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The Hogan Family Private Lessons (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John No More Mr. Nice Guy (TV-PG) Wendy wants John to pay up for her calculations while he battles it out to the title of Teacher of the Year.
Murphy Brown Uh-Oh, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Murphy gets stuck between Jake and his new urge for marriage and an ex-lover who returns without warning; Murphy's pregnancy test results are positive.
Wings Nuptials Off (TV-PG) Helen must hurry to get Joe out of town after she uncovers that she and Antonio are still married and must get an annulment before he finds out.
Becker Dates & Nuts (TV-PG) John finally settles on a time and place for a first date with Chris, but an emergency interrupts them; Jake takes part in a drug test that goes wrong.
Gimme a Break! Grandpa's Will (TV-PG) The family asks Grandpa to write his will, but when he refuses, Nell speaks with him and learns the real reason he does not want to do it.
Benson Citizen Kraus (TV-PG) Gretchen begins taking night classes in order to become an American citizen, but after relentlessly studying she fails to pass the test and needs help.
What's Happening!! Black and White Blues (TV-PG) Rerun has a bright idea to borrow the color TV the church is raffling after their black and white one breaks down in the middle of a football game.
What's Happening Now!! Nadine's Wood Be Father (TV-PG) Nadine doesn't feel like the best daughter when she invites her mother and her new fiancé to her home for a visit and soon after kicks them both of them out.
Gimme a Break! Flashback (TV-PG) Nell tells the girls of how she came into their lives, as she reveals their mother saw her sing one night and gave Nell a place to stay after quitting her job.
227 Reunion Blues (TV-PG) After Dylan's mother discovers his father has been cheating on her, she moves in with him and begins spending a lot of quality time with Julian.
227 The Perfume Game (TV-PG) When Sandra comes up with a great slogan for a new perfume, she is surprised to find out that her ad-agency boss has stolen her idea.
Benson Benson's Groupie (TV-PG) A summer romance has a chilling affect when the lady becomes obsessed with Benson to the point of following him home and threatening to disrupt a conference.
What's Happening!! Going, Going, Gong (TV-PG) As the new manager of a kid's song and dance group, Raj is convinced they are ready to try out for the Gong Show but runs into competition from Rerun.
What's Happening Now!! The Pad (TV-PG) Maurice and Daryl hang out with two sisters who attend college at a swanky apartment, but the double date ends when the sisters' father returns home.
Gimme a Break! Knock Three Times (TV-PG) Nell is hypnotized to remember where she placed Katie's graduation ring, but they forget to remove the spell, causing Nell to reveal secrets after three knocks.
227 War is Heck (TV-PG) After Calvin threatens to leave college because it is too hard and join the Army instead, Lester sets up a mini boot camp to prepare him for his future.
227 Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas (TV-PG) Mary invites her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve celebration in hopes of livening up the party and spreading some holiday cheer.
Benson In High Places (TV-PG) On a trip with the governor, Benson is worried when the pilot of their private jet has a heart attack and dies forcing one of them to take over the controls.
What's Happening!! Dee's First Date (TV-PG) Raj hopes to get closer to Dee's new boyfriend because he has a crush on his sister, but things don't turn out as he had planned them.
What's Happening Now!! Daddy's Back (TV-PG) Shirley's truck driving father comes to the city for a visit but, when she invites him to a banquet where she'll accept a prestigious award, he says he's busy.
Gimme a Break! Valentine (TV-PG) On Valentine's Day, Nell gives everyone advice on their dates for the evening, but when everyone's plans are ruined, their romantic evenings are jeopardized.
227 There Go the Clowns (TV-PG) After Mary leaves a particularly spiteful message on the answering machine of Lester's business contact, she disguises herself in clown clothes to erase it.
227 Come the Revolution (TV-G) When Brenda throws a party in Julian's empty penthouse, Travis and Dylan engage in a dance contest before Mary and Lester show up and bust the party.
Benson Old School Ties (TV-PG) The staff at the mansion are disheartened when the governor listens to his sister's advice and sends his daughter Katie off to boarding school.
What's Happening!! Doobie or Not Doobie, Part 1 (TV-PG) The Doobie Brothers have a concert at the high school, but Rerun doesn't get to the ticket booth in time and is tricked into helping bootleggers.
What's Happening Now!! I Gotta Be Raj (TV-PG) Dwayne gets hit on the head by accident and suffers from amnesia, and the condition leads him believing that he is happily married to Nadine.
Gimme a Break! The Big Apple, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Addy and Nell win a trip on a game show, they leave and accidentally switch suitcases with another traveler, which has narcotics and a weapon inside.
227 Where Do We Go from Here? (TV-PG) Lester falls asleep during church and dreams that he and Mary visit their family and friends from the view of both heaven and hell.
227 Play Christy for Me (TV-G) When Lester receives suggestive phone calls from a woman, he thinks it is Mary playing a joke on him and invites her over for a romantic date.
Benson The Apartment (TV-PG) Benson leases an apartment, but everyone still seems to know where he is and his best efforts at having some privacy are thwarted by Pete's ex-wife woes.
What's Happening!! Doobie or Not Doobie, Part 2 (TV-PG) Rerun is forced to tape the concert for the bootleggers but gets caught as the recorded falls out of his pocket in front of the Doobie Brothers.
What's Happening Now!! The Older Woman (TV-PG) Raj spots Dwayne at a restaurant eating with his girlfriend's grandma and instantly assumes she is his girlfriend, leading to a confrontation.
Gimme a Break! The Big Apple, Part 2 (TV-PG) After finding drugs and a gun in a switched suitcase, Nell and Addy learn the owner of the suitcase is near, and they are forced into a deadly situation.
227 Knock It Off (TV-PG) After Travis turns in $250,000 he found in his limo, the mob boss, Mr. Big, comes looking for it; Mary and Lester have a party before they leave for Hawaii.
227 You Gotta Have Art (TV-PG) When Mary helps Eva straighten up her gallery, she becomes a pop-art sensation over night and is invited on the "Joan Rivers Show".
The Hogan Family Coming to America (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John And Baby Makes Four, Part 1 (TV-PG) John hopes to reconcile with his ex-wife when she says she wants to have another child and that she wants him to provide the DNA to make a child.
Murphy Brown Uh-Oh, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) After repeated retesting, Murphy admits to Jake the news that she is pregnant and starts pondering her fate.
Wings Et Tu, Antonio? (TV-PG) Antonio finds it impossible to ignore his feelings for his cousin's fiancee when they come to visit; Helen's family outshines Joe's in terms of wedding gifts.
Becker A Little Ho-mance (TV-PG) Jack plans a first date, and Becker has difficulty telling Jake that his grandmother has died after she is found in a very compromising position.
The Paul Lynde Show Howie's Inheritance
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The Hogan Family Stan and Deliver (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John And Baby Makes Four, Part 2 (TV-PG) John feels pressure to break into the insemination clinic in order to retrieve the DNA sample he donated to get his ex-wife pregnant.
Murphy Brown Uh-Oh, Part 3 (HD, TV-PG) Jerry and Jake both decide they have no desire to be parents but Murphy chooses to have the baby herself.
Wings Boys Just Wanna Have Fun (TV-PG) Helen warns Joe to avoid a wild bachelor party, but neglects to heed her own advice and winds up having a crazy night as the bride-to-be.
Becker Spontaneous Combustion (TV-PG) Now that John and Chris have made up their minds to consummate their relationship, they find there never seems to be a good time; Jake's in mourning.
Gimme a Break! The Answering Machine (TV-PG) Nell learns the man she is dating is taking a business trip with another woman, so she reveals her feelings by leaving a rude message on his answering machine.
Benson Big Buddy (TV-PG) The governor's press secretary sets up a public relations scheme that involves a reluctant Benson working with the Big Buddy program for kids from broken homes.
What's Happening!! Rerun Sees the Light (TV-PG) After meeting a woman named, Love-is-Life, Rerun visits her lettuce-worshipping cult and decides he likes it, but Dwayne and Raj disapprove.
What's Happening Now!! Happy Face (TV-PG) Rob's Place is threatened with closure because of a recent decision by Shirley, who decides to hand over half of her ownership to a greedy, con man.
Gimme a Break! Rodeo (TV-PG) An ill Grandpa takes Joey to the rodeo, but when his illness takes a turn for the worse, he is rushed to the hospital and is in jeopardy of losing his life.
227 Gone Fishing (TV-PG) When Julian's soon-to-be ex-wife threatens to take 227 from him in the divorce settlement, he calls on Mary for some serious assistance.
227 Nightmare on 227 (TV-PG) After Mary is cast as a crazed murderer in a horror movie being filmed outside 227, she has an unscheduled rehearsal with the NYU dean.
Benson Fireside Chat (TV-PG) The governor's television appearance is ruined when the show's producers have a lovers' quarrel during his opportunity to speak, and even Benson gets involved.
What's Happening!! Raj and the Older Woman (TV-PG) Raj lies about his age and claims to be a movie star in order to impress a beautiful model while getting his picture taken for his yearbook.
What's Happening Now!! The Fabulous Fortunes (TV-PG) Shirley helps her friends' grandson conquer his fear of his first school dance, but she has her work cut out for her when she sees that he can't dance.
Gimme a Break! Katie's College (TV-PG) When Katie tries opening her own business instead of going college, Nell recalls her promise to the girls' deceased mother that they would all attend college.
227 The Class of '90 (TV-PG) While Brenda prepares to graduate from high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis; Lester does not approve of his father's girlfriend.
227 No Place Like Home (TV-PG) After Mary misinterprets a plea for help from homeless advocate Theodore Hayes as a threat to her safety, she dreams she is homeless.
Benson Marcy's Wedding (TV-PG) When Marcy and the television producer, Dan, decide to marry, Benson is put in charge of their wedding but encounters problems when Marcy's mother arrives.
What's Happening!! Diplomatic Immunity (TV-PG) The guys drive to a Lakers game in a borrowed car and become victims of a hit and run that Dee witnessed and identifies the driver, the son of a diplomat.
What's Happening Now!! Shirley's Debt (TV-PG) Shirley is deep in debt with Raj for the amount of money she's borrowed from him and has to take a second job as a salesperson in order to pay everything back.
Gimme a Break! The Center (TV-PG) As Grandpa visits a senior citizen center, he learns the space is shared with youth, due to their center being burned down; fight between lovers takes a toll.
227 Honesty (TV-PG) After Mary accidentally hits a BMW, breaking its tail light, Sandra tells her to use her femininity to get out of paying for the damages.
227 Mary's Brother (TV-PG) While Mary's brother is in town on business, he goes on a date with Rose, but she has nothing good to say about him or their date.
Benson Rivals (TV-PG) Gretchen's childhood rival from Germany unexpectedly comes to visit, which would be really enjoyable if she had not lied about her role at the mansion.
What's Happening!! Shirley is a Mother (TV-PG) Shirley is left to take care of Dee while Mama is on a trip out of town, and as graduation draws nearer, Rerun runs into trouble when he cheats on his final.
What's Happening Now!! Man in Motion (TV-PG) Dee informs the group that she has fallen in love with a stand-up comic in a wheelchair and plans to quit school and go on the road with him.
Gimme a Break! Class of '84 (TV-PG) During a graduation ceremony, a family man reveals some startling information in regards to all of his achievements while in school.
227 Family Hero (TV-PG) When Brenda has to write a paper about her most interesting relative, Mary tells her to write it on her uncle, a soldier with the Civil War's 54th infantry.
227 The Refrigerator (TV-PG) Mary agrees to loan Sandra her apartment to throw an extravagant party if Sandra can convince their landlord to order Mary a new refrigerator.
Benson No Sad Songs (TV-PG) Benson is very excited when his mother comes to the mansion for a visit and everyone goes out of their way to make her welcome, but she passes away while there.
What's Happening!! The Apartment (TV-PG) Raj gives a speech filled with clues about his desire to move in with Rerun at graduation, and when she agrees, he learns they may not have much privacy.
What's Happening Now!! Members Only (TV-PG) Raj hopes that he can move forward with his career by applying for a membership in a private club, but Nadine is upset that she wasn't accepted into the club.
Gimme a Break! New Orleans, Part 1 (TV-PG) In New Orleans, Nell's date makes a surprising offer, and when Joey notices a man staring at him from a distance, he tells Nell he may know who the man is.
227 Do You Love Me? (TV-PG) Mary's neighbors are breaking up, and she is scared that the same thing could happen to her and Lester; Sandra has to baby-sit her 6-year-old niece.
227 Pilot (TV-PG) Sandra expects to become the building supervisor, after the landlord dies and vows to kick out Mary who calls an inspector who demands expensive repairs.
The Hogan Family Paris Part 1 (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John A Priest's Story John tries to act as referee in a dispute between Kirk and his brother, who happens to work as a priest, as the brothers fight over a woman.
Murphy Brown Male Call (HD, TV-PG) Murphy, Miles, Frank and Jim attend a seminar of a new men's movement so Murphy can interview the leader.
Wings Burnin' Down the House, Part 1 (TV-PG) Brian is forced out of the house and a job when he causes a blaze in Joe and Helen's house while they are away on vacation in Jamaica.
Becker Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking (TV-PG) Becker is not communicating with Chris in a way that makes her happy; Hector has a scheme to sell coffee futures; Linda falls for a man and his father.
The Paul Lynde Show The Congressman's Son
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