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American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals A Scam Exposed: Strippers and Insider Trading; Economan: Superthief! (HD, TV-14) A pair of stock traders uses strippers to obtain insider information from Wall Street bankers; an economics professor is caught running an $80 million scam.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Body Snatcher: Frank Mastromarino Robs the Dead (HD, TV-PG) A former oral surgeon harvested body parts from corpses without survivors' consent or knowledge and sold them to surgeons without testing them for diseases.
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Florida v. Anthony
It Takes a Killer The Informant (HD, TV-14) When a survivor comes forward with a description of the killer, officers manage to track down a serial killer who targets elderly women in Southern California.
It Takes A Killer Bind, Torture, Kill (HD, TV-14) Police seek to capture a murderer who preys on families and random people in Wichita, Kan., where he ties people up and strangles them to death.
It Takes A Killer The Ghost of Baton Rouge (HD, TV-14) Police exact a profile of a murderer and perform DNA tests of White men in Baton Rouge, La., but detectives are shocked to discover that the killer isn't White.
It Takes a Killer Rhode Island Ripper (HD, TV-14) An inconspicuous serial killer leaves a Rhode Island town in chaos when his disturbing obsession leads to the disappearance of working class women.
The FBI Files Hidden Agenda (HD, TV-14) The FBI and the police team up to respond to a call on an Iowa bank robbery, but instead of halting a robbery, they must detonate a bomb.
It Takes a Killer Cleveland Killer (HD, TV-14) When a jilted lover lets his emotions rule his actions, he goes on a rampage through Cleveland, Ohio to get revenge on the women who hurt him.
It Takes a Killer Bayou Strangler (HD, TV-14) An escaped victim turns to law enforcement for help and leads them to a serial predator, who has been dumping the bodies of strangled men in the trash.
It Takes A Killer The Craigslist Killer (HD, TV-14) Three women advertising in Craigslist's Erotic Services section are assaulted, and one of them is killed, and police find a young man no one would suspect.
It Takes a Killer Dreaming of Murder (HD, TV-14) After police find a woman's dead body on a beach, they soon find out that the victim had been marked for death by someone she used to love and trust.
The FBI Files A Family Torn (HD, TV-14) An 11-year-old girl disappears, and after being questioned a relative gives conflicting account of evidence to the police; shortly afterwards a body is found.
It Takes A Killer A Stalker Strikes (HD, TV-14) Detectives learn the killer behind the strangulation murder of a law school student was someone she knew very well who had been watching and videotaping her.
It Takes A Killer In Search of a Kill (HD, TV-14) When a drug abuser abducts and murders a coed in Oregon, detectives spend months trying to solve what they think is a missing person's case.
It Takes a Killer The Jigsaw Man (HD, TV-14) When severed body parts begin to appear at random locations across the countryside in London, police must solve the mystery in order to find the perpetrator.
It Takes a Killer Fit to Kill (HD, TV-14) When police investigate after perpetrators appear to have gotten away with a woman's murder, they follow a path of missteps that leads to two married killers.
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Arizona v. Arias
It Takes A Killer Oscar Pistorius (HD, TV-14) Olympic sprint runner Oscar Pistorius's murder case is explored, as he is charged for shooting his girlfriend to death inside of his home.
It Takes a Killer The Toy Box (HD, TV-14) A state employee kidnaps women and keeps them confined in his homemade torture chamber, but law enforcement close in on him when a victim escapes.
It Takes a Killer Enforcer of Death (HD, TV-14) A British landlord asks a female "enforcer" to take care of difficult tenants, but she ends up murdering them; a women kills for her own satisfaction.
It Takes a Killer Body Parts in My Pocket (HD, TV-14) A serial killer crisscrosses California and leaves bodies in random locations until he shows up at a local Sheriff's Department with a body part in his pocket.
The FBI Files Broken Trust (HD, TV-14) The Prince brothers kill for greed, and then murder again to cover up their crime.
It Takes a Killer The Green Widow (HD, TV-14) After a man is killed in his home, it sets off a chain reaction of murder, conspiracy and cover ups, which point back to a mastermind who's in it for the money.
It Takes a Killer Fatal Secrets (HD, TV-14) When an unassuming soccer mom working as an escort goes missing, nearly seven years pass before law enforcement uncovers evidence of a heinous murder.
It Takes a Killer Killer Handyman (HD, TV-14) When a recent widower is found brutally murdered in his North Dakota home, investigators search for a suspect who's closer than they ever expected.
It Takes a Killer New Orleans Massacre (HD, TV-14) A triple homicide case leads New Orleans investigators to believe a robbery took a deadly turn, but evidence points to something far more deadly.
The FBI Files Brotherhood of Hate (HD, TV-14) When a state trooper is fatally shot by the driver of a van, the contents of the vehicle reveal the shooter's possible connection to a terrorist organization.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Master of Deadly Deceit (HD, TV-PG) A lawyer in a New York suburb who claims hijackers shot him and killed his wife after running their SUV off the road is charged with second-degree murder.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Hedge Fund Imposter (HD, TV-PG) High-flying attorney Marc Dreier forged promissory notes for one of his major clients and later arranged a conference call and pretended to be his client's CEO.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Authorities believe a man is responsible for his wife's poisoning; a deputy needs help finding two men who helped him subdue a violent prisoner.
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American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Nose No Bounds (HD, TV-PG) A heavily advertised Chicago-area nasal surgeon vanished completely for five years as malpractice lawsuits and allegations of insurance fraud began to pile up.
The Doomsday Couple: A Court TV Special (TV-PG)
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Arizona v. Arias
It Takes A Killer The Gainesville Ripper (HD, TV-14) A former prison inmate goes on the run and begins to murder people in Gainesville, Fla., as he seeks revenge on society for spending eight-years in prison.
It Takes A Killer Terror on the Strip (HD, TV-14) A murderer with a past of serial rape terrorizes the red light district in Tampa, Fla., and randomly targets women during the night.
It Takes a Killer Murderous Ambition (HD, TV-14) When a husband and his pregnant wife are shot dead, police think it was a random act of violence, but they later try to track down the killer, who had a motive.
It Takes a Killer Spoiled, Rotten, & Ruthless (HD, TV-14) After three members of a wealthy family were killed, it takes nearly three years and a few fortunate breaks before law enforcement finally finds the killer.
The FBI Files The Murdering Cowboy (HD, TV-14) A loner cowboy shoots and kills two game wardens, leads the authorities on a massive manhunt, and then quickly escapes from prison.
It Takes A Killer The Con Artist Killers (HD, TV-14) A con-artist duo of a mother and son conduct multiple scams across America and commit numerous homicides, but they're ultimately caught by police.
It Takes A Killer A Woman Scorned (HD, TV-14) When police investigate after an aspiring young attorney is found shot to death, they uncover that he is murdered in an envious rage by an obsessive suspect.
It Takes a Killer What Happened to Jana (HD, TV-14) After a businesswoman disappears, police officers inspect her house and car and find microscopic evidence, prompting them to launch a homicide investigation.
It Takes a Killer The Grim Sleeper (HD, TV-14) In the 1980s, a merciless killer terrorizes South Los Angeles before appearing to go dormant, but after 14 years, the murderer resurfaces in a hideous way.
The Doomsday Couple: A Court TV Special (TV-PG)
It Takes a Killer Menace to Society (HD, TV-14) A serial predator targets men at gay bars, leaving a trail of dead bodies, but police can't keep up with the crimes until they find a key piece of evidence.
It Takes a Killer The Burial He Wanted (HD, TV-14) A wealthy retiree's vanishing turns from a missing person's case to a homicide investigation focused on an unexpected culprit's plan to get away with murder.
It Takes a Killer Process of Elimination (HD, TV-14) When a parent locked in a custody battle suddenly disappears, police find evidence of a premeditated murder and an even more sinister cover up story.
It Takes a Killer Lethal Payback (HD, TV-14) When a construction site is tainted with bloodshed, detectives launch a man-hunt for a culprit they've been suspicious of since they took on the homicide case.
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Texas v. Guyger
It Takes A Killer The Fast Food Killer (HD, TV-14) A short order cook reverts to stick ups when he encounters life struggles, as his armed robberies result in a relentless spree of murdering fast-food employees.
It Takes a Killer The Acid Lady (HD, TV-14) After a father mysteriously vanishes, it sets off a missing person's investigation, but when police follow clues, they find out he's actually been murdered.
It Takes a Killer Killer Cabbie (HD, TV-14) A serial killer and taxi driver goes around Jacksonville, Fla., to hunt down young African-American women and strangle them before discarding their bodies.
It Takes a Killer Blood Thicker than Marriage (HD, TV-14) When police investigates the carjacking of a couple, they find out that the ambush was a ruse that was carried out to murder the husband for insurance money.
The FBI Files Stolen Identity (HD, TV-14) Police find an elderly woman and her murdered son in an abandoned van and learn that they were robbed and disposed of by a teenager and a middle-aged man.
It Takes a Killer The Son of Sam (HD, TV-14) A deranged man terrorizes New York City residents during the 1970s until his letters, a witness and a parking ticket led to his eventual arrest.
It Takes a Killer A Cold-Blooded Cover Up (HD, TV-14) Tragedy strikes in rural Minnesota when police officers discover a missing woman's dead body dumped next to an abandoned farmhouse.
It Takes a Killer Cold Storage Killer (HD, TV-14) After years without a trail to follow, investigators make a shocking discovery and find a cold-blooded criminal as they search for a missing woman.
It Takes a Killer Nameless in New Jersey (HD, TV-14) The discovery of a corpse under a New Jersey bridge makes investigators question who their Jane Doe is and how she might have died.
The FBI Files Hired Gun (HD, TV-14) Larry Horn had a suspicious alibi when his ex-wife, handicapped son and an overnight nurse were found brutally murdered.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Young Lust Goes Bust (HD, TV-PG) A middle-aged real estate investor falls for a boat show model half his age and showers her with gifts; when his own money runs low, he steals from his clients.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Cunning Cowgirl Crook; Dollars for Dumps (HD, TV-PG) An Illinois town's comptroller builds a nationally respected quarter-horse breeding operation with $53 million she stole from the city treasury over 20 years.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-PG) Authorities search for the man who threatened to murder a widow and her daughter; a woman mysteriously vanishes from a casino in Laughlin, Nevada.
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