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The Patty Duke Show Don't Bank On It (TV-G) Martin thinks that Patty doesn't do her chores as much as she should, especially when she failed to make a bank deposit for him, so he teaches her a lesson.
The Patty Duke Show Three Little Kittens (TV-G) Patty and Ross buy three kittens from a neighborhood kid and intend to sell them again to make a profit, but they end up losing track of the kittens.
Hazel Winter Wonderland (TV-G) Hazel finds herself in a dilemma when her plan to enter a dog-sled race with her crush is threatened after the Baxters' ski trip is altered dramatically.
Hazel Hazel's Winning Personality (TV-G) Hazel decides to take a course to improve her personality, but the teacher's instructions to give constant compliments get her into trouble with the Baxters.
The Joey Bishop Show The Weed City Story (TV-G) Joe and Larry go out of town to play some golf but they make a mistake in stopping in a small hamlet, where Tom Weed recognizes Joey from television.
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty's Education (TV-G) Rusty starts college and keeps asking Joey questions, none of which he knows how to answer; they ask for help from a bookmaker with a photographic memory.
The Patty Duke Show Fiancee for a Day (TV-G) After some friends of Patty and Richards have gotten married, the couple starts to consider that they want to do the same once they graduate from high school.
The Patty Duke Show The Invisible Boy (TV-G) Patty tries to secure a date with a neighborhood boy and convinces Ross to do some chores for him so they can have a chance to go out.
Hazel Hazel's Christmas Shopping (TV-G) Hazel gets another job in order to afford buying Christmas presents for her family and friends; she looks for a gift for Dorothy and gets a job at a store.
Hazel Dorothy's Obsession (TV-G) Dorothy purchases a piano at an auction and doesn't know how to tell George.
The Joey Bishop Show The Sultan's Gift (TV-G) After Joey entertains at an official luncheon in honor of a visiting sultan, the potentate expresses his gratitude to Joey by sending him a gift of harem woman.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Entertains Rusty's Fraternity (TV-G) Joey and his friends help Rusty Williams and his fellow fraternity in carrying out an unusual fraternity initiation stunt; they cross-dress and attend a dance.
On the Spot Identify This, In Sickness And In Health, Ridiculous Theories (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Participants are quizzed about unique rock formations from around the planet, diseases in humans and animals, and some strange theories about drinking water.
The Coolest Places on Earth Off The Beaten Path: The Mediterranean (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Viewers travel to the Mediterranean to Sicily, Israel, Karpathos, Northeast Italy and discover strange getaways, unique regions and unusual islands.
Get Wild (E/I 13-16)
Wild World (E/I 13-16)
Three's Company A Man About the House (TV-PG) A man moves into an apartment with two attractive women, but he must pretend that he is gay in order to have the landlords condone them living together.
Three's Company And Mother Makes Four (TV-PG) Jack is all set to move in with the girls, but Chrissy's mother shows up to the apartment unexpectedly; Janet attempts to keep Jack away from Mrs. Snow.
Dennis the Menace The Soapbox Derby (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is less than amused to find himself in the driver's seat during a soapbox derby that Dennis initially entered himself into.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Camera (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is asked to spend an entire evening outside in order to take a photograph of a nocturnal plant but ends up falling asleep in the process.
Bewitched Out of Sync, Out of Mind (TV-G) When Aunt Clara attempts to magically edit a soundtrack into Darrin's home movies of Tabitha, she casts a spell that gives Samantha a speech impediment.
Bewitched That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife (TV-G) Samantha uses her magic to show up in two places at the same time, causing Darrin's newest client to mistakenly accuse him of cheating on his wife.
I Dream of Jeannie Tony's Wife (TV-G) Jeannie's wicked sister warns her that she was born under the sign of a terrible jinx and in order to protect Tony from bad luck she should return to Baghdad.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie and the Bank Robbery (TV-G) An American astronaut crash lands on an island in the South Pacific and finds a bottle containing a beautiful genie that becomes his not-so-obedient servant.
Gidget My Ever Faithful Friend (TV-G) Gidget is horrified when she thinks that her best friend has romantic designs on her father; it's all a big misunderstanding, but Gidget doesn't realize that.
Gidget Chivalry Isn't Dead (TV-G) When Gidget thinks the girls are being taken for granted by the boys, she decides to take matters into her own hands.
Gidget The War Between Men, Women and Gidget (TV-G) A previously undiscovered beach cove becomes the perfect getaway spot for Gidget's friends, until the boys discover it and try to claim it for themselves.
Gidget Gidget's Foreign Policy (TV-G) Gidget tries to show a visiting foreign girl the American way to do things, with mixed results.
Gidget Now There's a Face (TV-G) Gidget falls for a fashion photographer, but then discovers that he's engaged.
Gidget Too Many Cooks (TV-G) Gidget accidentally makes a date with two guys for the same dance; to make matters worse, they're brothers.
The Patty Duke Show Do a Brother a Favor (TV-G) Ross sees only one chance to get into basketball club, which would be for Patty to go on a date with the clubs president, but she can't stand him.
The Patty Duke Show The Cousins (TV-G) Patty and Cathy look back at the time that Cathy came in to live with Patty and her parents.
Hazel Hazel's Dog Days (TV-G) As Hazel attempts to train the dog that Baxters had adopted, its rightful owners turn up, wanting to take him home with them; Hazel attempts to keep him.
Hazel A Replacement for Phoebe (TV-G) An elderly couples housemaid quits her job; Hazel agrees to help the couple find a new maid to work for them.
The Joey Bishop Show The Do-It-Yourself Nursery (TV-G) Joey has to turn the spare room in his home into a nursery for the baby after the people he initially hired quit the job themselves, due to Joey's personality.
The Joey Bishop Show The Sergeant's Testimonial (TV-G) Joey is to attend a reunion of his wartime Army outfit, but he drops out when he learns that the guest of honor will be his sadistic former Sergeant.
The Patty Duke Show The French Teacher (TV-G) Patty has a new substitute teacher for her French class and she instantly has a crush on him.
The Patty Duke Show The Genius (TV-G) Patty inadvertently alters a computerized IQ test that was taken at school, which causes a confusion when she is classified a genius.
Hazel Hazel's Famous Recipes (TV-G) Hazel discovers that her recipes have been published.
Hazel Hazel's Tough Customer (TV-G) Hazel tries to help Mr. Griffin become much more pleasant to be around in public.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Changes Larry's Luck (TV-G) Larry finds himself having a run of bad luck, which shakes his confidence, so Joey decides to give him a break on poker night, and asks for a favor.
The Joey Bishop Show Never Put It in Writing (TV-G) Joey gifts Larry with his own private office but then Joey hires a new writer with a contract; Larry also wants a contract; professional relationship.
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The Patty Duke Show The Elopement (TV-G) Martin is under the impression that the family is trying to hide the fact that Patty and Richard are going to sneak off and get married.
The Patty Duke Show House Guest (TV-G) Cathy's cantankerous Aunt Pauline comes to the Lane household for her annual visit, which starts as more pleasant than expected until Pauline fights with Cathy.
Hazel Hazel's Secret Wish (TV-G) Hazel goes on vacation at a resort, but she seems to not fit in with any of the other guests as they keep snubbing her at every turn.
Hazel Hazel, The Tryst Buster (TV-G) Hazel becomes suspicious when one of Georges former lovers comes for a visit.
The Joey Bishop Show Larry's Habit (TV-G) Larrys habit of cracking his knuckles is disturbing those around him, especially Joey who wants him to stop as he can't focus on his work.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey the Star Maker (TV-G) Joey compliments his friends wife for her performance in an amateur production, and he is then later pressured into putting the woman on his television show.
The Patty Duke Show The Birds and the Bees Bit (TV-G) Patty and Cathy try to teach Ross all he needs to know about women in two days.
The Patty Duke Show The Slumber Party (TV-G) When Patty and Cathy have a slumber party, Ross records the private conversations and uses the information to blackmail the girls.
Hazel The Investment Club (TV-PG) Hazel and her friends are approached to invest in the stock market, but they don't realize that the stock the businessman is selling useless stocks.
Hazel Hazel's Mona Lisa Grin (TV-G) Years after being the model of a painters portrait, Hazel finds out the artist has since found fame and fortune as an acclaimed painter.
The Joey Bishop Show What'll You Have? (TV-G) Joey and Ellie plan a party and one of the guests asks Ellie what she thinks the next baby is going to be; Joey wants to have another son.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Discovers Jackie Clark (TV-G) Joey meets a young man who he feels is talented and wants to make him a star, but the young mans mother refuses to let him be in show business.
On the Spot Globetrotting, Origins, On The Menu (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Participants are quizzed about exotic locations for bungee jumping, the first kind of public transportation, how submarines were invented, and a dirt meal.
The Coolest Places on Earth Discovering New Caledonia (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Viewers travel to the South Pacific and enjoy activities like snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and relaxing in an unheard of group of islands.
Get Wild (E/I 13-16)
Wild World (E/I 13-16)
Mork & Mindy Mork Moves In (TV-G) Constant pressure from Mindy's father leaves Mork agreeing to move out of her attic, but his plans go awry when he gets drunk on ginger ale.
Mork & Mindy Mork Runs Away (TV-G) Mork accidentally ruins Mindys big date and feels so guilty that he decides to run away from home, and he finds a place to stay with an unusual group.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Miracle Plant Food (TV-G) Dennis purchases a plant in order to replace one that he has accidentally crushed, and Mr. Wilson is led to believe that he has invented a miracle fertilizer.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Newspaper (TV-G) Dennis listens in on a conversation with Mr. Wilson when he discusses his desire to have a raccoon coat from his past returned to him.
Bewitched Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds (TV-G) In trying to cure Endora of her allergic reactions to dodo birds, Dr. Bombay accidentally switches the magical powers of Aunt Clara and Endora.
Bewitched Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember (TV-G) Aunt Clara accidentally uses her magical powers to send the Stephens family and Gladys to 17th century Plymouth where they celebrate the first Thanksgiving.
I Dream of Jeannie My Son, the Genie (TV-G) Jeannie is chosen to be the trainer of an apprentice genie, but the unfortunate young man creates havoc when he tries to perform even the simplest spells.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie Goes to Honolulu (TV-G) Tony and Roger are being sent to Hawaii by the Air Force, but in order to keep Jeannie from tagging along, Tony tells her they are going to the North Pole.
The Patty Duke Show The Babysitters (TV-G) Patty enlists Richard and Cathy to help her run a new babysitting or tot tending service so she may make enough money to buy a new dress.
The Patty Duke Show The Conquering Hero (TV-G) Cathy decides to help Brooklyn Heights high school's best basketball player prepare for a big test so that he may compete in the next game.
Hazel Hazel and the Gardener (TV-G) The gardener has been down on himself lately with a lack of confidence, and Hazel takes it upon herself to help him pick up his self-esteem.
Hazel Dorothy's Birthday (TV-G) Hazel has to come in on her day off to prepare food for the luncheon being held Dorothys birthday.
The Joey Bishop Show On the Spot (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Meets Jack Paar (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
The Patty Duke Show The President (TV-G) Patty and Cathy don't realize that they have nominated each other for President of the Girls League, which slowly becomes a friendly rivalry between the two.
The Patty Duke Show Double Date (TV-G) Cathy prepares for a special date she is set to go on with Craig, which includes going to a party, but she gets sick just before the party is to take place.
Hazel Number, Please? (TV-G) Baxter gets tired of receiving phone calls from a salesperson, so he decides he wants to switch his number to an unlisted one; he later forgets his own number.
Hazel Them New Neighbors is Nice (TV-G) When a new family moves in next door, their teenage son develops an attraction to Dorothy.
The Joey Bishop Show A Windfall for Mom (TV-G) Joey's mother finds a job in the supermarket.
The Joey Bishop Show This is your Life (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
The Patty Duke Show The Actress (TV-G) Patty outshines Cathy in an audition for the part of Cleopatra in an upcoming school production, leaving Cathy in the role of the understudy.
The Patty Duke Show How to Be Popular (TV-G) Cathy writes a letter to an advice columnist in the local newspaper asking how she can be more popular, after being tired of just being a wallflower.
Hazel Hazel's Pajama Party (TV-G) Hazel feels bad for a young girl who had lost her mother, and decides to throw the pajama party that the young girl had always wanted.
Hazel Three Little Cubs (TV-G) A boy with an attitude problem has a difficult time making friends; Dorothy convinces him to join the Cub Scouts as a way to meet other boys his age.
The Joey Bishop Show The Contest Winner (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
The Joey Bishop Show The Bachelor (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
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