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Father Knows Best The Great Guy (TV-G) Bud becomes extremely excited when he lands a new, high-paying job at a publishing house, where he struggles to get along with his overbearing manager.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's Little White Lie (TV-G) Mr. Wilson tells Dennis that he has fallen ill in order to get a day to himself, but the persistent youngster leads the neighborhood to believe he is dying.
Hazel Once an Actor (TV-G) Barbaras uncle, once a famous actor, comes for a visit; down on his luck, Barbara and Hazel try to convince Steve to hire the uncle to his real estate company.
The Partridge Family Diary of a Mad Millionaire (TV-G) After the Partridges perform for the reclusive multi-millionaire Sidney Rose, he likes them so much he tries to persuade them to come live with him.
Three's a Crowd A Friend in Deed (TV-PG) Vickys recently-heartbroken friend comes for a visit, who tells her of a new guy she just met; Jack overhears the conversation, which causes trouble.
The Ropers Two for the Road (TV-PG) After fights with their wives, Jeffrey and Stanley visit the bar, where they bond over drinks, but a poor decision has potential to land both of them in jail.
The Joey Bishop Show Ellie Goes to Court (TV-G) Ellie finds herself going to the courthouse in order to contest against paying a traffic ticket, one that she insists was unjustly issued.
The Joey Bishop Show Jillson's Toupee (TV-G) After Joey gives Jillson a toupee as a gift, Jillson experiences a transformation in his personality; however, this change does not go over well with tenants.
McHale's Navy McHale and His Seven Cupids (TV-PG) McHale convinces Parker that he is suffering from battle fatigue so that he will be sent to the nearby hospital, where a pretty young nurse is working.
McHale's Navy PT 73, Where Are You? (TV-PG) McHale and his crew are rewarded with a trip to New Caledonia after tracking down a sub, but they soon discover that their vessel has gone missing.
Father Knows Best Thanksgiving Story (TV-G) When Kathy wins the grand prize in a school poetry contest, Jim becomes pleased and believes his daughter might be the next William Shakespeare.
Father Knows Best Second Honeymoon (TV-G) Jim and Margaret plan a special weekend getaway, but they become concerned about what the kids are going to do when left by themselves for a weekend.
The Joey Bishop Show A Hobby for Ellie (TV-G) Joey forbids Ellie from doing any housework while she is carrying another child, and encourages her to take up a new hobby to occupy her time.
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty Arrives (TV-G) Joey and Ellie are visited by Joey's nephew, Rusty Williams, who comes to stay with them for a while; they are surprised with how well he conducts himself.
McHale's Navy Movies Are Your Best Diversion (TV-PG) McHale and his crew are assigned the task of preventing a Japanese attack on a United States convoy, and they do so using movie soundtracks.
McHale's Navy Operation Wedding Party (TV-PG) McHale attempts to come up with a way for Christy and Lieutenant Gloria Winters to get married, despite the fact that it is strictly against regulations.
Father Knows Best Typical Father (TV-G) When Betty begins to behave strangely and keep to herself, Jim becomes convinced that she is going to elope with one of her handsome classmates.
Father Knows Best Margaret Goes Dancing (TV-G) Margaret schemes to convince Jim to join her for dancing lessons by using her persuasive talents, but Jim is not inclined to be easily persuaded.
The Joey Bishop Show The Weed City Story (TV-G) Joe and Larry go out of town to play some golf but they make a mistake in stopping in a small hamlet, where Tom Weed recognizes Joey from television.
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty's Education (TV-G) Rusty starts college and keeps asking Joey questions, none of which he knows how to answer; they ask for help from a bookmaker with a photographic memory.
McHale's Navy Who Do the Voodoo? (TV-PG) A local Polynesian chief demands financial compensation from the Navy after most of the coconut trees on the island are destroyed.
McHale's Navy Three Girls on an Island (TV-PG) After experiencing engine trouble, a plane with a three-sister singing group is forced to land on a deserted island, and the crew is sent to rescue them.
Father Knows Best The Christmas Story (TV-G) When the holiday season finally arrives, Jim decides that the family needs a real Christmas tree this year, so he and the family travel to the woods.
Father Knows Best Sparrow in the Window (TV-G) Kathy finds a sparrow on the window, and after realizing that it is injured, she tries to convince her family to help her nurse the animal back to health.
The Joey Bishop Show The Sultan's Gift (TV-G) After Joey entertains at an official luncheon in honor of a visiting sultan, the potentate expresses his gratitude to Joey by sending him a gift of harem woman.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Entertains Rusty's Fraternity (TV-G) Joey and his friends help Rusty Williams and his fellow fraternity in carrying out an unusual fraternity initiation stunt; they cross-dress and attend a dance.
McHale's Navy McHale's Paradise Hotel (TV-PG) McHale and his crew are sent on a boring reconnaissance mission to a supposedly deserted island, but they decide to turn it into a home away from home.
McHale's Navy The Battle of McHale's Island (TV-PG) After learning that Binghamton is planning to build a new Officer's Club on his island, McHale and his crew attempt to stop him from succeeding.
Father Knows Best Boy's Week (TV-G) As a part of an educational program in which students take on the jobs of professionals, Bud gets appointed to be judge of the town court for a day.
Father Knows Best A Friend of Old George's (TV-G) Kathy becomes excited for her upcoming birthday when Jim and Margaret reveal that they are going to throw her a big party with all her friends.
The Joey Bishop Show The Do-It-Yourself Nursery (TV-G) Joey has to turn the spare room in his home into a nursery for the baby after the people he initially hired quit the job themselves, due to Joey's personality.
The Joey Bishop Show The Sergeant's Testimonial (TV-G) Joey is to attend a reunion of his wartime Army outfit, but he drops out when he learns that the guest of honor will be his sadistic former Sergeant.
McHale's Navy The Day They Captured Santa Claus (TV-PG) With Christmas rapidly approaching, McHale comes up with a plan to dress up as Santa Claus, with his crew donning elf costumes, for a visit to Sister Monique.
McHale's Navy Beauty and the Beast (TV-PG) After an arrogant professional photo journalist is sent to document their daily patrols, McHale and his crew attempt to get rid of her.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Snob (TV-G) Bud is so terrified of talking to girls that the kids at his school begin to believe he is a snob; Jim proposes a costume party as a way of breaking the ice.
Father Knows Best The Promised Playhouse (TV-G) Kitten persuades Jim into agreeing to spend the night in her playhouse, but when the moment finally arrives, Jim realizes that he made a mistake.
Father Knows Best The Family Goes to New York (TV-G) Betty travels to New York City to be a bridesmaid in her wealthy friend's wedding, but she runs into trouble after flirting with the groom's brother.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Rain Maker (TV-G) Dennis overhears his frustrated father wishing for a storm to come and cancel his golfing plans, and the youngster recruits his friends for a rain dance.
Hazel $285 by Saturday (TV-G) Hazel starts putting together a collection of musical instruments that can be sent to George and Dorothy for a missionary school abroad.
The Partridge Family Me and My Shadow (TV-G) A mystery writer believes that by utilizing logic, anything is possible; in order to prove his point, he proposes the Partridges a deal they can't refuse.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Chameleons, Gorillas and Feeding Giraffes (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
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Father Knows Best Betty Goes Steady (TV-G) Betty tries to reinvent herself so that she will fit in with the popular girls in school, ignoring the advice of her family and a concerned student advisor.
Dennis the Menace The Creature with the Big Feet (TV-G) Dennis tramples through Mr. Wilson's yard in oversized shoes, and the massive footprints he leaves causes Mr. Wilson to suspect a monstrous invasion.
Hazel Boom or Bust (TV-G) Steve decides it's time to monitor his familys spending and putting the Baxter family on a stricter budget.
The Partridge Family Hate Thy Neighbor (TV-G) A neighbor complains to police that the family is making too much noise in the garage while they practice; a little boy, who is a big fan, admits it's his mom.
Three's a Crowd A Case of Sour Grapes (TV-PG) When they receive their tax returns, Jack decides to invest Vickys tax refund in a case of vintage wine; he finds that the wine has gone bad.
The Ropers Puppy Love (TV-PG) Worried about what Helen will do when she learns he lost her puppy, Stanley buys a look-alike pup and keeps it a secret; David wants a puppy of his own too.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Changes Larry's Luck (TV-G) Larry finds himself having a run of bad luck, which shakes his confidence, so Joey decides to give him a break on poker night, and asks for a favor.
The Joey Bishop Show Never Put It in Writing (TV-G) Joey gifts Larry with his own private office but then Joey hires a new writer with a contract; Larry also wants a contract; professional relationship.
McHale's Navy The Captain's Mission (TV-PG) After Captain Binghamton becomes tired with his reputation as a combat-avoiding desk jockey, he takes advantage of McHale's absence to assume command of the 73.
McHale's Navy Send Us a Hero (TV-PG) When a prominent United States Congresswoman travels to Taratupa in search of a War Hero, the crew attempts to have McHale nominated.
Father Knows Best Jim, the Farmer (TV-G) Jim announces that he wants to quit his job and move to the country, where he will become a farmer, but he discovers that he is not cut out for the job.
Father Knows Best Father of the Year (TV-G) The kids decide to nominate Jim for the newspaper's "Father of the Year" contest, so they set out to write the required essay describing why he deserves to win.
The Joey Bishop Show Larry's Habit (TV-G) Larrys habit of cracking his knuckles is disturbing those around him, especially Joey who wants him to stop as he can't focus on his work.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey the Star Maker (TV-G) Joey compliments his friends wife for her performance in an amateur production, and he is then later pressured into putting the woman on his television show.
McHale's Navy Captain Steals a Cook (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton notices that McHale's crew has been selling Fuji's Polynesian cuisine to various base personnel, and he sets out to have dinner cooked.
McHale's Navy The Ensign Gets a Zero (TV-PG) After Gruber forges a young cadet's score for an annual gunnery qualification, Binghamton recruits him for a shooting competition with a fellow officer.
Father Knows Best The Mink Coat (TV-G) Jim buys a mink coat for Margaret because it was on sale, even though money is tight and he lectured the whole family on tightening their belts.
Father Knows Best The Matchmaker (TV-G) Margaret becomes so happy with her life that she wants everyone around her to seem as happy, so she tries to convince her cousin to marry her boyfriend.
The Joey Bishop Show What'll You Have? (TV-G) Joey and Ellie plan a party and one of the guests asks Ellie what she thinks the next baby is going to be; Joey wants to have another son.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Discovers Jackie Clark (TV-G) Joey meets a young man who he feels is talented and wants to make him a star, but the young mans mother refuses to let him be in show business.
McHale's Navy The Big Raffle (TV-PG) When Christy reveals that he is about to become a father, McHale and his crew come up with a Navy-wide ticket raffle to raise money for child care expenses.
McHale's Navy One of Our Engines Is Missing (TV-PG) When he learns that the PT-73's engines are losing power, Binghamton uses the situation as a convenient excuse to have McHale and his crew reassigned.
Father Knows Best Bud the Bridesmaid (TV-G) When a bridesmaid cannot make the wedding scheduled at the Anderson house, Bud is forced to step in and take her place, much to his humiliation.
Father Knows Best Proud Father (TV-G) Jim tries his hardest to teach the kids to solve their own problems courageously, but his desperate attempt to lead by example backfires hilariously.
The Joey Bishop Show On the Spot (TV-G) A man complains about his boss to his brother-in-law at a diner, where a show is recording their conversation, but his superior later offers his job back.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Meets Jack Paar (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
McHale's Navy The Natives Get Restless (TV-PG) The local natives, who depend on McHale and his crew for their income, become irate after Binghamton decries that their village is off-limits.
McHale's Navy The Confidence Game (TV-PG) Parker comes to the conclusion that he isn't receiving the support or respect he deserves from the rest of the crew, and he decides to apply for a transfer.
Father Knows Best Father Delivers the Papers (TV-G) Jim pressures Bud to do well on his paper route, but when Bud cannot perform due to an injury, Jim is forced to step in and take over the job.
Father Knows Best No Partiality (TV-G) Jim runs into a parental dilemma when he tries to figure out how to deal with a situation concerning Kitten and Betty both liking the same young man.
The Joey Bishop Show A Windfall for Mom (TV-G) Joey's mother finds a job in the supermarket.
The Joey Bishop Show This is your Life (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
McHale's Navy Six Pounds from Paradise (TV-PG) The Navy declares that all overweight Combat Officers will be shipped out, and Binghamton tries everything in his power to see that McHale's weight stays up.
McHale's Navy Washing Machine Charlie (TV-PG) McHale is dismayed to learn that all leaves of absence are cancelled after a persistent Japanese Pilot makes daily bombing runs on the island base.
Father Knows Best Close Decision (TV-G) Jim grounds Bud from playing baseball because he is a slacker, but when he sees his favorite team on the losing side, Jim starts to reconsider his decision.
Father Knows Best Art of Salesmanship (TV-G) Bud takes a new job and hopes to get rich quickly, but when it is not as lucrative as he planned for it to be, Jim demands that he stick with it anyway.
Father Knows Best The Good Prospect (TV-G) While struggling with business ventures, Bud, Kitten and Jim meet a man who offers them advice, but they are not sure if he is smart or crazy.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Confused Cupid (TV-G) Dennis sits down with his parents and neighbors for an explanation into grown-ups' fascination with the joys of a romantic connection.
Hazel Harold's Gift Horses (TV-G) Harolds teacher and Steves client compete to catch Harolds attention, as they both want to spend time with him; Harold is asked to spend time with them.
The Partridge Family None But the Onely (TV-G) Keith is attracted to a new girl in his school but she learns of his reputation with the ladies and rejects him, so he asks Laurie to talk to the girl.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Chimpanzees, Rhino Calves and Pandas (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
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