two charges navigate downtown Chicago's darker side after a receiving a panicked call from her best friend.
Grounded for Life Tonight's the Night (TV-14) Sean throws a sweet-sixteen birthday party for Lily; Lily has romantic plans for Dean; Dean fails to meet Lilly's expectations on her sixteenth birthday.
A Different World Perhaps Love ... (TV-PG) Dwayne's mom visits Hillman for his induction into Phi Beta Kappa; Julian tells Whitley that he wants to ask her something important.
A Different World Everything Must Change (TV-PG) Whitley's friends are pleased that she has decided that Dwayne is right for her, but to her surprise Dwayne met someone else over the summer.
A Different World How Bittersweet It Is (TV-PG) Whitley tries to make Dwayne jealous by dating Ron, but they have a good time at the club and Whitley apologizes for her deception.
A Different World Blues for Nobody's Child (TV-PG) Freddie bonds with an older foster child and becomes outraged when she learns that most potential parents would prefer to adopt babies.
Grounded for Life Part Time Lover (TV-14) Lily gets Walt an online date when he finds himself with an abundance of free time and starts to drive Lily crazy after the dump closes.
Grounded for Life All the Young Nudes (TV-14) Sean and Eddie hire strippers for the bar for financial assistance, and they wind up being protested by the PTA; Brad asks Lily to break up with Dean.
A Different World Whitley's Last Supper (TV-PG) Whitley's dad tells her that he is taking her credit cards, and Kinu sees Dwayne trying to comfort her; Kim faces her practice test for med school.
A Different World The Goodwill Games (TV-PG) Ron and Dwayne tease Whitley for trying out for the academic decathlon, until she and Dwayne are paired up as partners; Kim won't date Matthew.
A Different World Tales from the Exam Zone (TV-PG) As midterms approach, Whitley races to complete a report for her sadistic accounting professor, and Dwayne struggles to prepare Terrence for his tests.
A Different World Good Help Is Hard to Fire (TV-PG) Dwayne continues to reel in the aftermath of his and Whitley's kiss and finds himself frustrated with his relationship with Kinu; Ron hires Whitley.
Grounded for Life Your Father Should Know, Part 1 (TV-14) Sean learns that he is the last member of the family to discover Lily and Brad have consummated their relationship; Eddie gives grifting lessons.
Grounded for Life Your Father Should Know, Part 2 (TV-14) Claudia tries to make peace with Brad's parents since he and Lily are dating; Jimmy and Henry use Eddie's coin collection to play video games.
A Different World Love Thy Neighbor (TV-PG) Dwayne and Whitley work together on a project and end up having a conversation about their relationship; Ron discovers an old friend is living on the streets.
A Different World Time Keeps on Slippin' (TV-PG) Dwayne's grades suddenly suffer when he and Whitley begin dating, and he convinces himself that he is worthless and Whitley is going to leave him.
A Different World The Apple Doesn't Fall (TV-PG) Ron tries to tell his father that he doesn't want to become part of the family business; Col. Taylor considers joining a country club.
A Different World I'm Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas (TV-PG) Whitley tries very hard to impress Mrs. Wayne so she buys her an expensive Christmas gift, but it is soon stolen by a panhandling Santa Claus.
Grounded for Life I Right the Wrongs (TV-14) Lily is embarrassed to be seen with Brad; Sean accidentally gets a student suspended from school; Jimmy's "trademark" hair-length becomes an issue at school.
Grounded for Life Oh, What a Knight (TV-14) Sean joins Walter's Knights of Hibernia Lodge so that Lily can be eligible to participate in their beauty pageant in order to feel special.
Grounded for Life I Just Paid to Say I Love You (TV-14) Brad plans a romantic date for Lily in New York; Eddie breaks a window in the sewing room; Henry wants to keep an animal that walks in as a pet.
Grounded for Life S.A.T. and Sympathy (TV-14) Lily and Brad worry about their S.A.T. tests, so Claudia turns the examinations into a competition; Sean teaches Henry a lesson when he takes in a homeless man.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Back to the Wild (TV-G) Jack follows the progress of a bush baby, a small nocturnal primate, while visiting a wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe that specializes in rehabilitation.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Okavango Delta (TV-G) Jack tours the Okavango Delta of Africa, taking in the native wildlife, people and culture as he travels by traditional boats and uses night vision goggles.
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High Fidelity (TV-PG, R, ***+) A 30-something record store owner revisits the women in his past in hopes of finding out why he has so much trouble in love and relationships.
Father Hood (TV-PG, PG-13, **) A small-time grifter and deadbeat dad retrieves his two children from abusive situations, and the three of them run from the police together.
Grounded for Life Pay You Back with Interest (TV-14) Claudia's college enrollment check bounces after Sean gives Eddie a loan to buy an eco-friendly car to impress a woman; Lily wants her "Dean" tattoo removed.
Grounded for Life Ticket to Ride (TV-14) Without success, Lily attempts to hide her first hangover after a night of partying; Sean passes a severe judgment on Lily; Sean and Claudia sell Lily's car.
A Different World War and Peace (TV-PG) Dwayne's friend comes to Hillman for a visit before his Army Reserve Unit is sent to the Persian Gulf; the girls crash Zelmer's party.
A Different World Ex-Communication (TV-PG) Whitley has dinner with Julian and learns that he is engaged to a model and they are planning to move to Paris; Whitley begs for Dwayne's forgiveness.
A Different World Risk Around the Dollar (TV-PG) After Whitley cannot afford to make her rent payment, she tries to find a job, however after little luck she decides to host a party to raise money.
A Different World Love, Hillman Style (TV-PG) Whitley's "Men of Hillman" calendar causes trouble; Ron juggles three dates for Valentine's Day; Col. Taylor's bad back cuts his date with Jaleesa short.
Grounded for Life Smells Like Teen Spirit (TV-14) Jimmy reaches puberty and starts to spread a strong odor; Sean talk to Jimmy about the birds and the bees; Sean and Eddie develop a rivalry over Jimmy.
Grounded for Life Baby Come Back (TV-14) Claudia models for a fashion photographer; Claudia storms away from Sean and leaves him to deal with a bath products party; Lily sees her yearbook photos.
A Different World A Word in Edgewise (TV-PG) Kim and Matthew want to learn to appreciate their differences; Dwayne bets Whitley that she can't go without speaking for an entire day.
A Different World Ms. Understanding (TV-PG) Shazza writes a book and causes the men and women on campus to boycott each other, and Dean Hughes has to try to get the sides back together.
A Different World The Cash Isn't Always Greener (TV-PG) Dwayne has to decide between a great job and grad school; Jaleesa tries to convince her sister to return to school and not to leave her husband.
A Different World How Great Thou Art (TV-PG) Whitley attends an art auction with her new boss; Freddie's radio call-in show is a failure because no one knows what she is talking about.
« Stakeout (TV-14, R, **+) A police officer is unable to resist falling in love with the object of his surveillance assignment, despite his partner's warnings.
Grounded for Life Been Caught Stealing (TV-14) Sean and Eddie arrive at the bar to learn they've been robbed; Walt suspiciously insists on cleaning instead of calling the cops; Lily and Brad get in a fight.
A Different World It's Showtime at Hillman (TV-PG) The community outreach program loses funds after a corporate buyout, so Walter arranges a three-hour telethon to raise the $15,000 it needs.
A Different World Sister to Sister, Sister (TV-PG) Whitley lets the power go to her head when she is placed in charge of the pledges for her sorority, until they walk out in protest.
A Different World Monet Is the Root of All Evil (TV-PG) Whitley organizes an art exhibit for Hillman students and has to move it to The Pit so that a promising artist can be included in the showing.
A Different World If I Should Die Before I Wake (TV-PG) Whitley plans to sleep with Dwayne for the first time on his birthday, but an assignment at school could drastically change those plans.
Grounded for Life She's Got Kegs (TV-14) Claudia and Lily run into each other at a Fraternity party after they lie and say they have homework to do; Brad accidentally sees Claudia naked.
Grounded for Life My Ex-Boyfriend's Back (TV-14) Lily grows angry after she meets her ex-boyfriend's date; events from Claudia and Sean's lives are comedy gold for Eddie's new comedy career.
A Different World Never Can Say Goodbye (TV-PG) Walter announces that he is leaving Hillman to accept a job at a community center in Philadelphia so a roast is held to give everyone a chance to say goodbye.
A Different World To Be Continued (TV-PG) Ron attempts to keep his father from knowing that he did not graduate, so he puts on a cap and gown and takes part in the ceremony.
A Different World We've Only Just Begun (TV-PG) Dwayne is teaching classes, Whitley is the director of a new dorm, and Colonel Taylor and Jalees shock everyone with the announcement of their marriage.
A Different World Dwayne Mutiny (TV-G) Dwayne wants his students to be contractually obligated to study for his class, but they refuse and Dwayne's job is jeopardized because of his standards.
« Bella Martha (TV-PG, PG, ***) A chef takes charge of raising her stubborn eight-year-old niece, but tensions mount as she tries to deal with her niece and a new chef at her restaurant.
Grounded for Life Communication Breakdown (TV-14) Sean forgets to give Claudia a message from her professor; Jimmy hides the phone bill to cover his long distant calls; Lily worries when Brad doesn't call.
A Different World Home Is Where the Fire Is (TV-G) Whitley dumps her dorm duties on Kim who discovers that Lena is cooking in her room, but a fire breaks out before Kim can stop her.
A Different World Almost Working Girl (TV-G) Freddie receives a job through Jaleesa's temp agency then gets fired, making the agency look bad; Lena has trouble with Shakespeare.
A Different World In the Eye of the Storm (TV-G) Dwayne and Whitley cancel plans for their anniversary; Col Taylor learns that he has underestimated his son; Ron and Freddie get trapped at the radio station.
A Different World Rule Number One... (TV-G) Dwayne agrees to tutor Lena in calculus and they quickly become friends, however Dwayne refuses to believe that she has a crush on him.
Grounded for Life All Apologies (TV-14) During a romantic getaway at a hotel, Claudia and Sean are shocked when they watch an adult film and realize it was filmed in their home.
Grounded for Life I Think We're Alone Now (TV-14) Sean and Claudia attempt to take advantage of an empty house by spending more alone time together; Sean and Claudia get a free, in-house massage.
Grounded for Life Can't Get Next to You (TV-14) Eddie discovers that Walt forced him to become right-handed; the teenagers sign pledges at school to stay abstinent, and Sean tries to make Brad feel guilty.
Grounded for Life Racketman (TV-14) After losing terribly to Sean in a tennis match, Brad's father reveals he has not been taking lessons but having an affair; Jimmy loses something important.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Top Dog (TV-G) Jack learns what it takes to become a champion as he goes behind the scenes of Puerto Rico's World Dog Show to see the primping and pampering that goes into it.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Norwegian Adventure (TV-G) Jack travels North of the Arctic Circle to search for sperm whales in Norway and also visits an island in the Norwegian Sea where puffins nest.
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