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Dennis the Menace Silence Is Golden (TV-G) Dennis finds that he has nobody to speak to after his parents lament his incessant talking and Mr. Wilson promises a gift in exchange for a day's silence.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Has a Fling (TV-G) Dennis finds himself uncomfortable on the spot when he accidentally makes a promise to two different people concerning his latest school assignment.
Hazel The Burglar in Mr. B's P.J.'s (TV-G) A burglar breaks into the Baxter family home, but instead of being met with hostility, he is met with hospitality from Hazel.
Hazel Heat Wave (TV-G) Hazel learns that one of their neighbors has just had air conditioning installed in at home; the maid at the house is her friend and brags it.
That Girl The Honeymoon Apartment (TV-G) Rather than spending money on a hotel room, Ann's frugal cousin and his new bride decide to stay with Ann during their honeymoon in New York City.
That Girl This Little Piggy Had a Ball (TV-G) Not long before she must accept an award, Ann tries to recreate a story she read, in which a man bowled with his feet, and gets her big toe stuck in the ball.
Dennis the Menace Frog Jumping Contest (TV-G) Dennis decides to enter his frog into a jumping contest between fellow amphibians, and a competitive Mr. Wilson makes a wager with Sgt. Mooney.
Dennis the Menace Where There's a Will (TV-G) Mr. Wilson alters his will in order to promise Dennis a gold watch, and the elder neighbor soon experiences signs that he is not long for this world.
Hazel George's Assistant (TV-G) George decides it's time that he hires an assistant to help him out around his law office; Hazel has a neighbors son in mind to carry out the job.
Hazel Hazel's Day (TV-G) Harold realizes that while there is a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, there is no day to celebrate ones maid; the family decides to celebrate Hazel.
That Girl Author, Author (TV-G) Ann needs some humorous material for an audition and recruits Donald and an unsuccessful comedy writer to help her come up with something.
That Girl The Mating Game (TV-G) When Donald gets Ann on a dating game show, in which he is also competing as part of his research for a story, Ann mistakenly chooses another man for her date.
Barney Miller The Psychiatrist (TV-PG) The department receives advice from Wojo's psychiatrist to confiscate his gun.
Barney Miller The Mole (TV-PG) Fish considering having an operation while Harris and Wojo pursue a burglar on a case throughout the city sewer system to bring him to jail.
Barney Miller Quarantine - Part I (TV-PG) A criminal collapses in the headquarters, causing the precinct to be put under quarantine, and a prostitute tries to get friendly with Fish.
Barney Miller Quarantine - Part II (TV-PG) The officers stuck in the station start to argue with one another, while Harris talks bad about the precinct in his sleep; Luger has a talk with the Driscolls.
Barney Miller Werewolf (TV-PG) The police receive an unusual disturbance call concerning a local man in the park disturbing the public and claiming to be a werewolf.
Barney Miller Recluse (TV-PG) A man who claims he is a prophet predicts the world will end, and an old man who hasn't left his home since the Second World War is arrested.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Uncle (TV-G) Mr. Wilson feels compelled to follow a strict workout plan after his visiting uncle laments his nephew's severe lack of physical fitness.
Dennis the Menace A Quiet Evening (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is all settled in for a relaxing evening of solitude, before Henry convinces him to watch over Dennis and two of his neighborhood friends.
Hazel Hazel's Cousin (TV-G) Hazels cousin appears on television for an interview to talk about her cosmetic business; during the interview, she announces that she intends to get married.
Hazel Rosie's Contract (TV-G) Hazels friend Rosie brags that she has a contract on her job, and Hazel thinks she should pursue getting one herself for her position as a maid.
That Girl Pass the Potatoes, Ethel Merman (TV-G) Ann is cast in a musical revival starring Broadway veteran Ethel Merman, but being onstage with one of her idols may be more than the young actor can handle.
That Girl The Good Skate (TV-G) Despite Donald's careful guidance, Ann struggles to learn how to roller skate in time to audition for a part in a soft drink commercial.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Tagging Along (HD, TV-G) Jeff Corwin works with the Georgia Aquarium to study sharks and better understand their habits; Jeff helps draw blood, tag, and perform ultrasound.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Eye of the Sand Tiger (HD) Jeff Corwin takes an unprecedented look at sand tiger sharks and helps collect the animals for observation, assessment and release.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Frogs of the Gold Coast (HD, TV-G) Tim travels to the south of Queensland to learn about conservation efforts for frogs in the region; Tim searches for the region's endangered amphibians.
Did I Mention Invention? Bowling Ball Math Lesson (TV-G) Alie Ward hosts as a look is taken at the original video doorbell, self-driving car kits, and the science of gravity by utilizing bowling balls.
Diff'rent Strokes No Time for Arnold (TV-G) Feeling lonely and neglected, Arnold comes up with a plan to get more attention from his family, but his scheme ends up working too well.
Diff'rent Strokes The Relative (TV-G) Myrtle Waters, Willis and Arnold's cousin, comes over for a visit and decides that she will stay more in touch with her long lost relatives.
Welcome Back Kotter Classroom Marriage (TV-PG) Freddie and Vernajean announce they plan on getting married, despite the fact that their parents are against it; they want to be able to stay together.
Welcome Back Kotter One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing (TV-PG) Epstein has had enough of Todd Ludlow making fun of his date and challenges him to a fight; when Epstein loses, he is so embarrassed with it that he runs away.
Three's Company Cousin Cuisine (TV-PG) Felipe's beautiful cousin comes to town, and as a favor, Jack allows her to stay with him, with high hopes of romancing the young lady.
Three's Company An Affair to Forget (TV-PG) Jack goes on a date with one of Janet's old high school friends, but things soon become complicated when she confesses to him that she is actually married.
Diff'rent Strokes The Tutor (TV-G) After noticing that Willis is doing poorly in school, Mr. Drummond decides to hire a tutor whose teaching methods are extremely unconventional.
Diff'rent Strokes The New Landlord (TV-G) A new owner who doesn't like children buys the Drummonds' building, and if he goes through with plans to turn it into a kid-free zone, they will have to move.
Dennis the Menace The Private Eye (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is irate in the wake of having his wallet stolen by a mysterious thief, whom both Dennis and Tommy try to help police officers to locate.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper (TV-G) Mr. Wilson comes to regret hiring a housekeeper to help his wife, after the persistent woman proceeds to boss him around his own home.
Hazel We've Been So Happy Till Now (TV-G) George and Dorothy get into a dispute and Hazel tries to intervene and patch things up between the two.
Hazel How to Lure and Epicure (TV-G) That Baxters and Hazel go for a night out at a new restaurant for dinner and fall in love with the place; they find out that a critic gave it a negative review.
That Girl Black, White and Read All Over (TV-G) Ann's father is scandalized when he reads Donald's novel, so he denies Ann's request to pass it along to someone he knows in the publishing industry.
That Girl To Each Her Own (TV-G) In the course of doing research for his story on computer-assisted dating, Donald is paired with a beautiful model, and Ann gets jealous.
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Dennis the Menace A Dog's Life (TV-G) Mr. Wilson's ordinary day of opportunistic shopping takes a turn for the bizarre when he is followed home by a large dog in need of grooming.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Documentary Film (TV-G) A challenging school assignment calls for Dennis to document his home town, and Mr. Wilson helps him to explore the local history.
Hazel Barney Hatfield, Where Are You? (TV-G) The Baxter familys postman goes missing, which causes concern with the locals.
Hazel A Four Bit Word to Chew On (TV-G) Hazel tries to learn a new word every day to add to her vocabulary; the skill comes in handy when the Baxters have a visit from Mr. Griffin.
That Girl The Apartment (TV-G) Donald offers to let Ann stay in his vacant apartment while hers is being painted, but one of his old friends drops by unexpectedly and makes himself at home.
That Girl Absence Makes the Heart Grow Nervous (TV-G) Ann is cast in a play that opens in Philadelphia and will keep her away from Donald, so he tries to make the most of their remaining time together.
Dennis the Menace Horseless Carriage Club (TV-G) Mr. Wilson attempts to achieve victory in an upcoming race by purchasing a classical vehicle, while Dennis charges friends for rides.
Dennis the Menace Junior Pathfinders Ride Again (TV-G) Dennis' fellow Junior Pathfinders are all gathered for a demonstration of primitive fire-starting techniques, which Mr. Wilson ends up performing.
Hazel Hazel's Tax Deduction (TV-G) When Hazel lets slip to the IRS that Georges tax claims are not exactly accurate, the Baxter family gets audited.
Hazel Mr. B on the Bench (TV-G) George is offered a judicial position by a prominent local judge; he is ready to accept the proposition, but hesitates as Hazel is a gossip.
That Girl The Philadelphia Story (TV-G) Donald misses Ann, who has attracted the attention of her castmate, so he attends her play in Philadelphia and writes a critical review of it.
That Girl There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself (TV-G) Donald becomes interested in psychology after an encounter with a renowned doctor and decides to analyze the personalities of Ann and his neighbors.
Dennis the Menace The Treasure Chest (TV-G) Mr. Wilson purchases a treasure chest on a whim whilst at a local auction, but a lack of valuable contents leads him to gift it over to young Dennis.
Dennis the Menace Wilson Goes to the Dentist (TV-G) Dennis desires to go to a new dentist that has become rapidly known for giving gifts to first-time customers, and Mr. Wilson ends up going in his place.
Hazel License to Wed (TV-G) Dierdres daughter starts to date Hazels nephew and it looks like the couple could be getting married; Dierdre objects to the union.
Hazel Genie With the Light Brown Lamp (TV-G) Hazel reads a bedtime story to Harold about Aladdin and the magic lamp; the boy spots a gravy boat at a store window and thinks it a lamp like in the story.
That Girl The Collaborators (TV-G) Donald tries to help Ann develop a script for a play based on the events of her life, but their distinct creative visions cause friction in their relationship.
That Girl When in Rome (TV-G) When Ann is offered a film role that requires nudity, she is forced to choose between her personal values and her best chance yet at international stardom.
Dennis the Menace The Man Next Door (TV-G) The neighborhood is abuzz with a recent series of thefts committed by a mysteriously masked criminal, and Mr. Wilson comes to suspect his next-door neighbor.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Dodger (TV-G) The mayor agrees to purchase new uniforms for Dennis' pee-wee baseball squad if Coach Quigley can succeed in recruiting professionals for an exhibition.
Hazel The Natural Athlete (TV-G) Hazel and Mr. Baxter compete in a bowling competition against one another.
Hazel New Man in Town (TV-G) One of the Baxters hires a new chauffeur, of whom both Hazel and Rosie want to catch his attention; both compete to get that attention.
That Girl Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully (TV-G) Ann decides to prepare a special Thanksgiving meal for her loved ones, but her plans disappoint her parents and Donald's, who were expecting him for dinner.
That Girl The Mailman Cometh (TV-G) Ann thinks that an agent she impressed has set her up on a publicity date with Dick Shawn, but the arrangement takes the acclaimed comic by surprise.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Otter the Blue (HD) The Monterey Bay Aquarium staff is looking for a distressed California sea otter; Jeff helps locate and rescue the otter to bring it back in for treatment.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Thar' She Blows (HD) Jeff travels to the coastlines of Alaska to look at humpback whales with the scientists that study their behavior and feeding habits.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Swimming with Sharks (HD, TV-G) Tim sets out on a shark adventure and visits a bird sanctuary on Kangaroo Island, where he gets closely acquainted with a wedged-tailed eagle.
Did I Mention Invention? Robot Snake (TV-G) Alie Ward hosts as an in-depth look is taken at a fish finder for cell phones, an app that can keep track of sleep patterns, a snake robot, and the Jetman.
Diff'rent Strokes Willis' Privacy (TV-G) Willis feels that Arnold is becoming a pest, so he divides their room in half and spends much of his time at his friend's home, leading to hurt feelings.
Diff'rent Strokes Mrs. Garrett's Crisis (TV-G) Mrs. Garrett feels as though her life is at a crossroads, and she believes she is not being fulfilled as a housekeeper, so she makes an important decision.
Welcome Back Kotter Mr. Kotter, Teacher (TV-PG) Kotter gets in trouble with Mr. Woodman for not following standard teaching procedure because he has not been teaching from a standard school textbook.
Welcome Back Kotter The Reunion (TV-PG) Julie invites two of Kotter's old classmates over for dinner for a reunion, which Kotter is dreading because he always hated the couple in school.
Three's Company The Brunch (TV-PG) When Jack's liquor license is revoked by a reverend who held concerns about the old restaurant, Jack holds a Sunday brunch to prove his respectability.
Three's Company The Impossible Dream (TV-PG) Larry volunteers to provide a free guitarist to play at Jack's bistro, but problems arise when Larry attempts to live out his dream of being a singer.
Diff'rent Strokes The Job (TV-G) In order to impress Mr. Drummond, Willis decides to get a job and earn the money to buy a pair of disco skates, but he is hired and fired the same day.
Diff'rent Strokes Getting Involved (TV-G) After Arnold witnesses a robbery, he goes to the police, but the robber starts a campaign of intimidation to scare Arnold out of identifying him.
Dennis the Menace (TV-G) An energetic and curious youth living in an idyllic suburban town spends his days getting into trouble and stressing his peaceful neighbor.
Dennis the Menace (TV-G) An energetic and curious youth living in an idyllic suburban town spends his days getting into trouble and stressing his peaceful neighbor.
Hazel (TV-G) A successful corporate lawyer who runs a tight ship at the office, learns to listen to his maid while at home as she continuously pre-empts his authority.
Hazel (TV-G) A successful corporate lawyer who runs a tight ship at the office, learns to listen to his maid while at home as she continuously pre-empts his authority.
That Girl (TV-G) A young woman moves to NYC to become an actress, but is forced to take menial jobs and bit parts to support herself and fend off her anxious parents.
That Girl (TV-G) A young woman moves to NYC to become an actress, but is forced to take menial jobs and bit parts to support herself and fend off her anxious parents.
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