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Welcome Back Kotter Father Vinnie (TV-PG) Vinnie's grandmother dies in the hospital, and Vinnie feels he must honor his grandmother's dying wish to become a priest; Bambi asks for a date.
Soap (TV-PG) After learning that she is dying, Jessica plans to forgive everyone in the family before she passes, including Chester; Jodie's custody battle continues.
Benson Fireside Chat (TV-PG) The governor's television appearance is ruined when the show's producers have a lovers' quarrel during his opportunity to speak, and even Benson gets involved.
227 A Class Act (TV-G) When the Jenkins attend parent's night at Brenda's school, Mary disagrees with the teachers rules; Sandra is a sales representative for Luscious Lingerie.
227 The Prince (TV-PG) Sandra asks Rose to take her place on a blind date, but little does she know her date is actually a prince who has his eye on Brenda.
Gimme a Break! Friendship (TV-PG) After learning Addy is spending more time with others, Nell tries to make her jealous by having lunch with another at the same place Addy is meeting someone.
Welcome Back Kotter Career Day (TV-PG) During the school's Career Day, Kotter is offered a high-paying position with a Japanese businessman, which pays three times what he makes as a teacher.
Soap (TV-PG) After learning that she is dying, Jessica plans to forgive everyone in the family before she passes, including Chester; Jodie's custody battle continues.
Benson Marcy's Wedding (TV-PG) When Marcy and the television producer, Dan, decide to marry, Benson is put in charge of their wedding but encounters problems when Marcy's mother arrives.
227 Babes in the Woods (TV-PG) While Mary and Sandra are on a hike with the Buttercups, they hear about a woman who has escaped from a mental institution and is on the loose in the park.
227 A Date to Remember (TV-PG) When Sandra starts dating a jewelry store owner she met on the "Love Connection" TV show, he offers to cook a romantic dinner at her place.
Gimme a Break! Julie's Birthday (TV-PG) During Julie's 18th birthday party, Nell attempts to have her reunite with Jonathan by having him constantly deliver pizzas to get her to speak to him.
Welcome Back Kotter Inherit the Halibut (TV-PG) All of the Sweathogs' treasury money has been stolen, and because Washington had just purchased a new bike, all fingers are pointing at him.
Soap (TV-PG) Doctors attempt to revive an unconscious Jessica, meanwhile Burt and Danny wake up in a hotel after being kidnapped; Leslie continues with her plan.
Benson Rivals (TV-PG) Gretchen's childhood rival from Germany unexpectedly comes to visit, which would be really enjoyable if she had not lied about her role at the mansion.
227 Mary's Cookies (TV-PG) When Mary's cookie sales begin putting Ed's Cookies out of business, he offers her $15,000 to buy her grandmother's secret recipe.
227 For Richer, For Poorer (TV-G) Sandra disguises herself as a doctor when the front desk nurse won't let her see her boyfriend who has recently suffered a heart attack.
Gimme a Break! Joey's Train (TV-PG) As Nell suffers difficulty in dealing with the death of Carl, she gets angry at Joey, Julie and Jonathan for trying to take over Carl's room.
Welcome Back Kotter Sweatside Story (TV-PG) When the Sweathogs are intimidated by a local gang, they decide to form their own gang in response; Kotter, Woodman and Arnold are concerned.
Soap (TV-PG) Eunice and Corrine continue to argue over who gets to stay with Dutch; everyone hopes Jessica can recover from her coma.
Benson No Sad Songs (TV-PG) Benson is very excited when his mother comes to the mansion for a visit and everyone goes out of their way to make her welcome, but she passes away while there.
227 The Class of '89 (TV-PG) When Mary tells the kids that she has connections to get Run DMC to play at their prom, they try raising money to afford the $5,000 fee.
227 Trial & Error (TV-PG) When Mary and Sandra are summoned to jury duty for a murder trial, Mary is irritated with Sandra when she is the only one to vote not-guilty.
Gimme a Break! Ship of Fools, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Nell is offered a performance position on her ex-husband Tony's ship, she finally decides to take up the position after much thought.
Welcome Back Kotter The Fight (TV-PG) A series of disputes break out between the Sweathogs when Vinnie forgets to do Freddy's homework.
Soap (TV-PG) A frantic Jodie needs help getting his kidnapped daughter back, meanwhile Jessica plans to return home from the hospital.
Benson Clayton, Go Home (TV-PG) Due to a number of death threats, the governor's advisor, Clayton Endicott the Third, decides it would be safer to move into the mansion.
227 The Bet (TV-G) When Sandra bets Rose and Mary she can stay away from men longer than they can resist food, they all try to win by sending temptation the other's way.
227 No, My Darling Daughter (TV-G) When Lester and Mary hire an ex-con to work at the construction site, they think he is doing a great job until he asks Brenda on a date.
Gimme a Break! Ship of Fools, Part 2 (TV-PG) While Nell is working aboard her former husband Tony's ship as a performer, Tony begins to develop romantic feelings for a familiar person.
Family Ties The Old College Try (TV-PG) Despite Elyse's advice, Mallory decides to skip out on attending college to further her education and seeks comfort and support from Nick.
Family Ties My Tutor (TV-PG) Alex receives tutoring in math from a 13-year-old boy who develops a crush on Jennifer the minute he lays eyes on her, making him lose his concentration.
Silver Spoons Band on the Run (TV-PG) Alfonso quits the group's newly formed band after constant arguments with Brad, followed by the group's refusal to go along with his girlfriend's suggestions.
Silver Spoons Author, Author (TV-PG) Evelyn claims her recently penned novel about a romantic relationship is purely fictional, but Edward has reason to believe it is based on fact.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Witch Trash (TV-G) A disagreement ensues over the final will and testament of Great-Grandma, and the Spellman family finds itself plagued by three hillbilly cousins.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch To Tell a Mortal (TV-G) Libby overhears Sabrina tell Valerie and Harvey that she is a witch on the only day witches can reveal themselves, Friday the 13th.
Family Ties Mr. Right (TV-PG) Mallory's boyfriend gets a makeover and a nice suit in an attempt to earn her parents' approval, but Mallory considers breaking up with him.
Family Ties Just One Look (TV-PG) Steven's old college friend arrives in town for a visit, leading to the discovery that Elyse and his friend share some unexpected memories.
Silver Spoons Mother's Day (TV-PG) Kate compares her mothering capabilities to those of Rick's mother Evelyn and begins to feel that her role in his life has no impact.
Silver Spoons Fallen Idol (TV-PG) Rick is completely crestfallen when his neighbor and favorite basketball athlete is arrested for allegedly being in possession of illegal drugs.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves (TV-G) If Sabrina doesn't consider a spell's consequences, bad things will happen; Sabrina accidentally has her aunts and Salem held captive in Merlin's castle.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina Claus (TV-G) Santa Claus gets himself injured and a worried Sabrina must fill in for him by delivering all the world's presents during Christmas Eve.
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Welcome Back Kotter The Museum (TV-PG) Mr. Kotter takes the Sweathogs on a field trip to a local museum, with his wife and Mr. Woodman coming along as chaperones; they meet the superstitious curator.
Soap (TV-PG) Dutch and Eunice continue with their plans to get married; Burt is mortified after realizing his explicit photographs have been discovered.
Benson Easy Kid Stuff (TV-PG) Benson develops serious doubts about the pros and cons of trying to be a good father-figure to his Little Buddy when the boy tries to break into the mansion.
227 House Number (TV-G) When Pearl, Rose, Mary and Sandra accidentally get locked inside the laundry room, they recall how they all arrived at building 227.
227 Jackee (TV-PG) Sandra finds herself jobless when she realizes the film company she works for specializes in porn, but she meets a woman who helps her get a job at a spa.
Gimme a Break! The Man From Zoron (TV-PG) After a stranger saves Joey from being struck by a bus, he claims he is from another planet, but Nell attempts to have him reveal his true origins.
Welcome Back Kotter Gabe Under Pressure (TV-PG) Kotter must get over his fear of the doctor when the school make arrangements for free medical checkups, despite that he has been suffering from stomach pains.
Soap (TV-PG) Jessica continues to be held hostage by revolutionary extremist, Carlos 'El Puerco' Valdez; Jodie is forced to hire a detective to track down Wendy and Carol.
Benson Homework (TV-PG) For a school project, Katie puts together an essay in order to give a complete picture of her whole household, revealing her feelings about their relationship.
227 For Sale (TV-PG) Rose sells the building, and the company that bought it wants to tear it down; Lester's sister comes for a visit and drives the Jenkins crazy.
227 Take My Diva...Please (TV-PG) When Mary organizes a charity event featuring Diva Beverly Morris, she has to keep her from finding out that her ex-boyfriend now dates Sandra.
Gimme a Break! Addy's Goodbye (TV-PG) During a goodbye party at Addy's apartment to celebrate her new job as the Dean of Columbia University, Nell and her get into a heated dispute.
Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog, Nebraska Style (TV-PG) Julie's sister comes to town from Nebraska for a surprise visit and enrolls at Buchanan; she joins Kotter's class and starts to develop feelings to Epstein.
Soap (TV-PG) Burt and Danny continue their plan of firing back at Tibbs, so they go undercover to his local brothels; Leslie continues to terrorize Billy.
Benson Handwriting on the Wall (TV-PG) Mysterious green crayon graffiti is being scrawled on the walls at the governor's mansion, but with Katie ruled out and no signs of vandals, questions remain.
227 Tenants, Anyone? (TV-PG) When Julian continues to ignore the tenants of 227, Mary and the gang prepare to make a deal to acquire a new landlord; Dylan searches for a new roommate.
227 A Pampered Tale (TV-PG) The women head for a relaxing spa day to prepare for a beauty contest; Travis and Dylan care for a baby that was left in Travis's limo.
Gimme a Break! So Long, Jonathan (TV-PG) While Jonathan joins archaeologists on a project in Mexico, Julie takes the necessary tests to join the Navy, but she is given unexpected news.
Welcome Back Kotter Sadie Hawkins Day (TV-PG) The Sadie Hawkins Day dance is just around the corner, in which the girls ask the boys to be their dates; all of the Sweathogs get dates for the dance.
Soap (TV-PG) Jessica tries to reason with El Puerco and his minions; Gwen the hooker agrees to testify against Tibbs; Jodie learns of Carol's new life.
Benson The Governor's House Call (TV-PG) Benson and the governor go to a brothel to help a sick friend and end up being caught in a sting operation by the vice squad and the television news teams.
227 The Fight of the Century (TV-G) After Mary causes Lester to miss a prizefight, they get into a huge fight, and Lester decides to spend the night with some swinging bachelors.
227 How the West Was Fun, Part 1 (TV-PG) While at a guest ranch, Mary convinces Rose and Sandra to participate in a treasure hunt; Dylan catches the eye of a local ranch girl.
Gimme a Break! Mama (TV-PG) Nell's mother arrives to inform her daughter that she will have to undergo a risky operation on her eyes and may not be able to see afterward.
Welcome Back Kotter Hello, Ms. Chips (TV-PG) A new student teacher joins Kotter's class for a first experience in teaching a remedial class; all of the basic remedial teaching methods don't work.
Soap (TV-PG) Billy continues in his quest to save his mother from El Puerco, who are traveling to Connecticut; Danny asks that Gwen quit her current job.
Benson All Shook Up (TV-PG) When an earthquake hits, Benson and Clayton are arguing in the mansion's basement storeroom and are trapped, but learn a lot about each other while waiting.
227 How the West Was Fun, Part 2 (TV-PG) When the water rustlers take the Jenkins, Rose and Sandra hostage, Lester pulls a posse together to find the ranch women to come and save them.
227 Video Activity (TV-G) When Brenda plagiarizes and old essay of Mary's so she can be an extra in Bobby Brown's new video, she is grounded by her mother and told to write a new paper.
Gimme a Break! Sam's Little Girl (TV-PG) Samantha takes child under her wing, but when she leaves to help a neighbor, Nell is left to take care of her, who turns out to be too much for Nell to handle.
Family Ties How Do You Sleep? (TV-PG) A controlling Alex is reluctant to admit that he suffers from insomnia, but he is forced to open up when his problem begins to affect the whole family.
Family Ties You've Got a Friend (TV-PG) Mallory catches a child stealing and turns her in to the police, but when she learns that the child has led a difficult life she tries to be a good influence.
Silver Spoons Baby Blues (TV-PG) Rick introduces a single mother to a contractor in the hopes that sparks will fly between the couple, only the woman's parental status hasn't been revealed.
Silver Spoons Thoroughly Modern Mildred (TV-PG) When Kate's grandmother arrives for a visit at the Stratton mansion, she winds up surprising everyone by bringing her new beau along for the ride.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Little Big Kraft (TV-G) Sabrina makes up a spell to make boring Mr. Kraft act like a fun-loving teenager; the spell backfires and he is annoying, irresponsible and reckless.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Five Easy Pieces of Libby (TV-G) Libby becomes an incomplete puzzle after Sabrina breaks a spell made to keep them close; Helda and Salem try to sell Zelda's ostrich saliva invention.
Family Ties Nothing But a Man (TV-PG) Steven's promotion leads to working longer hours and spending less time with the family, and the family begins to miss his presence at home.
Family Ties The Disciple (TV-PG) Jennifer has a nervous meltdown when she is asked to present a speech in front of judges because she only has a slight understanding of the speech's material.
Silver Spoons Mon Amour (TV-PG) After receiving a shocking surprise from Kate's grandmother, the Strattons are surprised again when Grandpa Stratton returns from Paris with a young fiancée.
Silver Spoons Educating Rick (TV-PG) Rick and Brad go overboard on their fun adventures and find themselves in deep trouble during the weekend tour of an all-male college campus.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Finger Lickin' Flu (TV-G) Sabrina catches the finger flu, which causes her magic to act up, and accidentally gives Mrs. Quick her powers; Salem fakes an illness.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina and the Beanstalk (TV-G) Magic beans take Harvey to the top of a giant beanstalk, which grew in Sabrina's backyard after she experimented with making a spell.
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