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Good Times Michael's Big Fall (TV-PG) With James out of town Florida must deal with Michael as he is cutting class, getting low grades and fighting at school, so she decides to talk to his teacher.
Good Times The Politicians (TV-PG) Conflict arises when the men side with a shifty alderman who is running for re-election, while the women support his younger opponent.
Sanford and Son The Hawaiian Connection, Part 2 (TV-PG) While Fred & Lamont are in Hawaii, jewel thieves hide stolen items in their luggage for transport, and Fred & Lamont find them and debate telling cops.
Sanford and Son The Hawaiian Connection, Part 3 (TV-PG) Jewel thieves want their items from Fred & Lamont but are unaware they are lost, and as a chase takes place, the cops draw guns on everyone.
All in the Family Edith Gets a Mink (TV-PG) Archie wants Edith to return the mink cape she received from a wealthy cousin, but he changes his mind after he gets an opportunity to profit from the gift.
All in the Family Sammy's Visit (TV-PG) Archie has trouble suppressing his tendency toward ignorance and bigotry when he happens to meet famous black musician Sammy Davis Jr.
Gidget Independence: Gidget Style (TV-G) Gidget's dad believes that Gidget is working at a nightclub, when in reality, she has taken a job elsewhere in order to purchase a birthday present for him.
Gidget One More for the Road (TV-G) Gidget's new job requires her to learn how to drive, a nerve-wracking prospect for her dad.
Small Wonder My Mother the Teacher (TV-G) Jamie tries to regain the respect of his classmates when his mother comes in to be the class' substitute teacher; his only option is to humiliate her.
Small Wonder Here Comes the Judge (TV-G) Jamie acts as a judge in a mock trial in his class, but gets impeached as judge for dispensing uneven justice; Ted gets himself arrested for unpaid tickets.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina the Sandman (TV-G) Sabrina works as a sandman and improperly alters people's dreams, disrupting their lives; Sabrina must uncover the family secret in 30 days.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Silent Movie (TV-G) After learning that her principle might propose to her aunt, Sabrina casts a silence spell that backfires; Harvey tells Sabrina that he loves her.
Mr. Belvedere Pigskin (TV-G) When a girl gets the last position on the football team instead of Wesley, he makes plans to sabotage her; Heather and Angela cannot stop fighting.
Mr. Belvedere Marsha's Secret (TV-G) Marsha doesn't like her job at the Legal hut, so she takes a job as a singing waitress at a 50s style restraint; George thinks Marsha is having an affair.
Webster Rear View Mirror, Part 2 Webster attempts to soothe his anxiety about George and Katherine's unknown whereabouts while spending time with Papa Papadapolis and Jerry.
Webster McGruff Webster begins receiving money for school lunches from George and Katherine, who feel compelled to intervene after a bully takes his funds.
Becker Much Ado About Nothing (TV-PG) An out-of-town trip for Chris sets tongues wagging over the unusual concern John shows in the reason for her absence; Linda sublets her job for a week.
Becker Everybody Loves Becker (TV-PG) Becker becomes uncomfortable when he unwittingly finds himself involved in a love triangle as his feelings for Chris grow, and Reggie seems jealous.
Good Times Willona's Dilemma (TV-PG) Willona shares a mutual attraction with J.J.'s hearing-impaired art school classmate, but she freezes up at the mention of marriage.
Good Times Florida's Protest (TV-PG) Florida organizes a boycott of the local grocery store after the kids get food poisoning from eating spoiled meat, but soon find herself facing repercussions.
Sanford and Son California Crude (TV-PG) While Fred & Lamont are gardening, a passing expert reveals they may have oil on their property below ground level, and Fred winds up discovering the truth.
Sanford and Son The Stakeout (TV-PG) When Fred's neighborhood is burglarized, the cops offer Fred money in order to set up a stakeout on his property in hopes of nabbing the thief.
All in the Family Edith, the Judge (TV-PG) Edith tries to decide who is at fault when the manager of a Laundromat tries to get Archie to pay for damages caused after Archie overloaded a washing machine.
All in the Family Archie Is Jealous (TV-PG) Edith talks to her daughter about fond memories of an old flame from her past, but Archie is furious after he overhears his wife's stories of a past love.
Good Times The Mural (TV-PG) Thelma remains short on tuition after receiving a scholarship but J.J. agrees to give her the money he is supposed to earn for painting a mural inside a bank.
Good Times A Loss of Confidence (TV-PG) J.J. hits on a girl Thelma brought home for a tutoring session in French, but when she rejects him, he loses confidence in his abilities and becomes depressed.
Sanford and Son I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz (TV-PG) Fred is not to impressed with his accomplishments in life, so he decides that setting a world record for staying awake the longest would be adequate.
Sanford and Son The Winning Ticket (TV-PG) Two men convince Fred to run a special at the yard where the winner receives a cash prize, but something is not right with the whole operation.
All in the Family Maude (TV-PG) Edith's cousin reluctantly invites Archie to attend the wedding of her daughter despite her misgivings about his reaction to the Jewish groom.
All in the Family Archie and the Editorial (TV-PG) After watching a television editorial that promotes gun control, Archie decides to go on television to state his own, conflicting opinion on the matter.
Good Times Cleatus (TV-PG) Florida's nephew is a suspect in a bank robbery and has the FBI on his trail, and things get worse when he shows up with a suitcase full of money.
Good Times The Family Tree (TV-PG) Thelma researches her family tree for a school project and discovers James' father is very much alive and living in the Chicago area.
Sanford and Son Committee Man (TV-PG) Fred earns a spot on a community relatives committee, and all is well until a crooked businessman tries to bribe him with to aid his corporation.
Sanford and Son Fred's Extra Job (TV-PG) When Lamont reveals he is considering leaving the junk business, Fred gets a big loan in hopes of convincing him not to leave because business is booming.
All in the Family Archie's Fraud (TV-PG) Archie learns he is going to be audited by the IRS after failing to claim the extra income he earned driving a taxi; Archie attemps to bribe IRS agent.
All in the Family The Threat (TV-PG) Edith discovers that Archie is attracted to the beautiful young wife of an old Army buddy, who are staying at the Bunkers' house while visiting town.
Good Times A Place to Die (TV-PG) A man decides to spend his last moments alive with the Evans family after befriending Michael, while they celebrate the New Year.
Good Times J.J.'s Fiancee, Part 1 (TV-PG) A naïve J.J. meets with a strong resistance from his parents when he announces plans to marry, and he is completely oblivious to his future wifes secret.
Sanford and Son Carol (TV-PG) Fred is mystified by a letter from a person named Carol, who claims to have known him some 40 years ago, and the surprise guest has shocking news for Fred.
Sanford and Son Aunt Esther Has a Baby (TV-PG) Aunt Esther and Woody decide to adopt a child, but Woody is stricken with nervousness and gets drunk right before their big interview.
All in the Family Gloria and the Riddle (TV-PG) While planning a Women's Fair with an old friend from college, Gloria asks Mike and Archie a feminist-themed riddle that perplexes them.
All in the Family Edith Flips Her Wig (TV-PG) Edith is busted for shoplifting thanks to an absent-minded mistake, and the incident convinces her that she is actually a kleptomaniac who needs to seek help.
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Good Times J.J.'s Fiancee, Part 2 (TV-PG) J.J. and Diana go to Indiana to get married; Diana's drug problem is discovered by the Evans family when purses are accidentally switched.
Good Times Sweet Daddy Williams (TV-PG) J.J. agrees to paint a portrait of the flashy neighborhood hustler's girlfriend, but chaos ensues when she finds the final product completely unflattering.
Sanford and Son Here Today, Gone Today (TV-PG) Lamont and Esther decide to get the furniture re-upholstered, but Fred thinks that he has been robbed and makes an insurance claim.
Sanford and Son Aunt Esther Meets Her Son (TV-PG) Esther and Woody finally meet their new son, but he steals from their cash register and announces to everyone that he is an atheist.
All in the Family The Bunkers and the Swingers (TV-PG) After reading personal advertisements for a couple looking to "swap," Edith decides to invite the couple over in an attempt to make friends with them.
All in the Family Mike Comes into Money (TV-PG) When Mike inherits some money, he refuses to give the funds to Archie as a rent payment and instead decides to donate most of it to a democratic campaign.
The Three Stooges (TV-G) Three good-hearted fools attempt to find romance and wealth but manage to botch even the simplest tasks while taking out their frustrations on one another.
Mr. Belvedere Duel (TV-G) After Mr. Belvedere trips over a skateboard and falls down the stairs, the Owens are forced to interview for a temporary housekeeper.
Mr. Belvedere Roommates (TV-G) Kevin observes the operations at a plumbing supplies company for a business class and meets a woman that used to live next door to him.
Webster The Landlords After having previously purchased Bill and Cassie's house, George and Katherine rent out space to a man they learn is a circus clown.
Webster The Derby Webster enlists George's assistance in building an entry for the Orange Crate Derby, but his guardian's enthusiasm leads him to help a competitor.
Becker Someone's in the Kitchen with Reggie (TV-PG) A night spent with Reggie convinces John that to do the right thing means breaking up with Chris, but when he has second thoughts, Reggie is already gone.
Becker Do the Right Thing (TV-PG) Becker tries to convince Chris that he wanted to be with her before he learned that Reggie left town, but Chris doesn't believe his story.
Good Times The Investigation (TV-PG) Michael's paper on communism causes the family to become the focus of an FBI investigation, which leads James and maybe even J.J. to lose their jobs.
Good Times J.J. in Trouble (TV-PG) While James and Florida are out of town, J.J. receives a shocking call from an ex-girlfriend, which may lead to a trip to the free clinic for a checkup.
Sanford and Son Sanford and Gong (TV-PG) After Lamont obtains tickets to a taping of The Gong Show, Fred wants to be one of the contestants, so he sets up an act with his family.
Sanford and Son Fred Meets Redd (TV-PG) Fred & Lamont have been preparing to pay their taxes, but Fred gets preoccupied and decides to enter a Redd Foxx look-alike competition.
All in the Family Mike and Gloria's Wedding, Part 1 (TV-PG) While celebrating Mike and Gloria's second wedding anniversary, the family recalls how Archie's bigotry spurred an argument that nearly ruined the wedding.
All in the Family Mike and Gloria's Wedding, Part 2 (TV-PG) Archie and Mike's uncle make peace, but the fighting resumes when everyone disagrees over whether Mike and Gloria should be married by a judge or a minister.
Good Times Florida the Woman (TV-PG) Florida takes up her boss's offer to go to lunch after being taken for granted at home only to be confronted by her jealous husband.
Good Times The Break Up (TV-PG) Thelma faces a tough decision when her fiancé is offered a job in California, while Florida tries to prevent James from intervening in his daughter's affairs.
Sanford and Son Chinese Torture (TV-PG) Grady handcuffs Fred and Esther together as part of a a magic trick for a talent show but cannot read the Chinese instructions on how to separate them.
Sanford and Son A Matter of Silence (TV-PG) Fred's hearing is impaired until Lamont takes him to the doctor, but Fred decides to exploit his supposed deafness for personal gain.
All in the Family The Locket (TV-PG) When Edith's antique locket goes missing, Archie decides to collect insurance on the necklace so he can purchase the new color television he's been coveting.
All in the Family Mike's Appendix (TV-PG) Archie and Gloria's argument over women's liberation escalates when Mike favors a male doctor over a female doctor to perform his appendectomy.
Good Times The Rent Party (TV-PG) The Evans family team up with the other tenants in their apartment building to help a neighbor in need by hosting a party to raise money for her rent.
Good Times The Big Move, Part 1 (TV-PG) The Evans family makes preparations to permanently join James in Mississippi, but their plans are interrupted when they receive tragic news.
Sanford and Son When John Comes Marching Home (TV-PG) As Lamont & Janet's wedding day nears, Lamont feels nervous about it, even more so when Janet's previous husband arrives unexpectedly to win her back.
Sanford and Son The Reverend Sanford (TV-PG) Fred registers to become a clergyman for the Divine Profit Church to avoid paying property taxes but soon realizes his business may be in jeopardy.
All in the Family Edith's Winning Ticket (TV-PG) Archie is angry to learn Edith has wasted money on purchasing a lottery ticket, but he quickly changes his mind after learning that the ticket is a winner.
All in the Family Archie and the Bowling Team (TV-PG) Archie finally has the opportunity to try out for the prestigious bowling team he had dreamed of joining, he faces stiff competition from a black bowler.
Good Times The Big Move, Part 2 (TV-PG) The children are overcome with grief and confused by Florida's behavior when she begins to laugh and have a good time at the gathering after James' funeral.
Good Times J.J. and the Older Woman (TV-PG) Familial tensions arise when an unexpected romance blossoms between Thelma's ballet teacher and a considerably younger J.J.
Sanford and Son The Will (TV-PG) Fred has memory lapses after being struck with Esther's purse, and he decides to write up a will, revealing its contents to everybody.
Sanford and Son Fred the Activist (TV-PG) Fred tries to buy a new stereo with credit at an electronics store, but he soon finds out that they do not give credit to people over 60.
All in the Family Archie in the Hospital (TV-PG) Archie befriends a fellow patient after being admitted to the hospital for terrible back pain, but he doesn't realize his new friend is actually a black man.
All in the Family Oh, Say Can You See (TV-PG) Archie begins to feel his age and becomes envious of his similarly aged friend Bill Mulheron, who appears to attract the attention of beautiful young women.
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