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Three's a Crowd A Friend in Deed (TV-PG) Vickys recently-heartbroken friend comes for a visit, who tells her of a new guy she just met; Jack overhears the conversation, which causes trouble.
The Ropers Two for the Road (TV-PG) After fights with their wives, Jeffrey and Stanley visit the bar, where they bond over drinks, but a poor decision has potential to land both of them in jail.
Three's Company An Affair to Forget (TV-PG) Jack goes on a date with one of Janet's old high school friends, but things soon become complicated when she confesses to him that she is actually married.
Gimme a Break! Nell's Gifted Child (TV-PG) Nell pushes Joey to learn to play instruments and take a test to accelerate him at school, but Joey is fond of his grade level and just wants to play baseball.
Silver Spoons A Summer's Romance, Part 1 (TV-PG) Edward realizes that a woman he dated briefly is the mother of Ricky's classmate, and he discovers that the woman is no longer married.
Family Ties The Wrecker's Ball (TV-PG) When Elyse protests the demolition of the first building she ever designed by setting up a human barricade in front of it, her family shows up to support her.
Father Knows Best Thanksgiving Story (TV-G) When Kathy wins the grand prize in a school poetry contest, Jim becomes pleased and believes his daughter might be the next William Shakespeare.
Father Knows Best Second Honeymoon (TV-G) Jim and Margaret plan a special weekend getaway, but they become concerned about what the kids are going to do when left by themselves for a weekend.
Dennis the Menace Dennis & the Signpost (TV-G) Dennis and Tommy are out playing in the streets of their neighborhood when they encounter a street signpost that has somehow fallen down.
Dennis the Menace The Fishing Trip (TV-G) Dennis' well-intended father engages in secretive planning with Mr. Wilson in order for the two of them to go fishing without the boy.
Hazel A Lot to Remember (TV-G) Hazel and Barbara go to a land auction to look at some land prospects; while there, Hazel gets caught up in the bidding and wins a plot of land.
Hazel A Bull's Eye for Cupid (TV-G) Hazel feels that it is her duty to help reconcile the Baxters' marriage when Steve forgets about his wedding anniversary and decides to go fishing instead.
Father Knows Best Typical Father (TV-G) When Betty begins to behave strangely and keep to herself, Jim becomes convinced that she is going to elope with one of her handsome classmates.
Father Knows Best Margaret Goes Dancing (TV-G) Margaret schemes to convince Jim to join her for dancing lessons by using her persuasive talents, but Jim is not inclined to be easily persuaded.
Dennis the Menace Grandpa and Miss Cathcart (TV-G) Dennis comes to the decision that Grandpa Perkins is lonely and in need of romantic companionship, leading the youngster to seek out a neighbor.
Dennis the Menace Innocents in Space (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is simultaneously shocked and delighted at the possibility of discovering a satellite that turns out to be the mischief of Dennis and his friends.
Hazel The Crush (TV-G) A local teenage girl develops a crush on Steve, who has to carefully discourage her in her interest in him.
Hazel Kindly Advise (TV-G) Suzy is upset to learn that Barbara has enrolled her in charm school, something Deirdre had insisted on Barbara doing; there she would learn social graces.
Father Knows Best The Christmas Story (TV-G) When the holiday season finally arrives, Jim decides that the family needs a real Christmas tree this year, so he and the family travel to the woods.
Father Knows Best Sparrow in the Window (TV-G) Kathy finds a sparrow on the window, and after realizing that it is injured, she tries to convince her family to help her nurse the animal back to health.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Garden (TV-G) Dennis makes the considerable mistake of wandering into Mr. Wilson's garden and swapping out his prized dahlia bulbs with his own sweet potatoes.
Dennis the Menace The New Neighbors (TV-G) One of the nearby neighbors is in need of reliable assistance with regards to selling their property, and Dennis is a surprising help.
Hazel Noblesse Oblige (TV-G) Hazel gets in an argument with another woman over a parking spot, and she doesn't realize that the woman is the wife of Steves client.
Hazel Hazel's Endearing Young Charms (TV-G) Steve starts to get an inferiority complex, feeling self-conscious, when Hazel keeps bragging about how successful her brother is.
Father Knows Best Boy's Week (TV-G) As a part of an educational program in which students take on the jobs of professionals, Bud gets appointed to be judge of the town court for a day.
Father Knows Best A Friend of Old George's (TV-G) Kathy becomes excited for her upcoming birthday when Jim and Margaret reveal that they are going to throw her a big party with all her friends.
Dennis the Menace Tenting Tonight (TV-G) Dennis and Tommy go camping in the backyard when they can't in the wilderness, and Mr. Wilson becomes frightened by a record of animal noises.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Sells Bottles (TV-G) Dennis misunderstands his father during a conversation and comes to the hasty conclusion that his family is in severe financial trouble.
Hazel A Car Named Chrysanthemum (TV-G) Hazel purchases a 1930 model car that is in need of a lot of work, much to Steves dismay; Hazel attempts to fix the car by herself.
Hazel Once an Actor (TV-G) Barbaras uncle, once a famous actor, comes for a visit; down on his luck, Barbara and Hazel try to convince Steve to hire the uncle to his real estate company.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Snob (TV-G) Bud is so terrified of talking to girls that the kids at his school begin to believe he is a snob; Jim proposes a costume party as a way of breaking the ice.
Father Knows Best The Promised Playhouse (TV-G) Kitten persuades Jim into agreeing to spend the night in her playhouse, but when the moment finally arrives, Jim realizes that he made a mistake.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Award (TV-G) Dennis tricks a reluctant Mr. Wilson into staying in town to receive an award by spreading the rumor that his family is moving away shortly.
Dennis the Menace The Christmas Story (TV-G) Dennis' holiday cheer places a distance second in the race for his own attention span when he can't stop himself from searching for presents.
Hazel $285 by Saturday (TV-G) Hazel starts putting together a collection of musical instruments that can be sent to George and Dorothy for a missionary school abroad.
Hazel Boom or Bust (TV-G) Steve decides it's time to monitor his familys spending and putting the Baxter family on a stricter budget.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Chameleons, Gorillas and Feeding Giraffes (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
All In with Laila Ali One Wild River (HD, TV-G) Expert kayaker Steve Fishers travels to Africa to ride one of the wildest rivers in the world; a competition in Bali that brings giant kites into the skies.
All In with Laila Ali Give It Your Best (HD, TV-G) A "Lightning in a Bottle" summer festival that celebrates the birthday of two brothers; host Laila Ali introduces a premiere Jai Alai player from Miami.
The Wildlife Docs Panama Wildlife Rescue (HD, TV-G) A visit to the rainforests located in Panama to assist in efforts to rescue the endangered species that live there; the team observes a baby jaguar.
The Wildlife Docs Global Rescue Efforts in Cambodia (HD, TV-G) A behind-the-scenes look is provided of Busch Gardens Tampa, following their elite team of veterinarians, technicians and trainers as they care for the animals.
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Three's a Crowd A Case of Sour Grapes (TV-PG) When they receive their tax returns, Jack decides to invest Vickys tax refund in a case of vintage wine; he finds that the wine has gone bad.
The Ropers Puppy Love (TV-PG) Worried about what Helen will do when she learns he lost her puppy, Stanley buys a look-alike pup and keeps it a secret; David wants a puppy of his own too.
Three's Company The Brunch (TV-PG) When Jack's liquor license is revoked by a reverend who held concerns about the old restaurant, Jack holds a Sunday brunch to prove his respectability.
Gimme a Break! Katie's Apartment (TV-PG) After discovering Katie has been having a love affair with someone, Nell confronts her on the issue and demands she keep her distance from him.
Silver Spoons A Summer's Romance, Part 2 (TV-PG) Kate catches Edward in a compromising position with a woman from his past that he recently reunited with after learning she is a parent to Ricky's classmate.
Family Ties My Best Friend's Girl (TV-PG) Skippy falls head-over-heels for Lauren when she begins giving him counseling sessions, putting her in a difficult and uncomfortable position.
Father Knows Best Jim, the Farmer (TV-G) Jim announces that he wants to quit his job and move to the country, where he will become a farmer, but he discovers that he is not cut out for the job.
Father Knows Best Father of the Year (TV-G) The kids decide to nominate Jim for the newspaper's "Father of the Year" contest, so they set out to write the required essay describing why he deserves to win.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Cowboy (TV-G) Dennis resolves to join his community's theater production after Mrs. Webster lets slip that the youngster's biggest hero from TV will also be performing.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Tree House (TV-G) Dennis ends up caring for a bird that has fallen ill after Mr. Wilson tries to pass along the relaxing entertainment of bird-watching to him.
Hazel Harold's Gift Horses (TV-G) Harolds teacher and Steves client compete to catch Harolds attention, as they both want to spend time with him; Harold is asked to spend time with them.
Hazel How to Find Work Without Really Trying (TV-G) Hazel feels sorry for a lonely widower she had just met, who had fallen on hard times when he loses his job and seems to lack the confidence to find a new one.
Father Knows Best The Mink Coat (TV-G) Jim buys a mink coat for Margaret because it was on sale, even though money is tight and he lectured the whole family on tightening their belts.
Father Knows Best The Matchmaker (TV-G) Margaret becomes so happy with her life that she wants everyone around her to seem as happy, so she tries to convince her cousin to marry her boyfriend.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Rare Coin (TV-G) Mr. Wilson becomes excited upon the purchase of a rare coin that costs him a great deal of money, and Mrs. Wilson mistakenly gives it to Dennis.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Bike (TV-G) Dennis repeatedly begs his parents for them to purchase a brand-new bicycle for him, and their steadfast refusal fails to deter him.
Hazel My Son, the Sheepdog (TV-G) Harold wants to win a contest on a television show, and decides the way to do it is to start a rock band; those around him dislike the loud noises.
Hazel Please Don't Shout (TV-G) Steve is having difficulty selling one particular house because it is located next to a very loud and busy highway; Hazel finds the perfect couple for it.
Father Knows Best Bud the Bridesmaid (TV-G) When a bridesmaid cannot make the wedding scheduled at the Anderson house, Bud is forced to step in and take her place, much to his humiliation.
Father Knows Best Proud Father (TV-G) Jim tries his hardest to teach the kids to solve their own problems courageously, but his desperate attempt to lead by example backfires hilariously.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Open House (TV-G) Dennis's house is mistaken for a property that is for sale on the market when his parents put together an open house party for a client.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Duck (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is forced to make verbal threats when Dennis adopts a wild creature that insist upon raiding the gruff neighbor's garden.
Hazel But Is It Art? (TV-G) When a famous artist comes to the house, Hazel gets confused and thinks the artist is the man hired to repaint her bedroom.
Hazel Who Can Afford a Bargain? (TV-G) A couple is considering buying a home from Steve and his company, but the search results in the couple having a fight over the price of the house.
Father Knows Best Father Delivers the Papers (TV-G) Jim pressures Bud to do well on his paper route, but when Bud cannot perform due to an injury, Jim is forced to step in and take over the job.
Father Knows Best No Partiality (TV-G) Jim runs into a parental dilemma when he tries to figure out how to deal with a situation concerning Kitten and Betty both liking the same young man.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Swing (TV-G) Henry and Alice resolve to celebrate their anniversary as a couple, while Dennis becomes distracted during a construction project and chases a cat.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Dog (TV-G) Dennis comes across a downtrodden homeless dog and resolves to care for it, and Mr. Wilson's painting wins an award when the creature messes with it.
Hazel Hazel's Free Enterprise (TV-G) Hazel sells her own homemade chili sauce to a supermarket so she can earn some extra money and buy Steve a certain gift for his birthday.
Hazel Bee in Her Bonnet (TV-G) Steves helps a man who is being attacked by a bee after running him off of the road; a passerby witnesses only the end of the event and gets the wrong idea.
Father Knows Best Close Decision (TV-G) Jim grounds Bud from playing baseball because he is a slacker, but when he sees his favorite team on the losing side, Jim starts to reconsider his decision.
Father Knows Best Art of Salesmanship (TV-G) Bud takes a new job and hopes to get rich quickly, but when it is not as lucrative as he planned for it to be, Jim demands that he stick with it anyway.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Sister (TV-G) Mr. Wilson receives a visit from his kindly sister, who encourages the short-tempered man to read a classic fiction to Dennis and Tommy.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the TV Set (TV-G) Dennis overhears Mr. Wilson discussing his desire to purchase a newfangled remote for his TV set, leading him to borrow a friend's and play a prank.
Hazel The Perfect Boss (TV-G) Hazel learns of a newspaper-sponsored contest for the "best boss in the world" and loves working for Steve so much that she insists that he enter the contest.
Hazel A Little Bit of Genius (TV-G) Harolds friend Jeff is put in an advanced class at school, which causes a rift between the friends when Harold starts to feel inferior and jealous.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Chimpanzees, Rhino Calves and Pandas (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
The Wildlife Docs (HD, TV-G) A behind-the-scenes look is provided of Busch Gardens Tampa, following their elite team of veterinarians, technicians and trainers as they care for the animals.
The Wildlife Docs (HD, TV-G) A behind-the-scenes look is provided of Busch Gardens Tampa, following their elite team of veterinarians, technicians and trainers as they care for the animals.
The Brady Barr Experience (HD, TV-G) Dr. Brady Barr is a Herpetologist who takes the audience to visit various locations all over the world and work scientists to encounter and study amphibians.
Expedition Wild (HD, TV-G) Host and natural scientist Casey Anderson offers interested viewers a one-of-a-kind perspective for North America's most impressive carnivores.
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