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Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 3 (TV-PG) After Penny and her mother suddenly disappear, Penny slips away and makes her way back to the Evans apartment and Willona considers adopting the young girl.
Good Times The Evans Get Involved, Part 4 (TV-PG) Bookman tries to help with the adoption process by telling the social worker that he and Willona are married but things go badly when the truth comes out.
Sanford and Son Have Gun, Will Sell (TV-PG) Lamont wants to make a quick profit from a gun that an attempted robber leaves behind, but Fred is mistaken for a robber when he goes to sell it.
Sanford and Son The Puerto Ricans Are Coming! (TV-PG) Fred becomes agitated when he discovers that his new neighbor is Puerto Rican and that he plans to open a junk business of his own.
All in the Family Archie Feels Left Out (TV-PG) Archie learns that Edith, Gloria and Mike are planning a surprise party in celebration of his 50th birthday, but he tries to deny that he is actually that old.
All in the Family Et Tu, Archie? (TV-PG) Archie is excited to reunite with an old friend until he begins to suspect that his buddy is planning on stealing his job away from him.
Good Times Willona, the Fuzz (TV-PG) Willona takes a new job in a store in order to finance Penny's ice skating lessons, but encounters problems when she discovers she must spy on customers.
Good Times Wheels (TV-PG) J.J. and his friends have continuous disputes over a car they purchased together, ranging from insurance payments to ongoing scheduling conflicts.
Sanford and Son The Shootout (TV-PG) Lamont buys an antique gun for a bargain and brings it home; Fred uses the gun to re-enact war stories, but accidentally fires it into the neighbor's house.
Sanford and Son Blood is Thicker Than Junk (TV-PG) Lamont is tired of working with Fred and putting up with his antics at the junkyard, so he quits and seeks employment from a rival junk collector.
All in the Family Gloria's Boyfriend (TV-PG) Archie's inconsiderate actions cause mentally disabled supermarket employee to lose his job after delivering groceries to the Bunkers' house.
All in the Family Lionel's Engagement (TV-PG) While attending Lionel's engagement party, both Archie and George are shocked to discover that Lionel's fiancée has interracial parents.
Good Times Breaker, Breaker (TV-PG) Michael impersonates J.J. while communicating on a CB radio with a young woman who refers to herself "Fun Girl," but he discovers she hasn't been honest.
Good Times Bye, Bye, Bookman (TV-PG) Willona, Penny and the Evans family reach their breaking point with the miserable conditions in the building, prompting them to try and get Bookman fired.
Sanford and Son Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three (TV-PG) Lamont will fall madly in love with the daughter of one of Fred's former girlfriends, but they will encounter an unforeseen complication.
Sanford and Son Fred & Carol & Fred & Donna (TV-PG) When Fred invites Donna to dinner and then also unintentionally invites a saleslady that he just met, he must try to juggle both dates.
All in the Family Archie Eats and Runs (TV-PG) After Archie learns he may have eaten food contaminated with bacteria-laden mushrooms, he ignores Mike's warnings and decides to forgo a trip the hospital.
All in the Family Gloria Sings the Blues (TV-PG) Gloria confesses to her mother that the reason she's been depressed is because she thinks that she no longer loves Mike the way she used to.
Good Times Thelma's Brief Encounter (TV-PG) J.J., Willona and Michael have suspicions that Thelma's boyfriend is married, prompting J.J. to perform some detective work to confirm their beliefs.
Good Times Requiem for a Wino (TV-PG) A local drunk is mistakenly believed to be dead and makes an appearance at his own funeral, where he learns that people actually do care about him.
Sanford and Son A Guest in the Yard (TV-PG) A homeless drifter who is told to leave after he is caught sleeping in Fred and Lamont's yard pretends to injure himself on their property and threatens to sue.
Sanford and Son The Light Housekeeper (TV-PG) Lamont hires a maid to care for Fred after he is injured in a car accident and in need of help, but the woman assigned to them only adds to Fred's problems.
All in the Family Pay the Twenty Dollars (TV-PG) After Archie picks up his dry cleaning at Jefferson Cleaners, George unexpectedly accuses him of paying with a $20 bill that is a counterfeit.
All in the Family Mike's Graduation (TV-PG) As Mike's college career comes to a close, an enthusiastic Archie believes that his son-in-law will finally be moving out, but Mike has different plans in mind.
Gidget Gidget Gadget (TV-G) When her sister Anne gets into a fight with her husband John, Gidget nominates herself to play marriage counselor.
Gidget A Hearse, A Hearse, My Kingdom for a Hearse (TV-G) Gidget invests in a used car, but to her family's horror, it's a hearse; to make matters worse, several of her surfer friends are co-owners of the vehicle.
Small Wonder The Shoplifter (TV-G) Jamie goes to the store to shop for Vicki for the mock birthday party, in order to convince Child Services they treat her well; Vicki is accused of shoplifting.
Small Wonder Thanksgiving Story (TV-G) Jamie tries to score a community-sponsored Thanksgiving trip to a ski resort, set up for disadvantaged children; to do so, Jamie lies to the sponsors.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Prelude to a Kiss (TV-G) Sabrina agrees to help Josh study on the night of Harvey's big football game; Hilda and Zelda take a break while pirates do the housework.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Aging, Not So Gracefully (TV-G) Sabrina wants to appear more mature, but goes a bit overboard; Hilda and Zelda try to get a famous scientist and her love-sick suitor together.
Mr. Belvedere Stakeout (TV-G) With the High heel Bandit on the loose in Beaver Falls, George, Kevin and Mr. Belvedere stakeout the neighborhood while dressed in drag.
Mr. Belvedere The Election (TV-G) When Wesley runs for student body president, his opponent is not shy about using slander to win; Mr. Belvedere wants a surprise birthday party.
Webster The Big Sleepover George and Katherine are led to wonder what young Webster has in mind when he announces that he has invited a female peer over for a sleepover.
Webster The Man in the Red Flannel Suit Webster and Katherine are forced to intervene after a devastated George is passed over in the selection of the TV station's Santa Claus.
Becker Chris-mess (TV-PG) Chris is upset that Becker has a date for Christmas; Margaret takes Linda caroling; Bob tries to escape a high school bully.
Becker Once Upon a Time (TV-PG) Margaret looks back to her first meeting with John; Chris finds Jake's old keyboard; Bob hides in the cafe to avoid an angry tenant.
Good Times Penny's Christmas (TV-PG) Penny has her wallet stolen and jeopardizes her chances of staying with Willona by trying to steal a necklace as a Christmas gift for her.
Good Times No More Mr. Nice Guy (TV-PG) Michael's nonchalant attitude towards doing chores and homework angers J.J. who becomes even more enraged when Michael and Penny are arrested.
Sanford and Son The Big Party (TV-PG) Fred and Lamont consider going on welfare to pay their bills, but instead Fred decides to throw a house party and charge admission.
Sanford and Son A Visit from Lena Horne (TV-PG) Fred and Lamont will take a tour of the NBC studios, and Fred takes the opportunity to sneak into actress Lena Horne's dressing room.
All in the Family The Bunkers and Inflation (TV-PG) Edith and Archie both learn separately that Archie's union is going on strike, but they try to keep the news from each other so their anniversary isn't ruined.
All in the Family Edith, the Job Hunter (TV-PG) With the Bunkers' finances in poor condition thanks to Archie's strike, Louise offers Edith a job at George's dry cleaners, but Archie wants her to refuse.
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Good Times Willona's Mr. Right (TV-PG) Willona turns down a wedding proposal from an old boyfriend, since his job would have them moving all the time, but Penny feels differently and runs away.
Good Times J.J. and the Boss' Daughter (TV-PG) J.J. flirts with his new, attractive assistant, but is completely oblivious of her kinship to his boss; J.J.'s friends give him grief for neglecting them.
Sanford and Son Lamont Goes African (TV-PG) Lamont begins to embrace African culture by wearing the traditional garments, but Fred thinks that Lamont's new lifestyle is ridiculous.
Sanford and Son Watts Side Story (TV-PG) Fred cringes at the thought of Julio's family moving to California and becomes even more disgusted when Lamont asks Julio's sister out on a date.
All in the Family Edith, the Job Hunter (TV-PG) With the Bunkers' finances in poor condition thanks to Archie's strike, Louise offers Edith a job at George's dry cleaners, but Archie wants her to refuse.
All in the Family Archie's Raise (TV-PG) Just when Archie begins resenting the fact that everyone else in the family is working, he is excited to learn that the strike has ended with a raise for him.
Good Times Where There's Smoke (TV-PG) Suspicions abound when a hole mysteriously appears in the Evans family sofa cushion, prompting each of them to recount their version of events.
Good Times I Had a Dream (TV-PG) While awaiting word on a promotion at work that is rumored to be reserved for a white person, J.J. dreams that he is a white man.
Sanford and Son The Infernal Triangle (TV-PG) When a new woman enters Fred's life and becomes his fiancée, Lamont is surprised to discover that she is a woman with whom he had a relationship 10 years ago.
Sanford and Son Pops n' Pals (TV-PG) Lamont's new friendship with Fred's business rival makes Fred extremely jealous and motivates him to scheme in order to keep Lamont close to him.
All in the Family Lionel, the Live-In (TV-PG) When George expresses his opposition to his son marrying the daughter of a white man, Lionel leaves the house in anger and ends up staying at the Bunkers.
All in the Family Archie's Helping Hand (TV-PG) Archie arranges for Irene to work at his company, but he is shocked and displeased to learn that she'll be working alongside him as a forklift operator.
Good Times The Boarder (TV-PG) When his hours are cut down to part-time at work, J.J. takes in a boarder to make up the difference but soon finds out the boarder is in witness protection.
Good Times J.J.'s Condition (TV-PG) J.J. becomes involved with a married woman who claims she will soon be divorced, but the stress of the situation sends J.J. to the hospital with an ulcer.
Sanford and Son Home Sweet Home for the Aged (TV-PG) Lamont tells Fred that he plans to sail around the globe; Fred then learns that Lamont wants to put him into a retirement home.
Sanford and Son Pot Luck (TV-PG) Lamont spends $20 to purchase what he suspects is a priceless antique commode and makes plans to sell it for much more than the original price.
All in the Family Gloria's Shock (TV-PG) When Mike states that he doesn't want to contribute to overpopulation by having any children, the revelation completely shocks Gloria and leads to a fight.
All in the Family Where's Archie? (TV-PG) Mike and Gloria discover that Archie has disappeared while traveling to a convention in Buffalo, New York, but they don't want to worry Edith with the news.
Good Times Willona, the Other Woman (TV-PG) Bookman's wife believes he's cheating on her with another woman due to his recent strange behavior and only grows more convinced when seeing him with Willona.
Good Times Something Old, Something New (TV-PG) Grandpa stops by with his new invention that he believes will make him rich, but his extreme dedication to the idea leaves his fiancée feeling neglected.
Sanford and Son The Kid (TV-PG) A runaway child shows up in the junkyard; Fred is against having children around the house, but Lamont insists they take the kid in.
Sanford and Son Rated X (TV-PG) Lamont, Fred and Rollo respond to an ad offering them roles in low-budget films, but they soon discover the movies are of an adult nature.
All in the Family Archie Is Missing (TV-PG) After Edith files a missing person report for Archie, she, Mike and Gloria frantically search for any information that could lead them to his whereabouts.
All in the Family The Longest Kiss (TV-PG) Everyone is relieved when Archie calls home with an explanation for his disappearance; Mike and Gloria try to solve an argument by having a kissing competition.
Gidget Gidget Is a Proper Noun (TV-G) Gidget's new English teacher is an old colleague of her father's, and soon she suspects she's being held to a higher standard because her dad is a professor.
Gidget Image Scrimmage (TV-G) Gidget falls for the cousin of her best friend Larue, but complications develop.
Small Wonder Moving Up (TV-G) Vickie learns how to spend the day without any kind of duties or instructions; Ted has been offered a prestigious new job in Massachusetts.
Small Wonder Neighborhood Watch (TV-G) The Lawson family home has just been burglarized while Vicki was left at home and the rest of the family had gone out to dinner at a restaurant.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (TV-G) After she is caught kissing Josh, Sabrina tries to think of ways to get Harvey to forgive her, but his new relationship is getting in the way of her plans.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Ice Station Sabrina (TV-G) A witch hunter becomes an uninvited guest on Harvey and Sabrina's ski trip; Hilda and Zelda help find some lost travelers without help from the Other Realm.
Mr. Belvedere Mutiny (TV-G) George and Marsha go on a romantic cruise to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary; Mr. Belvedere takes a trip to England to meet the royal family.
Mr. Belvedere The Debate (TV-G) When Heather and Angela fall for the same guy in speech club, they each set out to make him their boyfriend; Marsh redecorates Mr. Belvedere's room.
Webster Secrets George ends up losing his temper completely after discovering that the unruly son of his new station manager is forcing Webster to do his schoolwork.
Webster Leave it to Diva George desires to surprise Webster with tickets to a wrestling competition for his birthday, but Katherine opts to purchase opera tickets instead.
Becker Bad to the Bone (TV-PG) Jake and Bob overhear a telephone conversation and think that Chris and John are sleeping together; John talks to a promiscuous teen.
Becker But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet (TV-PG) Becker's old college roommate is a recovering alcoholic and comes to town to make amends for his past misdeeds; Margaret spends a lot of time with Cliff.
Good Times (TV-PG) A housekeeper and her family live in the projects of Chicago and struggle to make ends meet and support each other, while trying to achieve their dreams.
Good Times (TV-PG) A housekeeper and her family live in the projects of Chicago and struggle to make ends meet and support each other, while trying to achieve their dreams.
Sanford and Son (TV-PG) A cantankerous and outspoken old widower runs a junk yard in Los Angeles with his 30-year-old son and habitually schemes to make a quick profit.
Sanford and Son (TV-PG) A cantankerous and outspoken old widower runs a junk yard in Los Angeles with his 30-year-old son and habitually schemes to make a quick profit.
All in the Family (TV-PG) An outspoken and crude Queens man speaks his mind about society's issues to his dimwitted wife and neighbors, and continually speaks against his son-in-law.
All in the Family (TV-PG) An outspoken and crude Queens man speaks his mind about society's issues to his dimwitted wife and neighbors, and continually speaks against his son-in-law.
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