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Dennis the Menace Where There's a Will (TV-G) Mr. Wilson alters his will in order to promise Dennis a gold watch, and the elder neighbor soon experiences signs that he is not long for this world.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Uncle (TV-G) Mr. Wilson feels compelled to follow a strict workout plan after his visiting uncle laments his nephew's severe lack of physical fitness.
Hazel New Man in Town (TV-G) One of the Baxters hires a new chauffeur, of whom both Hazel and Rosie want to catch his attention; both compete to get that attention.
Hazel Herbert for Hire (TV-G) Hazel wants George Baxter to find a position for her friend; the friend has no real experience in working and only has a degree in ancient languages.
The Partridge Family A Knight in Shining Armor (TV-G) The family meets a composer who is looking for somebody to write lyrics to his music, so they introduce him to a poet who can help him write songs.
The Partridge Family Dora, Dora, Dora (TV-G) When Keith hears a tape of his crush's singing he soon realizes that he must try to summon the courage to tell her how awkward she is without hurting her.
Dennis the Menace A Quiet Evening (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is all settled in for a relaxing evening of solitude, before Henry convinces him to watch over Dennis and two of his neighborhood friends.
Dennis the Menace The Private Eye (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is irate in the wake of having his wallet stolen by a mysterious thief, whom both Dennis and Tommy try to help police officers to locate.
Hazel Hazel and the Lovebirds (TV-G) Hazels nephew and Georges niece's relationship still has not gotten the approval of the family, as Georges sister is trying to break them up again.
Hazel Top Secret (TV-G) Hazel enters a senators office with a young woman, and walks out of his with some top secret papers.
The Partridge Family In 25 Words or Less (TV-G) Reuben comes in with the winner of a contest to spend a week with the family, a 60-year old Jewish mother; in no time, she is taking charge of the household.
The Partridge Family A Man Called Snake (TV-G) Keith agrees to an interview for a magazine during which he reveals that Laurie has a crush on a classmate of hers, which upsets her.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper (TV-G) Mr. Wilson comes to regret hiring a housekeeper to help his wife, after the persistent woman proceeds to boss him around his own home.
Dennis the Menace A Dog's Life (TV-G) Mr. Wilson's ordinary day of opportunistic shopping takes a turn for the bizarre when he is followed home by a large dog in need of grooming.
Hazel The Sunshine Girls Quartet (TV-G) The girls' singing group The Sunshine Girls Quartet enter a music festival, but their audition happens on the same night as Georges reception for Mr. Griffin.
Hazel A Good Example for Harold (TV-G) George tells a little white lie to get out of attending an event with a business partner he doesn't like to be around; Hazel catches him in his lies.
The Partridge Family The Undergraduate (TV-G) The car runs out of gas when Shirley is driving a college freshman who has a crush on her to class; the family teases her mercilessly.
The Partridge Family Anatomy of a Tonsil (TV-G) A doctor and Shirley assure Danny that a tonsil operation is simple, but Danny believes his friend when he says his tonsil removal was a harrowing experience.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Documentary Film (TV-G) A challenging school assignment calls for Dennis to document his home town, and Mr. Wilson helps him to explore the local history.
Dennis the Menace Horseless Carriage Club (TV-G) Mr. Wilson attempts to achieve victory in an upcoming race by purchasing a classical vehicle, while Dennis charges friends for rides.
Hazel Hazel's Highland Fling (TV-G) The Baxters family become suspicious of Mr. Griffin, who always seems to be around when the family is having dinner, but he just loves Hazels cooking too much.
Hazel Ain't Walter Nice? (TV-G) Dorothy invites Hazels nephew to stay with the Baxter family when he comes to town for a visit; while he is there, he has a business proposition.
The Partridge Family Whatever Happened to Moby Dick? (TV-G) Danny puts an ad in the paper for a singing whale, and loads of people show up with their animals, including a dancing bear, a singing dog and a chimp.
The Partridge Family Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge (TV-G) Keith decides that he wants to be a better role model to his younger brothers and sisters but every effort to do so backfires; more work than expected.
All In with Laila Ali The Secret Beach (HD, TV-G) A local Hawaiian surfer that found a secret beach; a high-speed thrillride that is the BMX race around Pyramid Mountain.
All In with Laila Ali Pushing The Limits (HD, TV-G) Freestyle motocross rider Levi Sherwood; freeskier Jon Olsson's one-of-a-kind jumps; a tow-in surfer trains the newer generation to surf.
The Wildlife Docs Up Close with Gorillas (HD, TV-G) The Wildlife Docs journey to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Africa for a look at a wild gorilla family; the Docs get to see how baby gorillas learn to climb.
The Wildlife Docs Busch's Baby Buggy Bumpers (HD, TV-G) A look is taken at the digestive differences between a baby sloth and a hyena cub; a scorpion, a tarantula and a millipede are featured.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Catch and Release (HD, TV-G) Tim goes to Tasmania to capture tiger snakes that are slithering around a town; Tim helps release a rehabilitated green sea turtle back into the wild.
Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa Meet the Beaumonts (HD, TV-G) Dr. Lisa assists new homeowners with creating a picturesque life for their two children by finding a dog that will meet the kid's unique requests.
Three's Company Dates of Wrath (TV-PG) Janet has her eye on the bartender at the Regal Beagle, but her poor attempt at matchmaking results in the object of her affection going on a date with Terri.
Three's Company Macho Man (TV-PG) After an attack on him by a drunk at the Beagle, Jack learns a few self-defense moves from Terri to prevent any future instances.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Greatest Hits (TV-G) Mork makes a local bully into a laughingstock in a café and Fred gives Mork boxing lessons so he will be better able to protect his daughter in public.
Mork & Mindy Old Fears (TV-G) Mindy's grandmother Cora is deeply upset over the death of a friend, so Mork decides to bring her some happiness by using the Orkan age machine.
Gimme a Break! Nell Goes to Jail (TV-PG) A confrontation with a telephone company representative over a bill leads to Nell's arrest, and she uses her one phone call to contact a local news reporter.
Gimme a Break! Brother Ed and the Hooker (TV-PG) When Carl meets prostitute who helped him arrest a bad cop, he introduces her to his brother while at the bowling alley, leading to them falling in love.
Dennis the Menace Junior Pathfinders Ride Again (TV-G) Dennis' fellow Junior Pathfinders are all gathered for a demonstration of primitive fire-starting techniques, which Mr. Wilson ends up performing.
Dennis the Menace The Treasure Chest (TV-G) Mr. Wilson purchases a treasure chest on a whim whilst at a local auction, but a lack of valuable contents leads him to gift it over to young Dennis.
Hazel Mr. Griffin Throws a Wedding (TV-G) Mr. Griffins nephew and Georges secretary are going to get married, but Mr. Griffin intervenes when he wants them to have a larger wedding than planned.
Hazel Hazel and the Stockholder's Meeting (TV-G) Hazel can't get customer satisfaction when she attempts to return a vacuum cleaner to the store; she decides to go to a stockholders meeting to discuss.
The Partridge Family Days of Acne and Roses (TV-G) Danny goes to the store where a clumsy teen works and asks him if he'd like to have a date with Laurie; he drags him back to the house for lessons in romance.
The Partridge Family Tale of Two Hamsters (TV-G) When the family departs on a tour, no one can be found to baby sit Danny's hamsters, so they are packed into the bus, but a series of mishaps ensue.
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Dennis the Menace Wilson Goes to the Dentist (TV-G) Dennis desires to go to a new dentist that has become rapidly known for giving gifts to first-time customers, and Mr. Wilson ends up going in his place.
Dennis the Menace The Man Next Door (TV-G) The neighborhood is abuzz with a recent series of thefts committed by a mysteriously masked criminal, and Mr. Wilson comes to suspect his next-door neighbor.
Hazel Hazel's Day Off (TV-G) Hazel wants to take her day off, but she is instead forced to work when a wealthy man says he will donate land for a park; Hazel thinks he should relax.
Hazel I've Been Singing All My Life (TV-G) Georges sister plans to produce a talent show in order to raise money for the local hospital; Hazel wants to be one of the acts on the show.
The Partridge Family The Forty-Year Itch (TV-G) It's a youth versus old-age argument between Shirley's mom and dad; Grandpa wants to be hip and Grandma is content to live a more quiet life.
The Partridge Family I Can Get It for You Retail (TV-G) Danny tries to sell Keith's belongings to help pay for a mink coat for Shirley's birthday; Keith thinks he's going crazy when his stuff keeps disappearing.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Dodger (TV-G) The mayor agrees to purchase new uniforms for Dennis' pee-wee baseball squad if Coach Quigley can succeed in recruiting professionals for an exhibition.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Lovesick Friend (TV-G) Dennis is approached by a determined Margaret to join in a session of playing house, and his unwillingness to do so leads him to garden with Uncle Ned.
Hazel The Fires Never Dead While the Ashes Are Red (TV-G) Hazel finds out that the owner of her favorite book store once dated a popular author in the past; she wants to find a way to bring the former couple together.
Hazel Hazel's Navy Blue Tug-Boats (TV-G) Hazel is on her way to the annual shoe sale, when she sees that a little girl has been left behind at the gas station by her father, a diplomat.
The Partridge Family Guess Who's Coming to Drive? (TV-G) As the family prepares for the intense summer tour that Ruben had scheduled for the band, Shirley wishes not to spend so much time driving; new driver.
The Partridge Family Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa (TV-G) The family's bus breaks down in a desert ghost town, where an old prospector relates a tale of how a stolen bell nearly ruined Christmas.
Dennis the Menace John Wilson's Cushion (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is visited by his brother, who quickly discovers that his occupation as a writer means he needs a comfortable place to do his work.
Dennis the Menace John Wilson Wins a Chicken (TV-G) Dennis and his friends frantically attempt to convince Mr. Wilson not to cook a chicken that he has received through winning a raffle.
Hazel The Hazel Walk (TV-G) George and Mr. Griffin are involved in a project in which a new highway is being built near town, but the project hits a snag with a letter to the editor.
Hazel Hazel Digs a Hole For Herself (TV-G) George and Deirdres mother is coming for a visit and brings everyone down with her beliefs that there is nothing left for her to look forward to.
The Partridge Family Where Do Mermaids Go? (TV-G) The family meets an unusual though independent young woman when they stop for a picnic on a country road, and they let her stay at their home.
The Partridge Family Home Is Where the Heart Was (TV-G) Chris and Tracy have left the kitchen in disarray again and Shirley scolds them; Chris proposes to Tracy that they should run away.
Dennis the Menace The Bully (TV-G) Dennis makes a promise to his mother that lands him on the wrong side of a physical altercation with a bully, leading Mr. Wilson to teach him to fight.
Dennis the Menace The Club Initiation (TV-G) Dennis greatly desires to join up with a covert group of elder students, but he is forced to go through a challenging initiation process first.
Hazel Hazel Sounds Her A's (TV-G) Georges law firm gets a new client in a temperamental music conductor who refuses to allow a woman to play in his orchestra solely because of her gender.
Hazel Hazel's Luck (TV-G) When the family gets a chain letter in the mail, George convinces Hazel to destroy it; shortly after doing so, the family is met with bad luck.
The Partridge Family Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge (TV-G) Laurie bets Keith about making a better movie.
The Partridge Family Waiting for Belero (TV-G) Keith wants to move out on his own and get his own apartment so that he may have the peace and quiet he craves to write music, and Shirley lets him move.
All In with Laila Ali Hold Your Breath (HD, TV-G) Free divers go hundreds of feet underwater while holding their breath for more than 10 minutes; the first ever double-backflip on natural terrain.
All In with Laila Ali DJ Ready D's Park Jam (HD, TV-G) South African Hip-Hop music artist DJ Ready D encourages at-risk youths to consider themselves leaders with his Ready D Scholarship.
The Wildlife Docs Snakes on a Pain (HD, TV-G) The Docs attempt to help one snake start eating again and another snake needs help breathing; a male hyena with an infected tooth needs help.
The Wildlife Docs Giraffe and Flamingos: A Tall Order (HD, TV-G) The crew trains the giraffe herd; three new Chilean flamingo chicks are on the verge of being animal ambassadors for their species.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Daddy Day Care (HD, TV-G) Tim brings his son along for an adventure, and to help him with some of the animals; the two respond to a call about some unwanted pests in a local home.
Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa Meet Matthew and Cade (HD, TV-G) After suffering the loss of a family dog, one couple is ready to welcome another pet into their home; with Dr. Lisa's assistance they'll meet a variety of dogs.
Three's Company Paradise Lost (TV-PG) A doctor going to Europe extends an offer to let the trio rent his beautiful beach house, and they take him up on the offer.
Three's Company And Now Here's Jack (TV-PG) A morning talk-show host enjoys his meal at Angelino's so much that he asks Jack and Mr. Angelino to appear on the show.
Mork & Mindy Mork's First Christmas (TV-G) Mork is overwhelmed by the Christmas season until Mindy explains the religious holiday's significance, which prompts Mork to invite Susan Taylor to a party.
Mork & Mindy Mork and the Immigrant (TV-G) Mork believes that a Russian immigrant is an alien like himself and throws the Immigration Bureau into total choas.
Gimme a Break! Sam's Imaginary Friend (TV-PG) The family grows concerned over Samantha's belief in her imaginary friend, and Carl threatens to send her to a psychiatrist for analysis.
Gimme a Break! Grandpa's Visit (TV-PG) While Grandma is away visiting her sister, Grandpa stays with the family and wreaks havoc in the middle of the night, causing everyone to wake up angry.
Dennis the Menace (TV-G) An energetic and curious youth living in an idyllic suburban town spends his days getting into trouble and stressing his peaceful neighbor.
Dennis the Menace (TV-G) An energetic and curious youth living in an idyllic suburban town spends his days getting into trouble and stressing his peaceful neighbor.
Hazel (TV-G) A successful corporate lawyer who runs a tight ship at the office, learns to listen to his maid while at home as she continuously pre-empts his authority.
Hazel (TV-G) A successful corporate lawyer who runs a tight ship at the office, learns to listen to his maid while at home as she continuously pre-empts his authority.
The Partridge Family (TV-G) A widowed mother and her five kids hit the road in a1957 school bus, performing their own material in venues across the country.
The Partridge Family (TV-G) A widowed mother and her five kids hit the road in a1957 school bus, performing their own material in venues across the country.
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