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Alice Spell Mel's (TV-PG) Mel launches a contest at the diner with a $3000 cash prize after a nearby competitor with a similar promotion starts to lure away customers.
Alice The Secret of Mel's Diner (TV-PG) After learning that the old man who built his diner hid thousands of dollars in his home, Mel starts looking for a secret treasure stash in the diner's walls.
Alice Mel's Cousin Wendell (TV-PG) Mel does not want to show his cousin around the city when he visits him, but when Vera catches his relative's attention, Mel teaches him how to court her.
Alice Come Back Little Sharples (TV-PG) When Mel gets fed up with his recent troubles, he retreats to his home to gorge on beer and pizza, forcing the waitresses to try and get him to return.
Alice Mel Is Hogg-Tied (TV-PG) When Boss Hogg and Deputy Enos from "The Dukes of Hazzard" visit Phoenix, Boss Hogg makes Mel an offer on the diner that the chef cannot refuse.
Alice The Robot Wore Pink (TV-PG) When the waitresses and Mel get into a disagreement, Alice quits in a rage, prompting Mel to replace her with a robot that becomes popular with customers.
Archie Bunker's Place Barney Gets Laid Off (TV-PG) After losing his job, Barney begins to work at the bar, but after several mistakes, Archie is forced to fire his friend; Billie convinces Archie to hire Barney.
Archie Bunker's Place Relief Bartender (TV-PG) After hiring a female bartender, Archie realizes he doesn't like the idea, so he fires her; a disgruntled employee plans to sue the bar.
Archie Bunker's Place Archie Gets a Head (TV-PG) After pricing contractors to add a bathroom to his basement, Archie recruits Jose and Raul to do the work instead; the family needs more space.
Archie Bunker's Place Archie's Night Out (TV-PG) Archie reluctantly agrees to go to a singles bar with Barney and Mr. Van Ranseleer, who are hoping to find the right ladies to take out to dinner.
Archie Bunker's Place Store Wars (TV-PG) Murray arrives back in town to check in on the status of his half of the business and why it hasn't been sold yet; Archie tries to find a buyer.
Archie Bunker's Place I'm Torn Here (TV-PG) Gary approaches Billie about getting back together after seeing her out with one of his biggest rivals from school; Billie considers her feelings.
Three's Company Jack Goes the Distance (TV-PG) Jack challenges an obnoxious Reagle Beagle patron to a fight, but problems arise when he learns that his opponent is an accomplished boxer.
Three's Company Jack's Double Date (TV-PG) The girls bet Jack that he can't go a week without being with a woman, but he makes a mistake when he decides to join Mr. Furley for ladies night at the bar.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Comedian Joan Rivers; environmental advocate Joan Embery; actor Philip Michael Thomas.
Coach Good-bye, Mr. Putts (TV-PG) Hayden and the other guys are challenged to a round of golf by the female coaches to determine who will get the best parking spaces.
Coach Head Like a Wheel (TV-PG) Hayden is seized with the sudden desire to drive a race car on his 49th birthday, a wish that puts him in contact with some racing legends.
Three's Company Janet's Little Helper (TV-PG) Jack and Terri believe that Janet may be trying to rob the cradle when she is actually just trying to help Mr. Furley's shy nephew become a gentleman.
Three's Company The Apartment (TV-PG) Jack decides to sleep at the small, abandoned apartment over the restaurant, where he walks in on Mr. Angelino with his mistress.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actress Suzanne Pleshette visits the show; television personality Dick Cavett makes an appearance.
Coach Retrospective, Part 1 (TV-PG) This greatest moments retrospective involves an in-depth interview with head football coach Hayden about his life and work at Minnesota State.
Coach Retrospective, Part 2 (TV-PG) A retrospective of moments from Hayden's life at Minnesota State University explores his relationships with the other significant people in his life.
Three's Company Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (TV-PG) In order to improve his chances with the ladies, Jack buys a fake mustache, but his plan backfires when Terri ends up falling for him.
Three's Company Navy Blues (TV-PG) An old Navy buddy of Jack's comes into town with the hopes that he can weasel his way into Jack's business by using his Navy desertion as leverage.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include comedian Jonathan Winters and actor Peter Strauss.
Coach Pros and Cons (TV-PG) Hayden gets the opportunity to interview for a position with the NFL, but he keeps it a secret from Dauber and Luther until he makes a decision.
Coach It Should Happen to You (TV-PG) Hayden decides to hire a high-powered image consultant, who is determined to transform his life and make him into a football superstar.
Three's Company Borrowing Trouble (TV-PG) The girls invent a fake contest for Jack to "win," thinking that he needs rent money; however, they are upset when he doesn't spend it like they had planned.
Three's Company Jack, Be Quick (TV-PG) Jack is upset when his girlfriend tells him that she wants to have his baby but does not want to marry him, and Terri and Janet encourage him to do it.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actress Lynn Redgrave sits down for an interview; comedian Paul Reiser visits the show; journalist David Hororwitz makes an appearance.
Coach Graceless Under Fire (TV-PG) Hayden hires an image consultant in an effort to prove that his winning season wasn't just a fluke, but she gets in the way of his coaching.
Coach Judy's Turn (TV-PG) Judy returns from a European trip with the woman's basketball team and tells Dauber she had an affair with a Romanian man, putting their engagement at risk.
Three's Company She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (TV-PG) Larry and Jack invite the girls for a weekend getaway to find out which one wants to have an affair with Jack after they find a completed magazine quiz.
Three's Company The Money Machine (TV-PG) Mr. Furley finally gets around to replacing the couch, but Jack and Terri have hidden money there that got from a faulty transaction at the ATM.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Angie Dickinson, Ethel Merman, Richard Barathy and Henry Heinlich.
Coach (TV-PG) A college football coach lives for his sport while trying to be everything required of him by his players, coaching staff, daughter and girlfriend.
Coach Above and Beyond the Call of Hayden (TV-PG) Luther starts spending more time with his new girlfriend, Ruthanne, and less time with Hayden, unwittingly prompting a confrontation.
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Head of the Class Recruitment Day (TV-G)
Head of the Class Where's Charlie? (TV-G)
Head of the Class Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 1 (TV-G)
Head of the Class Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 2 (TV-G)
Head of the Class It Couldn't Last Forever Part 1 (TV-G)
Head of the Class It Couldn't Last Forever Part 2 (TV-G)
Welcome Back Kotter Epstein's Madonna (TV-PG) Epstein is struck with inspiration when he thinks about Julie Kotter, and he uses that inspiration to paint a mural of a naked woman on school grounds.
Welcome Back Kotter Sweatwork (TV-PG) The Sweathogs host a radio station in the school, but Horshack's show gets cancelled quickly due to poor ratings; a change makes his show a sudden hit.
Welcome Back Kotter What Goes Up (TV-PG) Freddie suffers an injury while playing basketball, and is prescribed a painkiller; he becomes addicted to the pills and his friends become concerned.
Welcome Back Kotter The Kiss (TV-PG) An act of heroism gets Mr. Kotter in trouble when he performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a female student who fainted in the classroom.
Welcome Back Kotter X-rated Education (TV-PG) An unfortunate mix-up happens when Carvelli brings an X-rated film to show to the Sweathogs, and Julie brings in a sex education film to upset parents.
Welcome Back Kotter A Little Fright Music (TV-PG) Freddie re-writes Mister Woodman's version of the school anthem, which catches the attention of a popular recording artist who wants to record it.
Three's Company Out on a Limb (TV-PG) Jack must find a way to get back an angry letter he sent out to a food critic when he thought that he was going to give the restaurant a bad review.
Three's Company Alias Jack Tripper (TV-PG) Jack asks his friend, Larry, to stand in for him after he realizes that he has made the mistake of planning two dates for the same night.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Albert Brooks sits down for an interview; actress Susan Sarandon makes an appearance.
Coach Inconceivable (TV-PG) Hayden and Christine have a major marital blowup over her seeming "impregnability" and the resulting mechanical nature of their recent love life.
Coach Jail Birds (TV-PG) Against Hayden's advice, Christine still decides to attend a bachelorette party thrown by Ruthann, and then, she winds up getting into trouble.
Three's Company Hearing Is Believing (TV-PG) Janet assumes the worst and becomes suspicious when Jack's new girlfriend, who is actually a sex therapist, refuses to talk about her line of work.
Three's Company Grandma Jack (TV-PG) Jack wins $10,000 in the Lander's bake-off contest; however, he learns that the contest is only open to women, so he must prepare his recipe in drag.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests B.J. Sniff, Bill Maher and Leonard Nimoy.
Coach My Fair Agent (TV-PG) Hayden's sexist attitude quickly rises to the surface when he meets with the attractive woman sent by his agent to provide interview training.
Coach Be a Good Sport (TV-PG) Unexpected cuts in the non-football athletic budget force Hayden to participate in a televised debate in hopes of gaining more sponsors.
Three's Company Like Father, Like Son (TV-PG) Jack is not pleased when his meddling father comes to town; however, his outlook changes when he learns that his father has happened upon tough times.
Three's Company The Odd Couples (TV-PG) In order to fend off Terri's lascivious boss Terri and Jack pose as husband and wife after they invite him and his wife over for dinner.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Martin Mull is interviewed; comedian Jerry Seinfeld visits the show; actor Scot Morris.
Coach Working Girl (TV-PG) Carter tries to replace Christine with a younger female host, but his plan backfires and he loses his own job, then needs Christine's help to get it back.
Coach Out of Control (TV-PG) When Coach Hayden encourages his players to get tougher on the field, it results in a potentially serious injury for a player on the opposing team.
Three's Company Now You See It, Now You Don't (TV-PG) Jack enlists Larry and his roommates' to help him win back the money he gambled with and lost at a charity casino event attends with a socialite.
Three's Company The Charming Stranger (TV-PG) Both Janet and Terri are smitten with their new British neighbor; however, Jack and Mr. Furley come to the conclusion that he is a jewel thief.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host sits down with Emmy Award winning actress Mariette Hartley and comedian Michael Palin.
Coach The Popcorn Bowl (TV-PG) A rumor circulates on the night before a bowl game that Hayden is secretly considering a job in the pros, which may lead to everyone's lack of focus.
Coach Luther and Ruthanne Take the Big Twelve Steps (TV-PG) Realizing that it is time to change, Luther and Ruthanne try to lend each other a hand as they embark on a program to lose their bad habits.
Three's Company Janet Shapes Up (TV-PG) When Janet beings working as an aerobics instructor her new boss takes a liking to Jack; however, she expects Jack to be her constant companion.
Three's Company Itching for Trouble (TV-PG) Jack's high school crush moves into town, and he is thrilled to be reunited with her until he discovers she is seeking marital advice from him.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host sits down for an interview with actor Paul Lynde; actor McLean Stevenson makes an appearance; sports announcer Bob Ueker visits the show; Carol Wayne.
Coach (TV-PG) A college football coach lives for his sport while trying to be everything required of him by his players, coaching staff, daughter and girlfriend.
Coach Did Someone Call Me Snorer (TV-PG) Hayden adamantly refuses to go quietly when Christine insists that he head off his snoring problem with a trip to a sleep therapy clinic.
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