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The Hogan Family The Franklin Family (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John John and Kirk's Excellent Adventure (TV-PG) Johns antique watch is misplaced when Kirk loses the watch to an attractive thief.
Murphy Brown Heartfelt (HD, TV-PG) Miles acts like he's a step away from a heart attack when he develops chest pains at his 30th birthday.
Wings Bye, George (TV-PG) Fay comes back from her cruise with a fiancé and plans to quickly marry him, but she soon uncovers a secret about him that causes her pause.
Becker My Dinner with Becker (TV-PG) Becker initially declines the offer of a blind date, but he eventually agrees to meet the woman when Reggie and Jake press him about his social life.
Gimme a Break! Police Mamas (TV-PG) Nell and Addy become cops due to most of the other officers suffering from food poisoning, and the two are called to investigate a burglary in progress.
Benson Black Tuesday (TV-PG) It was a hard-fought gubernatorial campaign and it is finally over, but as the election results come in they show that Gatling has lost the governor's race.
What's Happening!! Speak for Yourself, Dwayne (TV-PG) Too scared to speak to her, Dwayne asks Raj to set him up with the new girl, but when Raj gets to know her, he winds up developing his own feelings for her too.
What's Happening Now!! Thy Boss's Daughter (TV-PG) Dwayne dates his boss' daughter, which he doesn't see as a problem, but when his boss becomes more heartless towards him at work, he reexamines his feelings.
Gimme a Break! Addy's Goodbye (TV-PG) During a goodbye party at Addy's apartment to celebrate her new job as the Dean of Columbia University, Nell and her get into a heated dispute.
227 Sweet Sixteen (TV-PG) When Calvin asks Brenda out on a date, the Jenkins adamantly refuse to let her go with only one more week left until her 16th birthday.
227 The Roommate (TV-PG) The daughter of Lester's friend comes to stay with the Jenkins when the dorms at her university are overbooked; Sandra searches for a roommate.
Benson Death in a Funny Position, Part #1 (TV-PG) A working vacation aboard a yacht quickly becomes a murder mystery cruise when the owner of the boat is found stabbed to death, and Benson must take charge.
What's Happening!! Shirley's Date (TV-PG) Shirley is worried about getting a date after Raj sells a kid's story to a children's magazine and decides to celebrate with a party, but Raj and Rerun help.
What's Happening Now!! Shirley's Little Sister (TV-PG) After volunteering at a youth mentoring program, Shirley discovers that she's just as in need of guidance and companionship when she is assigned a teenage girl.
Gimme a Break! So Long, Jonathan (TV-PG) While Jonathan joins archaeologists on a project in Mexico, Julie takes the necessary tests to join the Navy, but she is given unexpected news.
227 The Big Deal (TV-PG) The lawyer capable of merging Lester's construction business with a multi-national company subleases the apartment next door to the Jenkins.
227 The New Neighbors (TV-PG) When Rose needs a live-in Super, she hires a man who has no skills at being a super but instead wants to be a concert violinist in a symphony.
Benson Death in a Funny Position, Part #2 (TV-PG) A working vacation goes awry when the cruise is threatened unexpectedly by the yacht owner's murder, but fortunately Benson steps in to save the day.
What's Happening!! Puppy Love (TV-PG) Raj tutors Patrice Williams in exchange for a puppy that her dog is expecting to have, but an overheard conversation stirs confusion about who's pregnant.
What's Happening Now!! Raj's Big Break (TV-PG) Raj believes that he's finally found a publisher willing to get his work into print, not realizing that the book publisher is actually a psychiatric patient.
Gimme a Break! Mama (TV-PG) Nell's mother arrives to inform her daughter that she will have to undergo a risky operation on her eyes and may not be able to see afterward.
227 Blues (TV-PG) When Brenda scratches her grandfathers "Wailing Eddie" record, he is devastated, until Pearl persuades the real "Wailing Eddie" to come to the Jenkins and sing.
227 The Butler Did It (TV-PG) Mary and Rose win a raffle contest, and their prize is a butler for the week, but they both become aggravated with his constant presence and loan him to Sandra.
Growing Pains Thank God It's Friday (TV-G) Mike and his friends decide to attend a college party during the weekend; once they arrive they discover that many of the people there are doing cocaine.
Growing Pains My Brother, Myself (TV-G) When the younger Ben reveals to Mike he has a crush on his new babysitter, Mike offers Ben some important advice on how to romance a woman.
Growing Pains Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins (TV-G) Carol pleads with her parents for permission to undergo a nose job; they grant her their blessing based on the condition that she raise the money herself.
Growing Pains Carnival (TV-G) Maggie decides to volunteer her services as chairwoman for Ben's school carnival after coming to the realization that she has been neglecting him.
Growing Pains The Awful Truth (TV-G) Ben is given a school assignment to research his family's genealogy, leading him to an unsettling discovery that raises the suspicions of the Seaver children.
Growing Pains Born Free (TV-G) Jason attempts to inspire a respect of education in Mike when he asks him to accompany him on a business trip to his old alma mater, Boston University.
Growing Pains In Carol We Trust (TV-G) Carol gets lucky and avoids being caught after staying out past her curfew in order to spend time with a boy she met while studying at the library.
Growing Pains Mom of the Year (TV-G) Maggie is honored with the award for "Working Mother of the Year," but a busy day at the office forces her to work so late that she misses the ceremony.
Growing Pains Semper Fidelis (TV-G) When Boner's college courses become too difficult for him, he arrives at the conclusion to join the United States military as a recruit for the Marines.
Growing Pains Feet of Clay (TV-G) Maggie decides to ask for some favors from her friends in an attempt to make arrangements for Ben to meet his favorite rock musician ever.
Growing Pains Anniversary from Hell (TV-G) After Maggie and Jason are given a surprise 20th anniversary party, a dispute between their parents quickly escalates and causes problems.
Growing Pains Fortunate Son (TV-G) After Mike is hired for the night shift at a convenience store, he discovers his boss's favoritism of him stems from his opinion of the other employees.
Growing Pains Ben's Movie (TV-G) Ben decides to create a home video for an upcoming project for school; in addition to making the grade, he aspires to gain the attention of a girl in his group.
Growing Pains Where There's a Will (TV-G) Jason discovers that he has inherited a mountain cabin from a deceased relative and he and Mike decide to take a little trip to check it out.
Growing Pains Mike's Choice (TV-G) Jason and Maggie force Mike to make a big decision when he announces he would rather pursue acting in New York than go to college.
Growing Pains Midnight Cowboy (TV-G) After an argument with her parents, Carol decides to move to New York and live with Mike, but no one knows he's actually homeless with no money.
Growing Pains Roommates (TV-G) In an attempt to gain freedom and independence, Mike and Carol move out of their parent's house and into an apartment together in New York City.
Growing Pains Daddy Mike (TV-G) In an effort to meet new single women, Mike and his friend devise a plan together, which involves becoming new members of the "Parents Without Mates" group.
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Growing Pains Menage a Luke (TV-G) Ben shrugs off one girl's romantic advances in order to focus on another, but uncovers conflicting feelings when the first girl begins to fall for Luke.
Growing Pains The Five Fingers of Ben (TV-G) Ben convinces Maggie to enroll him in karate classes in order to try and mount a successful defense against the relentless harassment of a school bully.
Growing Pains Don't Go Changin' (TV-G) Luke gets a visit from his old friend Eddie, but Mike is beginning to believe that Eddie's immaturity has an increasingly negative influence on Luke.
Growing Pains The Truck Stops Here (TV-G) The return of Luke's father is met with general apprehension, especially after he reveals that he wants to take Luke on the road with him in his semi-truck.
Growing Pains Maggie's Brilliant Career (TV-G) News of an old college rival's recent Pulitzer Prize success causes Maggie to reflect on her career choices; Mike and Ben hatch a plan to get money.
Growing Pains The Wrath of Con Ed (TV-G) When Jason plans a surprise romantic evening for Maggie, a sudden power failure causes his preparations to fall through; Ben helps Chrissy overcome her fear.
Benson What a Revoltin' Development (TV-PG) Benson and Pete are kidnapped by revolutionaries while in a Latin American island nation attending a trade agreement conference and Benson plots their escape.
What's Happening!! The Maid Did It (TV-PG) Mama loses her job at the Turner household for allegedly stealing a diamond ring, but Raj's investigation leads to a surprising suspect in the theft.
What's Happening Now!! Party Animal (TV-PG) Raj has too much of a good time at Dwayne's party, but he quickly sobers up the next morning when he wakes up next to a strange woman.
Gimme a Break! Sam's Little Girl (TV-PG) Samantha takes child under her wing, but when she leaves to help a neighbor, Nell is left to take care of her, who turns out to be too much for Nell to handle.
227 My Aching Back (TV-PG) When Mary beats out Sandra for a role in a movie being filmed outside 227, she becomes so anxious about her part she injures her back.
227 Country Cousins (TV-PG) When Lester is informed that he has an inheritance coming to him, he is told before he can collect it he must live with some of his distant white relatives.
Benson Thy Brother's Keeper (TV-PG) In town for a dentist's convention, Russell surprises his older brother with a visit and the hostile feelings that arise between them, distracting Benson.
What's Happening!! The Incomplete Shakespeare (TV-PG) Raj is shocked when he discovers the story he wrote for a new TV show was stolen by a group of producers who have taken all the credit.
What's Happening Now!! Dwayne's Amiga (TV-PG) Dwayne falls in love with a nurse from El Salvador, but their budding relationship takes a tragic turn after she returns home to her village.
Gimme a Break! The Elevator (TV-PG) Nell is upset Addy is marrying a man she barely knows, but after accepting the engagement, they get stuck in separate elevators due to another fight.
227 Best Friends (TV-PG) When Mary's old high school friend stops by 227 for a visit, Mary becomes jealous when Brenda tells her she wants to be a famous writer like her friend.
227 Hide the Star (TV-PG) Lester's very famous business partner is staying with the Jenkins, but they have to keep it a secret because he does not want anybody to know he is in town.
Benson Quest for Retire (TV-PG) The mansion's gardener, Charlie, is about to reach retirement age, but insists on continuing to work rather than draw a pension and asks Benson for assistance.
What's Happening!! The Hospital Stay (TV-PG) While Raj preps for surgery, Dee befriends another patient and learns he is a former baseball player bitter at his daughter marrying a different race.
What's Happening Now!! Instant Family (TV-PG) Shirley feels the need to impress an old classmate, so she pretends to be Raj's wife and the mother of two children she hired to support the new life.
Gimme a Break! Nell's New Car (TV-PG) When Nell fails to buy Addy's car before Angie's sister, she persuades her into letting Nell have it, but when the car malfunctions, Nell wants her money back.
227 The Whiz Kid (TV-G) Mary is in charge of directing the church production of "The Whiz"; the Jenkins are surprised when 11-year-old Alexandria comes to stay with them.
227 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pageant (TV-PG) When Sandra is appointed PR director of the Miss Teen Washington Pageant, she suggests that Mary enter Brenda, but Mary disapproves of the Bikini segment.
Benson Teacher's Pest (TV-PG) A test-shy Kraus must pass an economics course to keep her job as housekeeper at the mansion, and becomes paranoid after discovering Benson is the instructor.
What's Happening!! The Sunday Father (TV-PG) One of Raj's jokes ends up getting him suspended from school, and since he fears Mama's reaction, he has his father deal with the school.
What's Happening Now!! Soroity Sisters (TV-PG) Dee returns from college for the weekend with two of her mischievous sorority pledge sisters, and one of their pranks costs Raj quite a bit of money.
Gimme a Break! Nell's Gifted Child (TV-PG) Nell pushes Joey to learn to play instruments and take a test to accelerate him at school, but Joey is fond of his grade level and just wants to play baseball.
227 Double Your Pleasure (TV-PG) When Sandra's cousin visits to evade an arranged marriage, her fiancée follows her and they argue over whether or not they want to marry each other.
227 Brother from the Sister City (TV-PG) When Brenda's track coach needs help with raising money to send his friend to the Olympics, Mary suggests a neighborhood marathon.
Benson Benson's Army Reunion (TV-PG) Benson sets up an event where he can catch up with all his old army friends, but jealousy surfaces when one of the veterans turns up as a multi-millionaire.
What's Happening!! The Firing Squad (TV-PG) Shirley loses her job after hurting Rob's chances of getting a loan, but Raj and Rerun help her with the difficult task of finding a new one.
What's Happening Now!! Mad Money (TV-PG) Raj finds out that Nadine has been saving for a romantic cruise and he begins to think it is because she's having an affair, but she's been saving up for him.
Gimme a Break! Katie's Apartment (TV-PG) After discovering Katie has been having a love affair with someone, Nell confronts her on the issue and demands she keep her distance from him.
227 And the Survey Says (TV-PG) When Mary and Sandra compete in the neighbor's version of "Family Feud", Sandra's team wins and decides to split their prize money with Mary's team.
227 A Yen for Lester (TV-PG) After Lester and Raymond buy a Japanese restaurant, the kitchen staff quits unexpectedly right as a Japanese tour group is arriving to eat.
The Hogan Family Forget Me Not (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John The Poet, Part 1 (TV-PG) John is surprised when his college poetry teacher visits, but the teacher steals some of Johns poems for a book; the group prepares for a talent show.
Murphy Brown Send in the Clowns (HD, TV-PG) Murphy is threatened with prison if she refuses to reveal her source on a story she did about a U.S. senator spending taxpayer's money for personal reasons.
Wings The Team Player (TV-PG) Antonio mistakenly takes the Bruins' superstar goalie off a flight to a game, and the media goes after him when the team loses; Casey welcomes group to island.
Becker Man Plans, God Laughs (TV-PG) Becker is unsuccessful with friendship when Margaret catches the flu, Linda works late and an unwelcome former classmate drops by.
The Paul Lynde Show Howie Comes Home To Roost
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