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Hazel The Investment Club (TV-PG) Hazel and her friends are approached to invest in the stock market, but they don't realize that the stock the businessman is selling useless stocks.
Hazel Hazel's Mona Lisa Grin (TV-G) Years after being the model of a painters portrait, Hazel finds out the artist has since found fame and fortune as an acclaimed painter.
The Partridge Family Forgive Us Our Debt's (TV-G) Shirley purchases a cuckoo clock from the local department store, and charges for it, but the bill arrives asking her to pay far more than the asking price.
The Partridge Family The Partridge Connection (TV-G) Danny is surprised when Punky steals a yo-yo, but when Punky calls him a chicken, he too steals one, too; Danny suffers from a very guilty conscience.
I Dream of Jeannie Is There a Doctor in the House? (TV-G) Jeannie seeks her mother's help when Tony begins to experience episodes of narcolepsy, but she doesn't realize that his condition is her mother's little joke.
I Dream of Jeannie The Biggest Star in Hollywood (TV-G) Roger and Jeannie travel to Hollywood when a TV producer invites her to appear on his popular television program, but her backstage antics make her a star.
Hazel Hazel and the Gardener (TV-G) The gardener has been down on himself lately with a lack of confidence, and Hazel takes it upon herself to help him pick up his self-esteem.
Hazel Dorothy's Birthday (TV-G) Hazel has to come in on her day off to prepare food for the luncheon being held Dorothys birthday.
The Partridge Family The Selling of the Partridge (TV-G) Certain that he will win the position of school president because of his charm and charisma, Keith is rather surprised to learn where his support comes from.
The Partridge Family Diary of a Mad Millionaire (TV-G) After the Partridges perform for the reclusive multi-millionaire Sidney Rose, he likes them so much he tries to persuade them to come live with him.
I Dream of Jeannie The Case of the Porcelain Puppy (TV-G) Jeannie discovers a spell that turns objects into porcelain statues and when Dr. and Mrs. Bellows see the creations they believe that Tony has artistic talents.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie for the Defense (TV-G) Tony and Roger are involved in a minor car accident and Jeannie has to come to the rescue when the occupants of the other car pretend to be badly injured.
Hazel Number, Please? (TV-G) Baxter gets tired of receiving phone calls from a salesperson, so he decides he wants to switch his number to an unlisted one; he later forgets his own number.
Hazel Them New Neighbors is Nice (TV-G) When a new family moves in next door, their teenage son develops an attraction to Dorothy.
The Partridge Family Me and My Shadow (TV-G) A mystery writer believes that by utilizing logic, anything is possible; in order to prove his point, he proposes the Partridges a deal they can't refuse.
The Partridge Family Hate Thy Neighbor (TV-G) A neighbor complains to police that the family is making too much noise in the garage while they practice; a little boy, who is a big fan, admits it's his mom.
I Dream of Jeannie Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut (TV-G) Jeannie's wicked sister convinces her that Tony won't return from his next mission and Jeannie allows her to make sure Tony is overweight and unfit for duty.
I Dream of Jeannie Around the World in 80 Blinks (TV-G) Jeannie blinks Tony back from space when she learns that he has a cold and needs care, but another astronaut from the capsule returns as well.
Hazel Hazel's Pajama Party (TV-G) Hazel feels bad for a young girl who had lost her mother, and decides to throw the pajama party that the young girl had always wanted.
Hazel Three Little Cubs (TV-G) A boy with an attitude problem has a difficult time making friends; Dorothy convinces him to join the Cub Scouts as a way to meet other boys his age.
The Partridge Family None But the Onely (TV-G) Keith is attracted to a new girl in his school but she learns of his reputation with the ladies and rejects him, so he asks Laurie to talk to the girl.
The Partridge Family Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge (TV-G) Keiths new girlfriend play the cello in the school band and Rachel thinks Keith is wasting his talents playing rock and roll with his familys band.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie-Go-Round (TV-G) Jeannie's sister disguises herself as Jeannie and embarrasses Tony at the opening of ritzy nightclub in Cocoa Beach, but she makes sure Jeannie gets the blame.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie and the Secret Weapon (TV-G) Tony and Roger are studying blueprints for a new space station and when Jeannie blinks up a toy model of the top secret project Tony is accused of theft.
Hazel Bringing Out the Johnsons (TV-G) When the local school needs money, and Hazel has an idea to spearhead a campaign to help them.
Hazel Hazel Quits (TV-G) A local lake is set to be drained so that a construction company can put up a new building; Hazel is outraged by this and starts a protest against the builders.
The Partridge Family Strike Out King (TV-G) Danny starts following Keith and Laurie around all the time, and even starts to emulate his brother in how he dresses and how he acts.
The Partridge Family Reuben Kincaid Lives (TV-G) Shirley suggests that the family should show Ruben their appreciation for all he does for them, but he is not used to their new attitudes.
I Dream of Jeannie Blackmail Order Bride (TV-G) A reporter disguises himself as a plumber to gain access to Tony's house and even has a woman and her children pose as Tony's abandoned family.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie at the Piano (TV-G) Tony begins to play the piano like a virtuoso and goes on a concert tour, but when he gets to Carnegie Hall he has to take drastic steps to avoid a scandal.
The Wildlife Docs Gibbon Me Some Shellfish (HD, TV-G) After giving a male gibbon a CTscan, the Docs have to remove grass stuck up his nose; young conservationists aide in the effort to restore an oyster reef.
The Wildlife Docs Tuxedo Turk and Two Bobcats (HD, TV-G) A penguin with breathing difficulties undergoes a CT scan; two wild bobcats need assistance after they are rescued.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Elvis and Bowerbirds (HD, TV-G) Tim Faulkner learns more about the habitat of the Western Bowerbird, works with conservationists to save the Cassowary birds and studies a crocodile's injury.
Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa Meet the Lambs (HD, TV-G) The parents of three daughters seek help from Dr. Lisa Chimes with finding a dog for their family, but one daughter's fear of dogs proves to be an obstacle.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch You Can't Twin (TV-G) Sabrina finds herself face to face with evil doppelganger Katrina, who causes numerous problems while attending a magical amusement park.
Silver Spoons Let It Snow, Let It Snow (TV-PG) Edward and Kate plan to have some alone time on a romantic ski outing but find themselves subjected to the freezing cold, along with four unwanted guests.
Silver Spoons Best Friends (TV-PG) Ricky befriends Dexter's nephew, Alfonso, after the young man goes to extreme lengths in an attempt to gain an alliance and acceptance.
Family Ties All in the Neighborhood, Part 2 (TV-PG) Despite the racism discovered in their neighborhood, the Keatens fight back against the discrimination being shown to their friends.
Webster There Goes the Bride (TV-G) The Papadapolis's participate in the planning process of Katherine's aunt's upcoming wedding, which inspires them to renew their own vows.
Small Wonder The Lawsonville Horror (TV-G) Vicki is struck by lightning and begins to have an influence on objects throughout the house; this frightens her family, so the Lawsons find a way to fix it.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch House of Pi's (TV-G) Sabrina and Roxie dig for a story at Morgan's sorority so they can be on the campus newspaper; Salem is upset by Hilda's refusal to let him perform.
Silver Spoons Edward's Big Adventure (TV-PG) Rick mistakes Edward's claim of not being able to find his wallet at a pool hall as an April Fool's Joke and as a result, refuses his father's request for help.
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Hazel Hazel the Matchmaker (TV-G) The Baxters neighbors, a widower and his four children, finds himself in trouble when the nosy Baxters, as well as Hazel, try to play matchmaker.
Hazel Rock-a-Bye Baby (TV-G) George Baxter is upset when Hazel spends half of her time helping the neighbors instead of him when she brings home a neighbors baby to look after.
The Partridge Family Double Trouble (TV-G) Keith wants to bring a date along to the upcoming beach party and Laurie offers to set him up with one of her friends, but he has his eye on a popular girl.
The Partridge Family The Last of Howard (TV-G) Keith is suspicious of a boy's intentions with Laurie and enlists Danny's aid in spying on them; Keith thinks a pricey bracelet given to Laurie is stolen goods.
I Dream of Jeannie Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper (TV-G) Jeannie's pet returns and creates havoc when spending time in the park with Tony, but trouble really begins when he executes a mass escape at the pound.
I Dream of Jeannie Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride, Part 1 (TV-G) Jeannie's royal uncle arrives in Cocoa Beach and trouble begins when Uncle Suleiman orders Tony to assassinate a despised official from a rival country.
Hazel The Burglar in Mr. B's P.J.'s (TV-G) A burglar breaks into the Baxter family home, but instead of being met with hostility, he is met with hospitality from Hazel.
Hazel A Haunting We Will Go (TV-G) A real estate client believes that Steve sold to her a haunted house without telling her it's haunted, which infuriates her; she sues Steve and his office.
The Partridge Family The Diplomat (TV-G) The presidential ambassador shows up a couple of hours late for his date with Shirley and then spends most of the evening on the phone with world dignitaries.
The Partridge Family Heartbreak Keith (TV-G) In college, Keith decides to take a sociology course, where he is paired with an older woman to work on a paper; he soon finds himself attracted to her.
I Dream of Jeannie Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride, Part 2 (TV-G) Jeannie goes to Besenji and plans to marry the man with the correct answer to a riddle and Tony wants to win her back, but the wrong answer could be deadly.
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Ghostbreaker (TV-G) Tony, Roger and Jeannie travel to England to visit the old mansion that Tony inherited, but while spending the night they discover that the mansion is haunted.
Bewitched Man's Best Friend (TV-G) A warlock falls in love with Samantha, and after she flat out rejects him, he turns himself into a shaggy dog and tries to ruin her relationship with Darrin.
Bewitched Oedipus Hex (TV-G) After Endora hears Samantha mention that she would like Darrin to relax more often, she enchants a bowl of popcorn that makes anyone who eats it extremely lazy.
Bewitched Sam's Spooky Chair (TV-G) Sam purchases a mysterious rocking chair from an antique shop and it starts exhibiting some strange and disturbing behavior once she brings it home.
Bewitched Endora Moves in for a Spell (TV-G) Endora and Uncle Arthur disagree about who should move into the house across the street from Sam and Darrin, and Mrs. Kravitz notices that the house disappears.
Bewitched The Crone of Cawdor (TV-G) Darrin has a hard time believing that his life may be in danger when Samantha informs him that his newest client is a magic crone who steals her victim's youth.
Bewitched No More, Mr. Nice Guy (TV-G) Endora casts a spell on Darrin that will make everyone he meets despise him; Samantha attempts to fix the situation by doing the same thing to Endora.
Hazel Heat Wave (TV-G) Hazel learns that one of their neighbors has just had air conditioning installed in at home; the maid at the house is her friend and brags it.
Hazel George's Assistant (TV-G) George decides it's time that he hires an assistant to help him out around his law office; Hazel has a neighbors son in mind to carry out the job.
The Partridge Family A Day of Honesty (TV-G) Danny begins to write down every occasion when other members of the family tell a lie or are dishonest; soon after he confronts them with his notes.
The Partridge Family All in the Family (TV-G) When Reuben's shy nephew comes to visit, he reveals he wants to be a comic, so Shirley invites him to test out his jokes at the club.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie's Beauty Cream (TV-G) Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows a magical beauty treatment that transforms her into a young and beautiful woman and the transformation even surprises her husband.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie and the Bachelor Party (TV-G) Roger and Dr. Bellows tell Tony that he's scheduled to attend an important meeting, but it is only a ruse to get him to the bachelor party they've planned.
Hazel Hazel's Day (TV-G) Harold realizes that while there is a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, there is no day to celebrate ones maid; the family decides to celebrate Hazel.
Hazel Hazel's Cousin (TV-G) Hazels cousin appears on television for an interview to talk about her cosmetic business; during the interview, she announces that she intends to get married.
The Partridge Family Maid in San Pueblo (TV-G) Ruben goes out of town and his nephew is given the task of taking over his duties as a manager to the Partridge Family, but he is not good at his job.
The Partridge Family Art for Mom's Sake (TV-G) Shirley decides to start taking classes at an art school and she doesn't expect her teacher to be such a big fan of her work as a musician.
I Dream of Jeannie The Blood of a Jeannie (TV-G) Tony learns that Jeannie has green blood and arranges for Roger to be a substitute donor for the blood test they are required to take to get married.
I Dream of Jeannie See You in Cuba (TV-G) Jeannie blinks Tony off of a plane to discuss party plans and when she tries to return him her direction are faulty and he mistakenly ends up in Havana, Cuba.
The Wildlife Docs You Can't Handle the Tooth! (HD, TV-G) The Wildlife Docs have to perform emergency surgery on a male hippo's tooth; Percy the porcupine gets his annual check-up.
The Wildlife Docs Hopping Around the South Pacific (HD, TV-G) The hosts share the story of a red kangaroo that is in need of dental surgery; the hosts introduce some colorful birds with their own camouflage.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Dingos, Dragons and Devils (HD, TV-G) Tim Faulkner spends time with Dingo pups, introduces a Komodo dragon to some friends and visits the Tasmanian devil rehabilitation center.
Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa Meet the Parrys (HD, TV-G) Dr. Lisa Chimes is challenged to find a dog for a family of five with differing opinions on breed and health issues that will need to be considered.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Welcome, Traveler (TV-G) Sabrina worries Miles has become too preoccupied with conspiracy theories and encourages him to join a club that ends up being a cult.
Silver Spoons Pilot (TV-PG) A childlike millionaire whose massive fortune comes from his successful toy empire is startled to learn he fathered a son with his ex-wife.
Three's Company Going to Pot (TV-PG) Jack attempts to record a conversation with a crooked building inspector seeking a bribe, but police officers mistakenly believe that Mr. Furley is the target.
Gimme a Break! Family Reunion (TV-PG) After Nell fails to advise her sister who left her husband and grounds Joey from baseball due to poor grades, Mama Maybelle offers Nell some words and help.
Silver Spoons Survival of the Fittest (TV-PG) The young Ricky attends his first day of high school and struggles to learn the ropes while enduring multiple rounds of humiliating antics.
Family Ties They Can't Take That Away From Me, Part 1 (TV-G) Alex begins to feel a strain in his relationship with Lauren after getting close to a young music student, who he tutors in economics.
Webster Gotcha (TV-G) Katherine becomes frustrated with the fact that George has been acting overly curious about the circumstances of his upcoming birthday.
Small Wonder When You Hear the Beep (TV-G) Jamie and Vicki run an underground answering service for grounded kids, and agree to help Reggie get enough nerve to talk to the girl of his dreams.
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