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Welcome Back Kotter Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime (TV-PG) Vinnie gets his own apartment, which the other Sweathogs believe is their new hangout; he informs his friends they are only welcome by invitation only.
Soap (TV-PG) The authorities continue to search for Chester who is still in hiding; Tim and Corrine work through their first days of marriage.
Benson The Bucks Stops Here (TV-PG) When Clayton's father brings his pretty, young fiancée to meet him, he realizes his chance of inheriting the family fortune may be much slimmer than he thought.
227 Nightmare on 227 (TV-PG) After Mary is cast as a crazed murderer in a horror movie being filmed outside 227, she has an unscheduled rehearsal with the NYU dean.
227 The Class of '90 (TV-PG) While Brenda prepares to graduate from high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis; Lester does not approve of his father's girlfriend.
Gimme a Break! Joey, Part 2 (TV-PG) Joey goes to extreme measures to protest the family's plans to enter him into an orphanage, so Nell asks Carl to allow Joey to be her foster child.
Family Ties The Gambler (TV-G) Elyse is hit with gambling fever on a business trip to Atlantic City, which causes her to miss her convention and forget about her family.
Family Ties Here We Go Again (TV-G) Shockwaves are sent through the Keaton household when news surfaces that Elyse is pregnant again; the kids react with panic and outrage.
Silver Spoons The Trouble with Harry (TV-PG) Kate's uncle visits and causes mayhem by unexpectedly extending his stay and fooling an old pal from his Army days into thinking he owns the Stratton mansion.
Silver Spoons Race with Eagles (TV-PG) Edward tries to display his athleticism by participating in a race in which all of the contestants must take the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Pilot (TV-G) A teenage half-witch starts over at a new school, where she encounters trouble with a snootily behaved and highly popular girl in her class.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Bundt Friday (TV-G) Sabrina gets more than she bargained for after she slips Libby some truth sprinkles resulting in Jenny revealing that she has feelings for Sabrina's crush.
Family Ties Little Man on Campus (TV-G) Alex gets off to a horrible start with his new professor, who happens to also be one of his idols, and fails his first assignment.
Family Ties Love Thy Neighbor (TV-G) Jennifer is excited to see her old friend Scott, but is disappointed when he ignores her for her older sister, so she attempts to win back his attention.
Silver Spoons Magnificent Obsession (TV-PG) A heartbroken Rick devises a scheme to win back his girlfriend from the football team captain, a move that may prove much more costly than the original loss.
Silver Spoons Judgment Day (TV-PG) After a scolding from Edward, Rick goes to extreme lengths to get back in his father's good graces by improving his standing in geometry class.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie (TV-G) Sabrina accidentally turns Harvey into a full-grown man when a spell works too well; Sabrina's aunts summon Randy Travis; Sabrina conjures up Eddie Cibrian.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Terrible Things (TV-G) Sabrina discovers that some of her closest friends have their own respective wishes, and she attempts to have all three of their desires granted.
Welcome Back Kotter Once Upon a Ledge (TV-PG) A new female student is having difficulty making friends in Buchanan High, and is contemplating suicide by jumping off of a ledge outside of the school.
Soap (TV-PG) Chester is taken to the hospital after suffering a seizure; Jodie plans to take care of Carol and his child; Tim's mother tries a guilt trip.
Benson Pardon Me (TV-PG) Benson lobby's the governor on behalf of a man unjustly imprisoned for a quarter of a century, seeking a pardon, but the man does not want to be released.
227 No Place Like Home (TV-PG) After Mary misinterprets a plea for help from homeless advocate Theodore Hayes as a threat to her safety, she dreams she is homeless.
227 Honesty (TV-PG) After Mary accidentally hits a BMW, breaking its tail light, Sandra tells her to use her femininity to get out of paying for the damages.
Gimme a Break! The Mayor (TV-PG) Carl asks the mayor for a new patrol car, but when the mayor sees Nell, he informs Carl that he will have his car if he sets him up with Nell.
Welcome Back Kotter The Sweatmobile (TV-PG) Carvelli offers to sell his old car to the Sweathogs, which causes them to remember one time when they bought a used car from Vinnie's uncle.
Soap (TV-PG) Mary begins school again and begins to like her new professor; Dennis tries to stop Jodie's plans to marry Carol; Chester awakens from surgery.
Benson Hi, Society (TV-PG) Benson and the governor discover their clever strategy to use a conservation expert to help pass an important chemical dumping bill was leaked to the press.
227 Mary's Brother (TV-PG) While Mary's brother is in town on business, he goes on a date with Rose, but she has nothing good to say about him or their date.
227 Family Hero (TV-PG) When Brenda has to write a paper about her most interesting relative, Mary tells her to write it on her uncle, a soldier with the Civil War's 54th infantry.
Gimme a Break! Melissa (TV-PG) Nell encourages a woman to go on a date with Carl, and later, the woman, feeling guilty, reveals a secret about her identity to Nell.
Welcome Back Kotter Barbarino's Boo Boo (TV-PG) Mister Woodman comes to the hospital where Vinnie works for a bunion removal surgery; Vinnie is to wheel Woodman back to his room, but loses him.
Soap (TV-PG) Carol finally tells her family about her engagement and pregnancy; Sally the secretary continues to try and seduce a reluctant Burt.
Benson Three on a Mismatch (TV-PG) A lonely Governor Gatling takes a chance and answers a personals ad he finds in a magazine that looks intriguing, and then he nervously awaits a response.
227 The Refrigerator (TV-PG) Mary agrees to loan Sandra her apartment to throw an extravagant party if Sandra can convince their landlord to order Mary a new refrigerator.
227 Do You Love Me? (TV-PG) Mary's neighbors are breaking up, and she is scared that the same thing could happen to her and Lester; Sandra has to baby-sit her 6-year-old niece.
Gimme a Break! Nell's Friend (TV-PG) When a misunderstanding with a friend prompts Nell to return to school for her diploma, she discovers her friend is the teacher, which leads her to quit.
Welcome Back Kotter X-rated Education (TV-PG) An unfortunate mix-up happens when Carvelli brings an X-rated film to show to the Sweathogs, and Julie brings in a sex education film to upset parents.
Soap (TV-PG) Chester comes home from his operation but still cannot remember anything; Burt catches Mary in a compromising position with her professor.
Benson Friends and Enemies (TV-PG) As Benson launches his run for the governor's seat, Gatling learns he can run for another term and goes for it, causing friction between the two friends.
227 Pilot (TV-PG) Sandra expects to become the building supervisor, after the landlord dies and vows to kick out Mary who calls an inspector who demands expensive repairs.
227 The Sidewalk Sale (TV-G) Everyone hopes their sale will make enough to fix up the building, but Mary inadvertently sells the lamp holding the profits to a man at the sale.
Gimme a Break! Grandpa's Rebellion (TV-PG) When Grandpa returns from his trip to Poland and finds the family has prepared a room for him to occupy since his wife's passing, he rejects the offer.
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Welcome Back Kotter The Barbarino Blues (TV-PG) The Sweathogs see Vinnie get dumped by his girlfriend; he gets too depressed and ashamed to leave his apartment when he thinks he had lost his way with women.
Soap (TV-PG) Chester becomes increasingly confused after arriving home; Tim starts his new job at the construction company; Burt wakes up in Sally's apartment.
Benson And the Winner Is... (TV-PG) The governor finds himself in a contentious race with Senator Tyler who employs personal attack tactics; Benson and Eugene work on their differences.
227 A Letter to the President (TV-PG) After Mary writes a letter to the President about the potholes in front of 227, the residents becomes uneasy when the secret service inspects the street.
227 Pity the Poor Working Girl (TV-PG) When Sandra tells Mary that she cannot keep a job because of jealous wives, Mary asks Lester to get her a job working in an office at his construction site.
Gimme a Break! A Kanisky Christmas (TV-PG) Schedule conflicts amongst the family members jeopardize Joey's first family Christmas together, but the family gives a last minute Christmas surprise Nell.
Family Ties Keaton and Son (TV-G) Alex accepts a part-time job working with his father at the station, but Alex feels that his talents are being wasted working for his father.
Family Ties Fabric Smarts (TV-PG) Mallory's school grades begin to slip as a result of her enthusiasm for her part-time job at a boutique, so Alex comes up with a plan to benefit them both.
Silver Spoons The Barbarians (TV-PG) Rick and Edward begin to see Grandpa Stratton in a new light when traveling with a group of men belonging to his members-only troupe.
Silver Spoons Three Musketeers (TV-PG) Freddy's ego balloons when a house speaker acknowledges his advocacy for the homeless, instantly catapulting him into the spotlight.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch A Halloween Story (TV-G) Sabrina sends her simple-minded clone to Harvey's party when she must go to a family affair; she chooses to spend a half hour with her dead grandmother.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Dream Date (TV-G) Harvey agrees to dance with Libby and Sabrina's feelings end up getting hurt, despite the fact that Harvey actually likes Sabrina but is too shy to tell her.
Family Ties Hotline Fever (TV-PG) Alex and his long-time rival are assigned to work at a hotline crisis center for school, but Alex finds it demeaning to work in a service position.
Family Ties 4 Rms Ocn Vu (TV-PG) The Keaton home becomes a hotel for the weekend when the kids need money for repairs after Elyse and Steven go out of town and Mallory crashes their car.
Silver Spoons Second Class Parent (TV-PG) In Edward's absence, Kate willingly grants Rick her permission to travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his friends for Christmas break.
Silver Spoons The Lady Is a Tramp (TV-PG) Rick invites a homeless woman to have dinner at the Stratton mansion where Edward also happens to be hosting a very important client.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Third Aunt from the Sun (TV-G) Sabrina must make a difficult decision when she visits her Aunt Vesta in a fantasy realm called Pleasuredome where she enjoys the laid back lifestyle.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Magic Joel (TV-G) Sabrina becomes a magician's assistant to try and catch Harvey's romantic attention, but she soon ends up turning the magician invisible.
Welcome Back Kotter Washington's Clone (TV-PG) A younger and nerdy student wants the approval of the Sweathogs so badly that he starts to emulate Freddie, but Freddie doesn't take the imitation flattering.
Soap (TV-PG) Chester disappears without his memory in tact, worrying everyone; Dutch and Elaine plan to run off together; Sally's ulterior motives are apparent.
Benson Pilot (TV-PG) While working as Jessica Tate's butler, Benson agrees to help out her cousin who has become the governor of his state and eventually gets a job offer.
227 Football Widow (TV-PG) When Mary feels like she is not getting enough attention from Lester, she asks Sandra to get them two tickets to the football game.
227 A Daughter Is a Precious Thing (TV-PG) When Brenda seeks relationship advice from Sandra, Mary is disappointed that she chose to change Brenda's appearance to get attention.
Gimme a Break! Herbie (TV-PG) Samantha's odd friend influences her in a negative way towards others, but when an earthquake strikes, she gains a new perspective on life, fueled by a birth.
Welcome Back Kotter Frog Day Afternoon (TV-PG) Arnold refuses to take part in the next biology class experiment, dissecting a frog, even though it is a requirement for a passing grade; he stages a protest.
Soap (TV-PG) The Campbells begin to scramble after realizing Elaine has been kidnapped by the mob; Jessica hires an investigator to find the missing Chester.
Benson Trust Me (TV-PG) Katie defies her father by going to a controversial rock concert while Benson was put in charge of watching her.
227 The Big Piano Playoff (TV-PG) When Mary decides to buy a piano against the wishes of both Lester and Brenda, Rose offers her free lessons while Sandra offers her a friendly bet.
227 Mary's Christmas (TV-G) When the Jenkins' church loses its land lease, they are forced to move the church to a new location before the Christmas pageant takes place.
Gimme a Break! James Returns (TV-PG) Nell runs into James who asks her to take him back, but Nell reveals she is still dealing with her ex-husband leaving her for a younger woman.
Welcome Back Kotter A Little Fright Music (TV-PG) Freddie re-writes Mister Woodman's version of the school anthem, which catches the attention of a popular recording artist who wants to record it.
Soap (TV-PG) Jodie and Carol's wedding day approaches; Eunice detests her new accommodations; Jessica gets some surprising news from the detective.
Benson The President's Double (TV-PG) The African president is wounded by would-be assassins while visiting for a dinner, forcing Benson to act as a stand in while the president heals.
227 The Bed of Rose's (TV-PG) Rose and her date hit it off so well he asks her to go away with him to New York, but Mary thinks it is too soon and she could jeopardize their future together.
227 Brenda's Last Date (TV-PG) Pearl asks Lester to have a man-to-man talk with Calvin about sex; Calvin asks Brenda to the school dance, but Mary and Lester think she is too young.
Gimme a Break! Samantha's Protest (TV-PG) Samantha joins a protest to save a historic site from demolition, and when the family joins, Carl, doing his job, is forced to arrest everyone protesting.
Welcome Back Kotter A Winter's Coat Tale (TV-PG) As the holidays come around, Vinnie selfishly buys himself a new camel-hair coat; the stylish coat is stolen from him by a couple of hoods.
Soap (TV-PG) Burt and Danny plan to hand off the ransom requested by the mob for Elaine's release; Corrine finally tells Tim she's pregnant.
Benson Benson in Love (TV-PG) Unknown to Benson, the beautiful woman he meets in the waiting room of the governor's mansion and asks for a date is Francine Wade, a sitting state senator.
227 A Young Man's Fancy (TV-PG) After Calvin loses a role as the romantic lead in the school play, Sandra attempts to boost his confidence to make him feel better.
227 We the People (TV-PG) When Lester's old boss comes to visit from Hawaii, the Jenkins are saddened to discover that he has been homeless since his business went bankrupt.
Gimme a Break! Flashback (TV-PG) Nell tells the girls of how she came into their lives, as she reveals their mother saw her sing one night and gave Nell a place to stay after quitting her job.
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