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Benson Jessica (TV-PG) The governor's cousin, who is also Benson's former employer, visits the mansion and accidentally finds herself involved in a scandal.
227 Do Not Pass Go, Part 1 (TV-G) While in Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert, Rose's boyfriend ask her to marry him, but Mary becomes suspicious when she sees him with another woman.
227 Do Not Pass Go, Part 2 (TV-G) While in Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert, Travis gets stage fright at the comedy show and Rose's fiancé finds the person who stole Pearl's broche.
Gimme a Break! Police Mamas (TV-PG) Nell and Addy become cops due to most of the other officers suffering from food poisoning, and the two are called to investigate a burglary in progress.
Maude Music Hath Charms (TV-PG) For their fifth wedding anniversary, Maude gives Walter an electric organ as a gift; after an argument with Maude, Walter crashes his car into a tree.
Maude The Office Party (TV-PG) When an office party at the Findlays' sets the stage for Walter's employees to reveal their plans to be unionized, Walter decides to fire all of them.
Benson Don't Quote Me (TV-PG) A damaging quote is leaked by a member of the staff and gets into the press, forcing an investigation into who was responsible before more damage is done.
227 You Gotta Have Art (TV-PG) When Mary helps Eva straighten up her gallery, she becomes a pop-art sensation over night and is invited on the "Joan Rivers Show".
227 Gone Fishing (TV-PG) When Julian's soon-to-be ex-wife threatens to take 227 from him in the divorce settlement, he calls on Mary for some serious assistance.
Gimme a Break! Monkey See, Monkey Do (TV-PG) When Carl gets angry at his daughters and reveals one of them is his favorite, everyone gets upset and moves in together into Katie's new apartment.
Maude Love Birds (TV-PG) When Arthur continues to mention his late wife, Vivian gets upset and they fight; Maude and Walter argue over her late husband, Albert.
Maude Maude's Guest (TV-PG) When a feisty teenager comes to live with the Findlays for a while, she quickly shows her disdain for the family and begins acting out.
Benson War Stories (TV-PG) Benson sets up his old army friend, Eddie, with single Marcy while he has stopped by for a visit without realizing that his friend is a married man.
227 Nightmare on 227 (TV-PG) After Mary is cast as a crazed murderer in a horror movie being filmed outside 227, she has an unscheduled rehearsal with the NYU dean.
227 The Class of '90 (TV-PG) While Brenda prepares to graduate from high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis; Lester does not approve of his father's girlfriend.
Gimme a Break! Friendship (TV-PG) After learning Addy is spending more time with others, Nell tries to make her jealous by having lunch with another at the same place Addy is meeting someone.
Maude The Wallet (TV-PG) After Maude finds a wallet on the street belonging to a man known for his infidelities, she starts suspecting Walter may be cheating on her.
Maude Maude's Revolt (TV-PG) When Maude becomes depressed about turning another year older at her surprise party, she goes into her bedroom and refuses to come out.
Benson Ghost Story (TV-PG) After strange things begin happening in the mansion, Kraus is convinced a ghost is responsible and through a seance learns it's a murdered former governor.
227 No Place Like Home (TV-PG) After Mary misinterprets a plea for help from homeless advocate Theodore Hayes as a threat to her safety, she dreams she is homeless.
227 Honesty (TV-PG) After Mary accidentally hits a BMW, breaking its tail light, Sandra tells her to use her femininity to get out of paying for the damages.
Gimme a Break! Julie's Birthday (TV-PG) During Julie's 18th birthday party, Nell attempts to have her reunite with Jonathan by having him constantly deliver pizzas to get her to speak to him.
Maude The Commuter Station (TV-PG) When Maude, Walter, Arthur and Vivian get stuck in a train station during a blizzard, Maude confronts Arthur about the cold feet he has over marrying Vivian.
Maude Florida's Goodbye (TV-PG) When Florida's husband gets a job promotion, she decides to quit working and become a housewife; Maude meets with applicants to take over Florida's job.
Silver Spoons Who's the Boss (TV-PG) Kate's new promotion to president of Eddie Toys proves successful for the company but threatens to tear the Stratton household apart.
Silver Spoons The Beach House (TV-PG) Rick forgets all about his girlfriend back home when he is tempted by an attractive girl who is staying next door to him on vacation.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch The Whole Ball of Wax (TV-G) Sabrina is overjoyed by her mother's surprise visit, but her happiness is quickly subdued when her mother is turned into a ball of wax by the Witches' Council.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Driving Mr. Goodman (TV-G) Sabrina takes Miles out for driving lessons but they get in a minor accident and the other driver tries to swindle them out of millions with a phony lawsuit.
Becker The Ugly Truth (TV-PG) Reggie tests Becker without his knowledge to see if he favors his attractive patients; Jake encounters problems after having been sent a driver's license.
Becker The More You Know (TV-PG) Becker inadvertently finds out that Linda and Reggie are dating the same man, while Bob works tirelessly to figure out who in the building is the hooker.
Silver Spoons The Live-In (TV-PG) The Strattons' new Swedish housekeeper becomes convinced that Edward has a crush on her when in fact it is Rick who is completely smitten with her.
Silver Spoons Lost and Found (TV-PG) Kate's grandmother arrives for a visit with the Strattons, and despite exhibiting signs of memory loss, she insists on maintaining her independence.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch I Fall to Pieces (TV-G) Sabrina and Zelda take Hilda shopping in the Other Realm in an attempt to cheer her up after her break-up and she ends up falling meeting the love of her life.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Total Sabrina Live (TV-G) Morgan wins a writing contest for Scorch music magazine; Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan move into the house after Sabrina's aunts move back to the Other Realm.
Becker You Say Gay Son, I Say God Son (TV-PG) Becker's godson decides to "come out" and seeks advice on how to tell his father; Reggie is caught up in a competition with an arrogant friend.
Becker The Nocturnal Omissions (TV-PG) Insomnia has led to sleep-deprived crankiness for John and is driving everyone else crazy, but he can't rely on his usual cure since his television has died.
Benson Taylor's Bid (TV-PG) Taylor quits his job as the governor's advisor in order to run for a public office himself, but the governor soon learns he cannot manage without Taylor's help.
227 Mary's Brother (TV-PG) While Mary's brother is in town on business, he goes on a date with Rose, but she has nothing good to say about him or their date.
227 Family Hero (TV-PG) When Brenda has to write a paper about her most interesting relative, Mary tells her to write it on her uncle, a soldier with the Civil War's 54th infantry.
Gimme a Break! Joey's Train (TV-PG) As Nell suffers difficulty in dealing with the death of Carl, she gets angry at Joey, Julie and Jonathan for trying to take over Carl's room.
Maude The Tax Audit (TV-PG) When the man responsible fro giving the Findlays a tax audit turns out to be the man who tried to rape Maude 31 years ago, Maude decides to get even.
Maude The Investment (TV-PG) When Arthur gives Walter a bad stock tip that causes him to lose $3,700, Walter, Arthur, Maude and Vivian get into a four-way argument.
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Benson One Strike, You're Out (TV-PG) After the governor refuses to give his staff a raise, they decide to strike, leaving Benson to do everything required for a very important dinner.
227 The Refrigerator (TV-PG) Mary agrees to loan Sandra her apartment to throw an extravagant party if Sandra can convince their landlord to order Mary a new refrigerator.
227 Do You Love Me? (TV-PG) Mary's neighbors are breaking up, and she is scared that the same thing could happen to her and Lester; Sandra has to baby-sit her 6-year-old niece.
Gimme a Break! Ship of Fools, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Nell is offered a performance position on her ex-husband Tony's ship, she finally decides to take up the position after much thought.
Maude Phillip's Problem (TV-PG) When Maude's grandson Philip visits and begins behaving badly and Carol does not know what to do, Walter suggests giving him an old fashioned spanking.
Maude The Runaway (TV-PG) A teenage girl from the ghetto who previously stayed with Maude returns with a story about needing money to leave home to get away from her abusive father.
Benson Just Friends (TV-PG) An entrepreneur, whose wife was a once former lover of Benson's, attempts to set up an arrangement with the governor for a factory, but Benson opposes the deal.
227 Pilot (TV-PG) Sandra expects to become the building supervisor, after the landlord dies and vows to kick out Mary who calls an inspector who demands expensive repairs.
227 Football Widow (TV-PG) When Mary feels like she is not getting enough attention from Lester, she asks Sandra to get them two tickets to the football game.
Gimme a Break! Ship of Fools, Part 2 (TV-PG) While Nell is working aboard her former husband Tony's ship as a performer, Tony begins to develop romantic feelings for a familiar person.
Maude Maude Meets the Duke (TV-PG) When Arthur talks Maude into hosting a party for John Wayne, she plans to have a verbal confrontation with the Duke about woman's lib.
Maude The Kiss (TV-PG) When Maude catches Walter and Vivian sharing a kiss, it leads to yet another drama filled marital spats between the Findlays and the Harmons.
Dennis the Menace The Stock Certificate (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is pleasantly surprised to discover that his stock certificate is worth several hundred dollars, and he attempts to keep it hidden from Dennis.
Dennis the Menace Man of the House (TV-G) Alice becomes bed-ridden from a random illness, and Dennis is the only one that is present to take care of her when his father has to leave town on business.
Dennis the Menace The Rock Collection (TV-G) Dennis takes up collecting rare rocks in order to keep himself busy and out of continued trouble, and the eager youngster believes he's discovered gold.
Dennis the Menace Henry and Togetherness (TV-G) Mr. Wilson enacts a ploy to trick Henry into spending more time with his son, who is busy with his own efforts to cover up an aquarium hole.
Dennis the Menace Paint-up, Clean-up Week (TV-G) Mr. Wilson gets himself into trouble with the city during a week dedicated to beautification, after giving Dennis some red paint to use.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Learns to Whistle (TV-G) Dennis becomes distraught when he learns that he is the only one that's unable to whistle, and spends an entire afternoon attempting to learn.
Dennis the Menace The Lucky Piece (TV-G) An irate Mrs. Wilson does her best to bring Dennis the good fortune that her husband falsely promised with a supposedly lucky coin he gives the youngster.
Dennis the Menace The Fifteen Foot Christmas Tree (TV-G) Natural elements and other circumstances serve as challenges for the guys when they attempt to take a massive Christmas tree home after cutting it down.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Bank Account (TV-G) Mr. Wilson gets a temporary position with the local bank, and Dennis sees an opportunity to convince him to open up an account for him.
Dennis the Menace Through Thick and Thin (TV-G) Dennis and his fellow cub scouts put together a circus to raise funds, and Mr. Wilson conditionally agrees to step into the costume of a fearsome lion.
Dennis the Menace Calling All Bird Lovers (TV-G) A passionate birdwatcher regales her fellow enthusiasts with authentic bird calls when Mr. Wilson hosts a get-together at his home.
Dennis the Menace Silence Is Golden (TV-G) Dennis finds that he has nobody to speak to after his parents lament his incessant talking and Mr. Wilson promises a gift in exchange for a day's silence.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's 2nd Childhood (TV-G) Mr. Wilson researches the behavioral patterns of modern-day youths by spending some extra time with Dennis and all of his friends.
Dennis the Menace Jane Butterfield Says (TV-G) Mr. Wilson believes that his firsthand experience will allow him to make single women happy through the temporary assignment of a romance column.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Hermit (TV-G) Dennis attempts to spend some quality time with an isolated individual, while Mr. Wilson grills the man about his possible service in the Civil War.
Dennis the Menace My Uncle Ned (TV-G) A freak weather accident and his uncle's refusal to confirm crucial details stand in Mr. Wilson's way when he writes a book about his relative.
Dennis the Menace Junior Astronaut (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is selected to be the next chairman for the local chapter of Junior Astronauts, and his contest allows one lucky winner to meet an astronaut.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's Little White Lie (TV-G) Mr. Wilson tells Dennis that he has fallen ill in order to get a day to himself, but the persistent youngster leads the neighborhood to believe he is dying.
Silver Spoons Rick Sells His Sole (TV-PG) Rick works as a shoe salesman and schemes to ruin a co-worker's promotion, but he is unaware that his intended target is actually the store owner's nephew.
Silver Spoons A Family Affair (TV-PG) When Rick dumps his girlfriend following a heated disagreement, he discovers that she may be the daughter of a notorious mobster.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch The Big Head (TV-G) Sabrina begins job at Scorch music magazine with an assignment to write an article about an arrogant rock star; Morgan and Roxie decide to train Salem.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Call Me Crazy (TV-G) Sabrina desperately tries to impress her new coworkers and prove her worth but her efforts backfire and she ends up making her coworkers think she's crazy.
Becker The TorMentor (TV-PG) Becker's excitement turns to disappointment when he realizes that his favorite college professor from Harvard doesn't even remember him.
Becker Small Wonder, Part #1 (TV-PG) A lecture to an overweight Vinny prompts him to ask to work out with John at his gym, but he has a heart attack while exercising; Linda decides to go blond.
Benson (TV-PG) In order to help out her cousin, who is a Governor, a woman lends him her own butler who makes a great impression and is given a new job offer.
227 (TV-G) Working-class apartment dwellers with comedic personalities in Washington, D.C. will share their love, lives and gossip on the steps of their tenement.
227 (TV-G) Working-class apartment dwellers with comedic personalities in Washington, D.C. will share their love, lives and gossip on the steps of their tenement.
Gimme a Break! (TV-G) An outspoken and unapologetic housekeeper is hired by a widowed police chief to assist with the raising of his three young daughters.
Maude (TV-PG) A highly opinionated and middle-aged woman living in southern New York with her fourth husband asserts her opinions against conservative ideals.
Maude (TV-PG) A highly opinionated and middle-aged woman living in southern New York with her fourth husband asserts her opinions against conservative ideals.
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