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McHale's Navy Creature from McHale's Lagoon (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton falls for Gruber's scheme to plant fake pearls into oysters, and he immediately signs an order to evict McHale and his crew from the island.
McHale's Navy A Medal for Parker (TV-PG) In an attempt to impress the woman who dumped Parker, McHale and the crew take out a portion of the Ensign's novel and use it to win him a medal.
Father Knows Best The Basketball Coach (TV-G) Jim decides to become the head coach of Bud's youth basketball team, but Bud does not like the idea and refuses to take orders from him on the court.
Father Knows Best Kathy, Girl Executive (TV-G) Jim and Margaret decide to put Kathy in charge of Bud's lawn mowing company, and she proves to the family that she is a successful businesswoman.
Dennis the Menace The Stock Certificate (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is pleasantly surprised to discover that his stock certificate is worth several hundred dollars, and he attempts to keep it hidden from Dennis.
Dennis the Menace Man of the House (TV-G) Alice becomes bed-ridden from a random illness, and Dennis is the only one that is present to take care of her when his father has to leave town on business.
McHale's Navy The Balloon Goes Up (TV-PG) Upon hearing that he has been offered a distant job transfer, an elated Binghamton tries to leave immediately but soon learns that inventory has gone missing.
McHale's Navy Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (TV-PG) After conflicting plans for an upcoming sarong sale cause McHale's men to split into warring factions, McHale is forced to call the competition off.
Father Knows Best The Good Samaritan (TV-G) For a school project, Bud is assigned by his English teacher to perform a good deed and to write about it, but he discovers that the task is not easy.
Father Knows Best The Ideal Father (TV-G) Uncle Charlie arrives at the Anderson home for a visit, where he begins to believe the children are extremely spoiled after they forget about Jim's birthday.
Dennis the Menace The Rock Collection (TV-G) Dennis takes up collecting rare rocks in order to keep himself busy and out of continued trouble, and the eager youngster believes he's discovered gold.
Dennis the Menace Henry and Togetherness (TV-G) Mr. Wilson enacts a ploy to trick Henry into spending more time with his son, who is busy with his own efforts to cover up an aquarium hole.
McHale's Navy Evil-Eye Parker (TV-PG) After discovering that a U.S. Senator is making a visit to the island, Captain Binghamton tries to prevent a concert from taking place.
McHale's Navy The Great Impersonation (TV-PG) After it is learned that he looks remarkably similar to a high-ranking British General, Parker is asked to act as a diversion in New Caledonia.
Father Knows Best Big Shot Bud (TV-G) Bud decides that he wants to buy his mother an expensive bottle of perfume but does not have any money, so he steals cash from the Sunday school offering.
Father Knows Best Hard Luck Leo (TV-G) Leo arrives to the Anderson home for a special visit, where he begins to take advantage of Jim, Margaret and the kids, causing the family to become frustrated.
Dennis the Menace Paint-up, Clean-up Week (TV-G) Mr. Wilson gets himself into trouble with the city during a week dedicated to beautification, after giving Dennis some red paint to use.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Learns to Whistle (TV-G) Dennis becomes distraught when he learns that he is the only one that's unable to whistle, and spends an entire afternoon attempting to learn.
McHale's Navy Urulu's Paradise West (TV-PG) Binghamton is ordered to make amends with Chief Urulu in order to purchase an island fro him that the Navy is hoping to use as a site for a radar station.
McHale's Navy Dear Diary (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton believes that he finally has the evidence, with which he can finally rid himself of McHale, after finding Parker's detailed diary.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Campus Romeo (TV-G) Bud's good looks and charm begin to attract beautiful young women at his school's campus, but he starts refusing to go out with any of them on dates.
Father Knows Best Crisis Over a Kiss (TV-G) Betty starts dating a young man from her school, who Bud does not like, so Bud tries to persuade Betty to break up with the boy before something bad happens.
Dennis the Menace The Raffle Ticket (TV-G) Mr. Wilson holds a raffle on behalf of his lodge, and Dennis does everything he can think of to ensure his victory in the drawing.
Dennis the Menace The Christmas Horse (TV-G) Dennis is overwhelmed with excitement after convincing himself that he is to receive a horse from his parents, and the youth searches the town for it.
McHale's Navy Babette Go Home (TV-PG) The Navy makes negotiations for the purchase of a nearby island in order to use it as a construction site for a new military Supply Depot.
McHale's Navy The Novocain Mutiny (TV-PG) When Fuji begins to experience a painful toothache, McHale and the crew try to get him to the dentist, while keeping it a secret from a visiting Fleet Officer.
Father Knows Best Kathy Grows Up (TV-G) Kathy becomes upset with her parents' rules and begins to protest that she should be treated like an adult, so Jim and Margaret decide to teach her a lesson.
Father Knows Best A Man of Merit (TV-G) Jim finds out that he has been nominated for the Springfield Chamber of Commerce's Merit Man, an award given to an outstanding citizen in the community.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Allowance (TV-G) Dennis is forced to learn about the difficulties of earning money firsthand in order to receive the quarter-per-week allowance that he's requested.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Penny Collection (TV-G) Despite his uneasiness towards sharing a hobby with the troublesome youngster, Mr. Wilson agrees to help Dennis in starting his own collection of rare pennies.
Hazel Hazel and the Stockholder's Meeting (TV-G) Hazel can't get customer satisfaction when she attempts to return a vacuum cleaner to the store; she decides to go to a stockholders meeting to discuss.
The Partridge Family Waiting for Belero (TV-G) Keith wants to move out on his own and get his own apartment so that he may have the peace and quiet he craves to write music, and Shirley lets him move.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Baby Elephants, Snakes and Raptors (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
All In with Laila Ali Best Of: Cold, Fast and Fearless (HD, TV-G) A futuristic competition set in sub-zero temperatures with unsubsiding wind speeds and cruel terrains; an urban artist who changes the New York covertly.
All In with Laila Ali Cold Rush (HD, TV-G) Host Laila Ali shares a look at a three-day freeskiing event held in Colorado; fixie bike riders prove they are the best; freestyle skier Simon Dumont's trick.
Hazel Hazel's Day Off (TV-G) Hazel wants to take her day off, but she is instead forced to work when a wealthy man says he will donate land for a park; Hazel thinks he should relax.
The Partridge Family I Am Curious, Partridge (TV-G) Danny gets a job writing articles for the local newspaper documenting the exciting lives of the Partridge Family but he makes up facts about them.
Three's a Crowd The Happy Couple (TV-PG) After Jack gets turned down for a bank loan, Mr. Bradford offers to pay for the restaurants sprinkler system but he has one condition; Jack must marry Vicky.
The Ropers The Other Man (TV-PG) Helen feels that Stanley is being inattentive towards her, so she puts together a plan to make him jealous by pretended to be flirting with the gardener.
Three's Company The Anniversary Surprise (TV-PG) Mr. Roper tells the roommates that he has a surprise for Mrs. Roper for their anniversary, but the trio believes that their landlord is implying a divorce.
Three's Company Moving On (TV-PG) Helen tries to convince Stanley that they need to finally begin looking for a new home, but he wants to rent a mobile home instead.
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McHale's Navy Stars Over Taratupa (TV-PG) An Oscar-winning Director is coming to the island in order to film a documentary on PT boats and the crews that use them from day to day.
McHale's Navy Comrades of PT 73 (TV-PG) After learning that a navy officer from Russia is planning to visit and train with them, McHale and the crew try to get rid of him.
Father Knows Best Betty Makes a Choice (TV-G) Betty decides to try out for the lead role in Springfield Junior College's upcoming musical, believing she will succeed at the audition and get the part.
Father Knows Best It's a Small World (TV-G) Margaret gets in a difficult dilemma when her close friends invite her to a luncheon and Jim asks her to accompany him on an important business trip.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Campaign Manager (TV-G) A determined Dennis inspires Mr. Wilson to try his hand in the field of local politics in order to have a local park opened up more often.
Dennis the Menace Miss Cathcart's Friend (TV-G) Dennis confuses Miss Cathcart in a desperate attempt to find the lonely woman a reliable companion, which turns out to be a runaway canine and its owner.
McHale's Navy Return of Big Frenchy (TV-PG) A conniving local chef steals a large load of Naval supplies and it is up to McHale and his PT crew to follow them before they can reach New Caledonia.
McHale's Navy Alias PT 73 (TV-PG) After they are restricted to the base by Captain Binghamton, McHale and his crew attempt to help local villagers rebuild after an air raid.
Father Knows Best Two Loves Has Bud (TV-G) Bud's close friends begin to prepare for the upcoming school prom, while Bud realizes that he has not asked anyone to be his date, which puts him in a dilemma.
Father Knows Best An Extraordinary Woman (TV-G) Jim and Margaret gain a different perspective on life when they are visited by a famous author, who writes literature on the struggles of African culture.
Dennis the Menace Pythias Was a Piker (TV-G) Dennis is given an assigned composition on his closest friend for schoolwork, and Mr. Wilson is touched when he is selected as the subject of his paper.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Saxophone (TV-G) Mr. Wilson fears the noise that a musical instrument Dennis wants will produce, and the neighbor tries to dissuade Henry from buying it.
McHale's Navy The Rage of Taratupa (TV-PG) After being temporarily reassigned to Taratupa, a responsibility-shirking musical artist accidentally gets captured by a Japanese patrol.
McHale's Navy Ensign Parker, E.S.P. (TV-PG) Ensign Parker has a very vivid premonition about Captain Binghamton getting blown up during an air raid, and he tries to prevent it.
Father Knows Best Formula For Happiness (TV-G) Jim experiences a change in his life after having a strange dream, in which he appeared on a television program and revealed the secret to happiness.
Father Knows Best Bud and the Debutante (TV-G) Bud starts dating a wealthy girl, who is accustomed to a more luxurious lifestyle than his own, leading him to pretend he is someone who he is not.
Dennis the Menace Wilson Sleeps Over (TV-G) Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are forced to spend an evening with their neighbors when Dennis spills a bottle of deadly chemicals in their household.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Birthday (TV-G) Dennis wants a memorable birthday celebration, and Mr. Wilson resolves to give him one by putting together an illusion-filled performance.
McHale's Navy The McHale Mob (TV-PG) Urulu gets inspired after watching a gangster movie, and he refuses to sign a peace treaty that would allow McHale and his crew to continue use of the island.
McHale's Navy Carpenter in Command (TV-PG) After Binghamton lands in the hospital with a broken leg, he temporarily assigns control of the base to Carpenter, who lets the power go to his head.
Father Knows Best The Meanest Professor (TV-G) Upset over the educator's strict rules and style, Bud decides to write a demeaning article about one of his professors at college, criticizing his ways.
Father Knows Best Bud Has A Problem (TV-G) As the semester begins to wind down, Bud anticipates his latest grade report, but after finally getting it, he discovers that he has a failing grade in physics.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Goes to Camp (TV-G) Mr. Wilson reluctantly agrees to take Dennis and his friends out camping in the wilderness, but a thunderstorm causes their only outlet to wash away.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Tool Chest (TV-G) Dennis only worsens matters for himself, his neighbor and a cat after attempting to intervene with the creature's entrapment in Mr. Wilson's car.
McHale's Navy Marryin' Chuck (TV-PG) While out on a mission, Gruber and the rest of the crew come across a priceless antique tea set that the Japanese stole during the battle of Manila.
McHale's Navy The Dart Gun Wedding (TV-PG) The spoiled and wealthy son of Binghamton's stateside employer attempts to put pressure on the Captain to permanently keep him on base.
Father Knows Best The Great Anderson Mystery (TV-G) Jim, Margaret and the rest of the Anderson family sit down together to watch a popular mystery program on television, but the TV set suddenly break.
Father Knows Best The Gold Turnip (TV-G) Bud decides that he is too mature and smart for his school's traditional high school graduation activities, so he starts to rebel and break all the traditions.
Dennis the Menace The Going Away Gift (TV-G) Dennis asks Mr. Wilson to hide a gift that he's gotten for his mother, but Mrs. Wilson finds the present and believes that its for her.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Fishing Rod (TV-G) Dennis discovers that his father is in need of a new fishing rod, but the misguided youth attempts to purchase one using a priceless Confederate currency.
Hazel The Fires Never Dead While the Ashes Are Red (TV-G) Hazel finds out that the owner of her favorite book store once dated a popular author in the past; she wants to find a way to bring the former couple together.
The Partridge Family My Heart Belongs to a Two-Car Garage (TV-G) Chris and Tracy invites a street worker into their home, who claims to be a world-class painter and can paint a beautiful work of art on their garage.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Aardvarks, Crabs and String Rays (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
All In with Laila Ali Man's Best Friend (HD, TV-G) The story of a women in Alaska that rescues dogs, gives them the care that they need, and then turns them into champions.
All In with Laila Ali To Asia With Love (HD, TV-G) Egyptian professional sumo wrestler Kintaro Osunaarashi became known as Africa's first sumo wrestler; Formula One racing driver Mark Webber travels to Thailand.
Hazel Hazel's Navy Blue Tug-Boats (TV-G) Hazel is on her way to the annual shoe sale, when she sees that a little girl has been left behind at the gas station by her father, a diplomat.
The Partridge Family HEL-L-L-P (TV-G) When Shirley and Laurie go camping in the wilderness, Danny, Keith and Reuben become concerned about their safety and follow them into the woods.
Three's a Crowd The Maternal Triangle (TV-PG) Jack tries to convince Vickys divorced parents to get back together, as he hopes their reconciliation to convince Vicky to agree to marry him.
The Ropers And Who's Been Sleeping in My? (TV-PG) Stanley and Helen come home to find a young woman has been living in their upstairs store room for the past two weeks; Helen wants to let her stay.
Three's Company Chrissy's Hospitality (TV-PG) Chrissy is taken to the hospital after she suffers a fall, but a misleading comment from the doctor leads Janet and Jack to think that their roommate is dying.
Three's Company The Loan Shark (TV-PG) After losing Jack's tuition check, Chrissy places her roommate in jeopardy by borrowing money from a loan shark; Jack and Chrissy must pretend to be married.
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