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Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Animals in Human Care (HD, TV-G) The men and women of Georgia Aquarium take on the monumental task of caring for thousands of animals; Jeff gets a behind-the-scenes look of the aquarium.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Bear Necessities (HD, TV-G) Jeff travels to Alaska to research the Alaskan brown bear and helps relocate a mother bear and her cub who are struggling to find food.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Western Australia Lizard Expedition (HD, TV-G) The host journeys to the Dampier Peninsula in West Australia to research a large variety of snakes and lizards before visiting Hunter Valley Zoo.
Did I Mention Invention? Digital Camera Inventor (TV-G) A look is taken at the inventor of the digital camera, facial recognition technology, and how solar roads have the potential to power the planet.
Alice The Last Review (TV-PG) Alice tries to improve business in the diner by inviting a famous food critic to try Mel's chili, but when the reviewer takes a bite, he suddenly drops dead.
Alice The Failure (TV-PG) A thief attempts to carry out a robbery heist, but when he faces problems such as not being able to open the cash register, he begins to feel like a failure.
Welcome Back Kotter Gabe Under Pressure (TV-PG) Kotter must get over his fear of the doctor when the school make arrangements for free medical checkups, despite that he has been suffering from stomach pains.
Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog, Nebraska Style (TV-PG) Julie's sister comes to town from Nebraska for a surprise visit and enrolls at Buchanan; she joins Kotter's class and starts to develop feelings to Epstein.
Three's Company Alias Jack Tripper (TV-PG) Jack asks his friend, Larry, to stand in for him after he realizes that he has made the mistake of planning two dates for the same night.
Three's Company Hearing Is Believing (TV-PG) Janet assumes the worst and becomes suspicious when Jack's new girlfriend, who is actually a sex therapist, refuses to talk about her line of work.
Archie Bunker's Place Archie's New Partner, Part 1 (TV-PG) Archie gets the idea to expand the bar into a restaurant, but Harry sells his stake in the place after learning of the changes.
Archie Bunker's Place Archie's New Partner, Part 2 (TV-PG) Much to the lament of Archie, Harry finalizes the sale of his half of the bar to Murray Klein; Murray hopes to find a softer side of Archie.
Dennis the Menace The Raffle Ticket (TV-G) Mr. Wilson holds a raffle on behalf of his lodge, and Dennis does everything he can think of to ensure his victory in the drawing.
Dennis the Menace The Christmas Horse (TV-G) Dennis is overwhelmed with excitement after convincing himself that he is to receive a horse from his parents, and the youth searches the town for it.
Hazel A Bull's Eye for Cupid (TV-G) Hazel feels that it is her duty to help reconcile the Baxters' marriage when Steve forgets about his wedding anniversary and decides to go fishing instead.
Hazel The Crush (TV-G) A local teenage girl develops a crush on Steve, who has to carefully discourage her in her interest in him.
That Girl That Shoplifter (TV-G) A convincing con man devises a clever scheme to rob a store that involves fooling a naïve and trusting Ann into stealing items for him.
That Girl Chef's Night Out (TV-G) Ann and Donald try to help her father by covering several shifts at his restaurant after many of his employees contract a virus and become ill.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Allowance (TV-G) Dennis is forced to learn about the difficulties of earning money firsthand in order to receive the quarter-per-week allowance that he's requested.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Penny Collection (TV-G) Despite his uneasiness towards sharing a hobby with the troublesome youngster, Mr. Wilson agrees to help Dennis in starting his own collection of rare pennies.
Hazel Kindly Advise (TV-G) Suzy is upset to learn that Barbara has enrolled her in charm school, something Deirdre had insisted on Barbara doing; there she would learn social graces.
Hazel Noblesse Oblige (TV-G) Hazel gets in an argument with another woman over a parking spot, and she doesn't realize that the woman is the wife of Steves client.
That Girl That King (TV-G) Ann is recruited to befriend a visiting monarch, but she must reassess her expectations for their time together when she discovers that he is a child.
That Girl Stag Party (TV-G) Donald's friends throw him a bachelor party, and his fiancée fears the worst when she learns that the celebratory behavior may have gotten out of control.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Campaign Manager (TV-G) A determined Dennis inspires Mr. Wilson to try his hand in the field of local politics in order to have a local park opened up more often.
Dennis the Menace Miss Cathcart's Friend (TV-G) Dennis confuses Miss Cathcart in a desperate attempt to find the lonely woman a reliable companion, which turns out to be a runaway canine and its owner.
Hazel Hazel's Endearing Young Charms (TV-G) Steve starts to get an inferiority complex, feeling self-conscious, when Hazel keeps bragging about how successful her brother is.
Hazel A Car Named Chrysanthemum (TV-G) Hazel purchases a 1930 model car that is in need of a lot of work, much to Steves dismay; Hazel attempts to fix the car by herself.
That Girl Two for the Money (TV-G) While watching the races at Belmont Park, Donald's friends convince Ann to place a large bet for them on a horse named after her, but she loses their ticket.
That Girl Soot Yourself (TV-G) When Ann takes part in a protest at Donald's office, the young journalist apologizes to his boss by inviting him over to Ann's place for dinner.
Dennis the Menace Pythias Was a Piker (TV-G) Dennis is given an assigned composition on his closest friend for schoolwork, and Mr. Wilson is touched when he is selected as the subject of his paper.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Saxophone (TV-G) Mr. Wilson fears the noise that a musical instrument Dennis wants will produce, and the neighbor tries to dissuade Henry from buying it.
Hazel Once an Actor (TV-G) Barbaras uncle, once a famous actor, comes for a visit; down on his luck, Barbara and Hazel try to convince Steve to hire the uncle to his real estate company.
Hazel $285 by Saturday (TV-G) Hazel starts putting together a collection of musical instruments that can be sent to George and Dorothy for a missionary school abroad.
That Girl The Elevated Woman (TV-G) While on their way to a meeting for the women's liberation movement, Ann and Donald get trapped in an elevator and reminisce about their relationship.
That Girl Don't Just Do Something, Stand There (TV-G) Ann gets a part in a commercial that involves a convincing kidnapping scene that causes a man she was previously arguing with to try and "rescue" her.
Dennis the Menace Wilson Sleeps Over (TV-G) Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are forced to spend an evening with their neighbors when Dennis spills a bottle of deadly chemicals in their household.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Birthday (TV-G) Dennis wants a memorable birthday celebration, and Mr. Wilson resolves to give him one by putting together an illusion-filled performance.
Hazel Boom or Bust (TV-G) Steve decides it's time to monitor his familys spending and putting the Baxter family on a stricter budget.
Hazel Harold's Gift Horses (TV-G) Harolds teacher and Steves client compete to catch Harolds attention, as they both want to spend time with him; Harold is asked to spend time with them.
That Girl Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye (TV-G) Despite her father's objections, Ann Marie decides to leave home and pursue and acting career in New York, which causes her parents to get into a fight.
That Girl Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night (TV-G) Ann agrees to watch her neighbor's infant son, but when both of the child's parents are unexpectedly detained, she is forced to bring him along to an audition.
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Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Green Sea Turtles (HD, TV-G) The host takes viewers on a journey below sea-level as he meshes stories of exotic sea creatures and land animals with analogies of the human experience.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin New Sealand (HD, TV-G) Jeff Corwin travels to New Zealand to meet and help out with Fur Seals including joining a research team trying to protect the Fur Seal habitats.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Myths from a Land Down Under (HD, TV-G) Tim explores several myths about Australian wildlife and helps a massive saltwater crocodile in Western Australia.
Did I Mention Invention? Doomsday Seed Vault (TV-G) Alie Ward hosts as a look is taken at a family who makes wheels for disabled pets, college innovators, and the Doomsday Seed Vault.
Head of the Class Pilot (TV-G)
Head of the Class Volleyball, Anyone? (TV-G)
Welcome Back Kotter Sadie Hawkins Day (TV-PG) The Sadie Hawkins Day dance is just around the corner, in which the girls ask the boys to be their dates; all of the Sweathogs get dates for the dance.
Welcome Back Kotter Hello, Ms. Chips (TV-PG) A new student teacher joins Kotter's class for a first experience in teaching a remedial class; all of the basic remedial teaching methods don't work.
Three's Company Grandma Jack (TV-PG) Jack wins $10,000 in the Lander's bake-off contest; however, he learns that the contest is only open to women, so he must prepare his recipe in drag.
Three's Company Like Father, Like Son (TV-PG) Jack is not pleased when his meddling father comes to town; however, his outlook changes when he learns that his father has happened upon tough times.
Welcome Back Kotter Pilot (TV-PG) Former Sweathog Gabe Kotter returns to James Buchanan High as an instructor, where the exploits of four trouble-makers prove a continual challenge.
Welcome Back Kotter The Great Debate (TV-PG) Kotter arranges for the Sweathogs to engage in a debate with the school's own debate team, on the subject of student aggression, against Mr. Welles' class.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Goes to Camp (TV-G) Mr. Wilson reluctantly agrees to take Dennis and his friends out camping in the wilderness, but a thunderstorm causes their only outlet to wash away.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Tool Chest (TV-G) Dennis only worsens matters for himself, his neighbor and a cat after attempting to intervene with the creature's entrapment in Mr. Wilson's car.
Hazel How to Find Work Without Really Trying (TV-G) Hazel feels sorry for a lonely widower she had just met, who had fallen on hard times when he loses his job and seems to lack the confidence to find a new one.
Hazel Please Don't Shout (TV-G) Steve is having difficulty selling one particular house because it is located next to a very loud and busy highway; Hazel finds the perfect couple for it.
That Girl I'll Be Suing You (TV-G) A man carrying a sewing machine walks into Don's car, which Ann was driving while picking up a plant from her mother, and decides to sue her for the collision.
That Girl Anatomy of a Blunder (TV-G) While driving to meet her parents for the first time, Don tries to have a relaxing picnic with Ann but experiences a misadventure instead.
Dennis the Menace The Going Away Gift (TV-G) Dennis asks Mr. Wilson to hide a gift that he's gotten for his mother, but Mrs. Wilson finds the present and believes that its for her.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Fishing Rod (TV-G) Dennis discovers that his father is in need of a new fishing rod, but the misguided youth attempts to purchase one using a priceless Confederate currency.
Hazel But Is It Art? (TV-G) When a famous artist comes to the house, Hazel gets confused and thinks the artist is the man hired to repaint her bedroom.
Hazel Who Can Afford a Bargain? (TV-G) A couple is considering buying a home from Steve and his company, but the search results in the couple having a fight over the price of the house.
That Girl Rich Little Rich Kid (TV-G) Donald worries that his informal relationship with Ann could be jeopardized by the growing affection of a wealthy and highly motivated rival.
That Girl Help Wanted (TV-G) After Donald's secretary quits unexpectedly to have a baby, he hires Ann as a replacement but has trouble concentrating on his work.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Good Example (TV-G) Dennis realizes that he stands no chance of getting a pet bird once either of his parents get a hold of his less-than-stellar report card.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Obligation (TV-G) Dennis is tasked with taking home chicken eggs in order to care for them, but Mr. Wilson finds himself an unwilling helper to the youth in no time.
Hazel Hazel's Free Enterprise (TV-G) Hazel sells her own homemade chili sauce to a supermarket so she can earn some extra money and buy Steve a certain gift for his birthday.
Hazel Bee in Her Bonnet (TV-G) Steves helps a man who is being attacked by a bee after running him off of the road; a passerby witnesses only the end of the event and gets the wrong idea.
That Girl Little Auction Annie (TV-G) When a man approaches Ann about purchasing something in a box she won at an auction, she and her friends begin to wonder about its value.
That Girl Time for Arrest (TV-G) When Donald visits a costumed Ann in jail, she tells him how she agreed to cover a shift for another actress at a restaurant and how she got arrested.
Dennis the Menace The Dog Trainer (TV-G) Dennis volunteers to help Mr. Wilson in training his dog, but the neighbor soon regrets this as he loses all control over the disloyal creature.
Dennis the Menace Woodman, Spare That Tree (TV-G) Mr. Wilson suddenly becomes an eco-activist after losing a hundred-dollar bill up in a tree that is to be cut down by the park commissioner.
Hazel The Perfect Boss (TV-G) Hazel learns of a newspaper-sponsored contest for the "best boss in the world" and loves working for Steve so much that she insists that he enter the contest.
Hazel A Little Bit of Genius (TV-G) Harolds friend Jeff is put in an advanced class at school, which causes a rift between the friends when Harold starts to feel inferior and jealous.
That Girl Break a Leg (TV-G) When Ann's friend is cast in a show on Broadway, she asks Ann to be her understudy, but an unfortunate event could jeopardize her starring role.
That Girl What's in a Name? (TV-G) Ann's agent wants her to use a stage name, claiming that her surname creates too much confusion, but her father's reaction leaves her questioning her future.
Dennis the Menace The Boy Wonder (TV-G) Mr. Wilson spends an entire day attempting to assemble to parts to a barbecue set that he's purchased, and one of Dennis' friend volunteers to help.
Dennis the Menace The Soapbox Derby (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is less than amused to find himself in the driver's seat during a soapbox derby that Dennis initially entered himself into.
Hazel A Question of Ethics (TV-G) Steve finds himself in trouble with the real estate association after Hazel gives some of her friends some bad advice; accused of stealing clients.
Hazel Hazel and the Playground (TV-G) The live-in maid of a prominent lawyer's household attempts to take on local politics in order to convince the town to build a playground for the children.
That Girl Soap Gets in Your Eyes (TV-G) When Ann meets Donald's parents for the first time, his mother recognizes her as a villain on a soap opera and immediately dislikes her.
That Girl All About Ann (TV-G) When Ann discovers that Donald has been lying about meeting with another woman from her acting workshop for lunch, she decides to follow up on her suspicions.
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