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One Day at a Time Barbara's Rebellion (TV-PG) An attention-deprived Barbara grows weary and leaves for Chicago with a male companion where the runaway duo takes refuge in a motel room.
One Day at a Time Ann's Secretary (TV-PG) Ann is put in charge of finding a new secretary to work for Mr. Davenport and she decides to do Julie a favor by hiring her friend Leslie for the job.
One Day at a Time Ann, the Father (TV-PG) Ann encourages Bob to follow his dreams to become a forest ranger, despite the fact that his father already has Bobs future mapped out for him.
One Day at a Time Bob's New Girl (TV-PG) Ann encourages Bob to date other women after Barbara rejects his advances due to her blossoming courtship with Cliff, but Barbara is upset by Bob's latest date.
One Day at a Time Hold the Mustard (TV-PG) Bob Morton is hired as assistant manager at Quickie Burger and uses his new position to give Barbara her first job, while Barbara tests his managerial skills.
One Day at a Time Yes Sir, That's My Baby (TV-PG) When Barbara's old school friend shows up for a visit with a new baby, everyone is shocked when she reveals the name of the baby's father.
Mr. Belvedere Counterfeit (TV-G) In order to fill up his school schedule, Wesley decides on print shop where he takes full advantage of the copy machine by making counterfeit money.
Mr. Belvedere The Professor (TV-G) When Kevin falls head over heels for his substitute professor, he becomes jealous when she hits it off with Mr. Belvedere; George's idea of a fun family game.
Webster George's Brush With Life George is saddened upon learning about the death of a former classmate and becomes inspired to quit his job and seek out a life worth living.
Webster Importance of Being Wealthy All of their hard work to put together a fundraiser for the school's sports departments turns to frustration when Webster and Nicky have their proceeds stolen.
One Day at a Time How to Succeed Without Trying (TV-PG) Julie coaches Barbara on how to flirt with her teacher, so he will give her good grades on exams; David gets Ann a job interview at a public relations firm.
One Day at a Time Chicago Rendezvous (TV-PG) Ann is unaware of her boyfriend's desire to share a serious relationship until he invites her to accompany him out of town for a romantic weekend.
The Partridge Family This Is My Song (TV-G) Danny comes up with what he thinks is a new song, but he is informed that it is the one he heard on TV the night before as it sounds exactly like "Born Free."
The Partridge Family My Son, the Feminist (TV-G) Keith finds out that taking up a liberal cause isn't favorable when his girlfriend threatens to dump him if the family doesn't sing from her prepared set list.
Three's Company The Goodbye Guy (TV-PG) After Mr. Furley's latest romantic encounter ends badly, the roommates begin to think that he is contemplating committing suicide.
Three's Company Jack's Graduation (TV-PG) Jack is unable to graduate from cooking school after a classmate switches dishes with him during the cooking class exam and causes him to fail.
Good Times My Son, the Father (TV-PG) When Michael asks Carl to escort him to a formal dinner for fathers and sons, J.J. becomes offended and accuses Michael of being unappreciative.
Good Times J.J. in Business (TV-PG) J.J. goes into the greeting-card business, but encounters financial woes after his books are examined by an accountant just as he receives a large order.
The Partridge Family Star Quality (TV-G) Danny earnestly contemplates leaving the band, even to the point where he holds try-outs for his replacement; now it is up to Shirley to convince him otherwise.
The Partridge Family The Red Woodloe Story (TV-G) The Partridges and their manager try to attend a Sunday church service while on the road, and Shirley and Reuben recognize the singer at the church,
Three's Company Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs (TV-PG) Due to a scheduling conflict, Jack finds himself in the difficult position of trying to prepare a dinner for three separate dates.
Three's Company ... And Justice for Jack (TV-PG) Jack lands a job as a short-order cook in a busy diner, but he is fired soon after he complains about his boss' inappropriate sexual advances.
Good Times Love Has a Spot on His Lung, Part 1 (TV-PG) After letting J.J., Michael and Thelma in on his plans to ask for Florida's hand in marriage, Carl mysteriously ends his relationship with Florida.
Good Times Love Has a Spot on His Lung, Part 2 (TV-PG) An angry J.J. demands an explanation as to why Carl dumped his mother only to hear a lie about an old war injury as they both stay out all night drinking.
The Partridge Family Mom Drops Out (TV-G) As the family prepares for their large European tour, the booking agent thinks Shirley is too old to draw in a large crowd, so nobody will want to book them.
The Partridge Family Old Scrapmouth (TV-G) Things go poorly when Laurie's braces somehow pick up radio signals during rehearsals and cause her to play a different tune than what the band is.
Three's Company A Hundred Dollars a What? (TV-PG) Chrissy receives an invitation to work with an old high-school friend, but problems arise when Jack discovers that the woman works as a high-priced call girl.
Three's Company Downhill Chaser (TV-PG) Jack pretends to be a professional skier in order to impress a beautiful ski enthusiast, but problems arise when he is invited to ski a dangerous slope.
Good Times Thelma Moves Out (TV-PG) Fed up by constant interruptions at home and a severe lack of privacy, Thelma decides to move into an apartment that is shared by three other roommates.
Good Times Willona, the Fuzz (TV-PG) Willona takes a new job in a store in order to finance Penny's ice skating lessons, but encounters problems when she discovers she must spy on customers.
The Partridge Family Why Did the Music Stop? (TV-G) Shirley runs into an old co-worker who asks her about her new life as a famous musician, and she likes to think she still has a normal family.
The Partridge Family Soul Club (TV-G) In order to help save the city's nightclub, the Partridge family band travels to Detroit.
Three's Company A Crowded Romance (TV-PG) Jack gets a new job posing as a robotic mannequin in the display window of a department store; Jack and Larry are unwittingly dating the same woman.
Three's Company Room at the Bottom (TV-PG) Jack is ashamed to tell his friends that he a busboy at a prestigious restaurant rather than a chef, but problems arise when they show up for a meal one night.
Good Times Wheels (TV-PG) J.J. and his friends have continuous disputes over a car they purchased together, ranging from insurance payments to ongoing scheduling conflicts.
Good Times Breaker, Breaker (TV-PG) Michael impersonates J.J. while communicating on a CB radio with a young woman who refers to herself "Fun Girl," but he discovers she hasn't been honest.
The Partridge Family To Play or Not to Play (TV-G) Laurie finds out that one of her old classmates works at a club where the band is expected to play and the entire staff has walked out of the club to protest.
The Partridge Family They Shoot Managers, Don't They? (TV-G) Ruben meets a young woman and he has strong feelings for her, but she has one condition in order for her to agree to marry him, which is to quit his job.
Three's Company Chrissy's Cousin (TV-PG) With Chrissy's stay in Fresno leaving Jack and Janet short on the rent for the month, they attempt to fill the open position with their own replacements.
Three's Company Jack to the Rescue (TV-PG) Cindy loses her job after her boss discovers her working on a favor for Jack on company time, so Jack talks to her boss and attempts to get her job back.
Good Times Bye, Bye, Bookman (TV-PG) Willona, Penny and the Evans family reach their breaking point with the miserable conditions in the building, prompting them to try and get Bookman fired.
Good Times Thelma's Brief Encounter (TV-PG) J.J., Willona and Michael have suspicions that Thelma's boyfriend is married, prompting J.J. to perform some detective work to confirm their beliefs.
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Webster Be It Ever So Humble Webster makes a concerted effort to plan a surprise party to commemorate his family's time with the Parkers, but a growing rivalry causes problems.
Webster Parent Trap George and Katherine attempt to convey a valuable lesson about the burdens and responsibilities of parenting by offering to switch roles for a day.
Webster Who's to Blame George and Katherine demonstrate trust in Webster by allowing him to spend an evening at home alone, but his enthusiasm leads him to brag to the wrong people.
Webster Cuckoo's Nest Katherine is forced to conduct some of her work at home by inviting several of her patients to visit while George and Webster try to watch a sports game.
Webster The Tribute Webster finds himself with the rare opportunity to honor the legacy of his father by campaigning to have the school renamed after the man.
Webster Our Song A shortsighted promise lands Katherine in a tough spot when she agrees to attend a dance before learning that George has bought her concert tickets.
Mr. Belvedere Lovefest (TV-G) Kevin grows concerned for his sister, Heather, when she begins dating his roommate; George realizes that he needs to be more romantically involved with Marsha
Mr. Belvedere Donuts (TV-G) Mr. Belvedere discovers he has just been given a donut shop, and when he manages the business, an unruly employee causes trouble for him and the establishment.
Webster A Hell of a Weekend George and Katherine are horrified after discovering that the parents of Webster's closest friend enjoy spending time without any clothes on.
Webster Katherine, the Greek George experiences losses while predicting the winners of upcoming football games, and his failures force him to turn to a naturally adept Katherine for help.
One Day at a Time David Loves Ann (TV-PG) After David asks Ann to marry him he gives her one week to come up with an answer, but after only two hours he decides he must know her answer.
One Day at a Time Fighting City Hall (TV-PG) Ann's outrage at being charged $4,000 for phone services prompts her to write a letter to the president, but she is surprised when government agents respond.
The Partridge Family Partridge Up a Pair Tree (TV-G) Keith gets his hands on a new car but it's a piece of junk, and he keeps spending his money to restore it and make his car payments at the same time.
The Partridge Family Road Song (TV-G) At a diner, the Partridge family meets a young woman who wants to hitch a ride with them to Albuquerque, so they agree to take her.
Three's Company The Not-So-Great Impostor (TV-PG) Jack poses as a renowned chef in order to land a job, but problems arise when debt collectors show up searching for the man that he is impersonating.
Three's Company Jack's Other Mother (TV-PG) A sweet old lady takes Jack in as her "son," but she soon becomes troublesome when she starts interfering with all aspects of his life.
Good Times Requiem for a Wino (TV-PG) A local drunk is mistakenly believed to be dead and makes an appearance at his own funeral, where he learns that people actually do care about him.
Good Times Penny's Christmas (TV-PG) Penny has her wallet stolen and jeopardizes her chances of staying with Willona by trying to steal a necklace as a Christmas gift for her.
The Partridge Family Not with My Sister, You Dont! (TV-G) A new transfer at the school quickly develops a reputation around the school as a ladies man and Keith panics when he asks Laurie out for a date.
The Partridge Family A Partridge by Any Other Name (TV-G) Danny has trouble finding baby pictures of himself as well as his birth certificate, which makes him start to wonder if he really is in fact a Partridge.
Three's Company Make Room for Daddy (TV-PG) Jack sets Janet up on a date with his girlfriend's widowed father to win his approval of their relationship, but doesn't realize how old the man actually is.
Three's Company Janet's Secret (TV-PG) When Janet's parents stop in for a visit, they assume that she and Jack are married and Janet must pretend that they really are to avoid any questions.
Good Times No More Mr. Nice Guy (TV-PG) Michael's nonchalant attitude towards doing chores and homework angers J.J. who becomes even more enraged when Michael and Penny are arrested.
Good Times Willona's Mr. Right (TV-PG) Willona turns down a wedding proposal from an old boyfriend, since his job would have them moving all the time, but Penny feels differently and runs away.
The Partridge Family A Knight in Shining Armor (TV-G) The family meets a composer who is looking for somebody to write lyrics to his music, so they introduce him to a poet who can help him write songs.
The Partridge Family Dora, Dora, Dora (TV-G) When Keith hears a tape of his crush's singing he soon realizes that he must try to summon the courage to tell her how awkward she is without hurting her.
Three's Company Father of the Bride (TV-PG) Cindy is blinded by the wealth of an older man who wants to marry her, leading Jack and Janet to take drastic action.
Three's Company Furley vs. Furley (TV-PG) Ralph moves in with the trio when Jack accidentally gets him fired from his job as a building manager by complaining to the building's owner.
Good Times J.J. and the Boss' Daughter (TV-PG) J.J. flirts with his new, attractive assistant, but is completely oblivious of her kinship to his boss; J.J.'s friends give him grief for neglecting them.
Good Times Where There's Smoke (TV-PG) Suspicions abound when a hole mysteriously appears in the Evans family sofa cushion, prompting each of them to recount their version of events.
The Partridge Family In 25 Words or Less (TV-G) Reuben comes in with the winner of a contest to spend a week with the family, a 60-year old Jewish mother; in no time, she is taking charge of the household.
The Partridge Family A Man Called Snake (TV-G) Keith agrees to an interview for a magazine during which he reveals that Laurie has a crush on a classmate of hers, which upsets her.
Three's Company In Like Larry (TV-PG) After another fight with Cindy and Janet, Jack becomes fed up, so he and Larry agree to switch apartments to get an insight into each other's lives.
Three's Company Teacher's Pet (TV-PG) Jack is excited to accept an opportunity from Dean Travers to teach a nighttime basic cooking class at his old school, and Janet decides to take it.
Good Times I Had a Dream (TV-PG) While awaiting word on a promotion at work that is rumored to be reserved for a white person, J.J. dreams that he is a white man.
Good Times The Boarder (TV-PG) When his hours are cut down to part-time at work, J.J. takes in a boarder to make up the difference but soon finds out the boarder is in witness protection.
The Partridge Family The Undergraduate (TV-G) The car runs out of gas when Shirley is driving a college freshman who has a crush on her to class; the family teases her mercilessly.
The Partridge Family Anatomy of a Tonsil (TV-G) A doctor and Shirley assure Danny that a tonsil operation is simple, but Danny believes his friend when he says his tonsil removal was a harrowing experience.
Three's Company And Baby Makes Four (TV-PG) When Cindy asks for Janet's outlook on single motherhood, the roommates conclude that Cindy is pregnant and Jack thinks about proposing to her.
Three's Company Night of the Ropers (TV-PG) When the Ropers are back in town to visit with their former tenants, Helen comes by after having a fight with Stanley and things soon become chaotic.
Good Times J.J.'s Condition (TV-PG) J.J. becomes involved with a married woman who claims she will soon be divorced, but the stress of the situation sends J.J. to the hospital with an ulcer.
Good Times Willona, the Other Woman (TV-PG) Bookman's wife believes he's cheating on her with another woman due to his recent strange behavior and only grows more convinced when seeing him with Willona.
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