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Programs for KNXV-TV on Saturday, November 18, 2017
12:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show Drew Blows His Promotion (TV-14) When the annual series of pranks rolls around for Drew's birthday, a mix-up ends up costing Drew his big promotion.
12:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show Check Out Drew's Old Flame (TV-14) Drew inadvertently meets an old girlfriend from high school with financial problems and proceeds to help her out, only to find out it was all a scam.
1:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Jimmy's Girl (TV-14) Grace suffers a bout of bad credit when her credit card gets declined; Grace has a few words of her own when Jimmy's latest girlfriend offers advice.
1:30 AM
Grace Under Fire Splitsville (TV-14) Nadine and Wade's life together is tumultuous and confrontational; reconciliation's a remote possibility; her solution is to ask Grace to let her room with her.
2:00 AM
Mixed Nuts (TV-PG, PG-13, **) Bumbling misfits staffing a suicide prevention hotline in California attempt to counsel distraught callers on the night of Christmas.
4:00 AM
Cybill Call Me Irresponsible (TV-14) Cybill and Maryann, dateless on Valentines Day and feeling under appreciated, plot a trip to Las Vegas, where Maryann plans to max out her ex's credit card.
4:30 AM
Cybill See Jeff Jump, Jump, Jeff, Jump! (TV-14) Cybill finds her efforts to get Jeff back out on his own prove futile when Jeff gets fired from his job and makes the sudden decision to change his career path.
5:00 AM
Cybill The Curse of Zoey (TV-14) Cybill thinks that a psychic may have been right about a negative energy in her home whenever her luck improves upon Zoey's moving out.
5:30 AM
Cybill The Replacements (TV-14) Cybill struggles with feelings of neglect when Maryanne, her supposed best friend, begins spending all of her time with her new bassoon-playing boyfriend.
6:00 AM
Ellen The Sleep Clinic (TV-PG) Ellen has an erotic dream about Adam and attempts to find out the meaning behind it; Audrey becomes convinced that she must sleep with Adam.
6:30 AM
Ellen Gladiators (TV-PG) Ellen is talked into becoming a contestant on a television show; Joe gets a note; Audrey and Paige enter into a legal battle after a car accident.
7:00 AM
Ellen $5,000 (TV-PG) Ellen tries to find a way to get a donation back from a charity; Joe becomes worried that he may be deported and tries to prove his patriotism.
7:30 AM
Ellen Three Strikes (TV-PG) Ellen is arrested for participating in an illegal protest and is forced to stay in the custody of her parents; Ellen runs off with her parents' car.
8:00 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Phinda: Born Again Africa (TV-G) Jack visits a reserve in South Africa where researchers are using cave paintings to reconstruct what life was once like.
8:30 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Dolphin Dive (TV-G) Jack dives with bottle-nose dolphins in the Bahamas to learn first-hand how they behave in the deep and also visits a dolphin habitat.
9:00 AM
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Wrangling Wild Wombats (TV-G) Tim travels to Southern Australia to learn about conservation efforts for the southern hairy nosed wombat; the host discovers an Australian owlet-nightjar.
9:30 AM
Dog Town, USA Parker and Barney (HD, TV-G) A Dachshund with dental problems and a Shih-Tzu with hurt paws are rescued from an overcrowded shelter in West Virginia.
10:00 AM
Dog Town, USA Search and Rescue (HD, TV-G) Dogtown behavior consultant Sherry Woodard launches a program that trains search and rescue dogs, and begins by working with a Border Collie mix named Ollie.
10:30 AM
Recipe Rehab Holiday Sides (HD, TV-G) Two chefs compete to rehab a family's favorite Thanksgiving dinner sides without losing their flavors.
11:00 AM
Houseguest (TV-PG, PG, **+) A dreamer who owes money to the mob for a failed business venture tries to hide by posing as the childhood friend of a straight-laced suburbanite.
1:30 PM
Police Academy 3: Back in Training (PG, **) When budget cuts threaten to shut down their alma mater, a bunch of misfit academy graduates must train cadets to compete with those from another school.
3:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show See Drew Run (TV-14) When a number of accidents occur in the new parking garage, Drew decides to go on hunger strike to protest the company's negligent safety laws.
4:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew Gets Married (TV-14) Drew returns from a convention in Las Vegas where he helped a disadvantaged young mother gain custody of her kids by posing as her husband.
4:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Man's Best Same Sex Companion (TV-14) Drew pretends to have a gay lover in order to get health benefits for his dog's hip surgery; Kate gets a ferret with a penchant for escaping.
5:00 PM
That '70s Show Jackie Bags Hyde (TV-14) Jackie tries to make Hyde jealous by bringing Chip to Red's annual barbecue, and when circumstances cause him to defend her honor they end up kissing.
5:30 PM
That '70s Show Hyde's Christmas Rager (TV-14) Donna and Jackie go to a bar, and Jackie hits on a guy her mother dated 20 years ago; when Eric gets drunk at Bud's party Red convinces him to be stricter.
6:00 PM
That '70s Show Ice Shack (TV-14) Kelso pulls a clever ruse to get Jackie, Eric and Donna to go with him to his uncle's ice shack, but Fez tags along to stop Kelso from getting back with Jackie.
6:30 PM
That '70s Show Who Wants it More? (TV-14) After nearly being killed by a falling tree, Red changes his entire outlook on life; Kelso claims to have seen a UFO; Eric and Donna hold off on sex.
7:00 PM
Roseanne Crime and Punishment (TV-14) DJ gets in trouble with Dan for taking Darlene's offensive comic book to school; Dan has a powerful reaction when Roseanne learns that Fisher has beaten Jackie.
7:30 PM
Roseanne War and Peace (TV-14) Dan returns home from his stay in jail to numerous rumors about how he ended up there, but no one truly knows what exactly happened that night.
8:00 PM
Roseanne Lanford Daze (TV-PG) Darlene doesn't like the Lunch Box or the food they serve, but when she is caught vandalizing the restaurant, she is forced to sell their food at the fair.
8:30 PM
Roseanne Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home (TV-PG) Roseanne's father passes away, leaving a large impact on the lives of the women in his life when Roseanne volunteers to handle the arrangements.
9:00 PM
That '70s Show Fez Gets the Girl (TV-14) Donna sets Fez up with a girl he likes and gives them two Led Zeppelin tickets; Eric wins employee of the month and lets it go to his head.
9:30 PM
That '70s Show Dine and Dash (TV-14) Bob becomes upset when Red doesn't offer him a job at Pricemart; Kelso brings the gang to an expensive dinner and then skips out on the bill.
10:00 PM
That '70s Show Radio Daze (TV-14) Eric gets jealous when Donna's new job at a radio station makes her into a popular DJ known as Hot Donna, who everyone in town believes is single.
10:30 PM
That '70s Show Donna's Panties (TV-PG) Eric pulls down Donna's pants as a joke and reveals her granny panties underneath; Kelso discovers that Laurie is cheating on him; Fez goes on a date.
11:00 PM
Roseanne First Cousin, Twice Removed (TV-PG) Roseanne hasn't seen her cousin in 25 years, but when she visits Lanford to make amends with her, Roseanne has to think whether she should forgive her cousin.
11:30 PM
Roseanne Lose a Job, Winnebago (TV-PG) Roseanne joins the Tildens when they announce that they are taking a road trip vacation in their Winnebago; Roseanne encourages the Tildens to go to California.
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