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Programs for KNXV-DT4 on Sunday, September 27, 2020
12:00 AM
The FBI Files Above the Law (HD, TV-14) Sophisticated lab work and persistence led to the arrest and conviction of a highway patrolman for rape and murder.
1:00 AM
The FBI Files Deadly Obsession (HD, TV-14) A woman vanishes and when her body or a murder weapon can't be found, investigators must go undercover to prove their case against her ex-lover.
2:00 AM
The FBI Files The First and Kennedy Street Crew (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officials hunt down the members of a gang who murdered a detective and two FBI agents on the streets of Washington, D.C.
3:00 AM
Deep Undercover Operation Nevada Volunteers: Sin City Bomber (TV-14)
3:30 AM
Deep Undercover Operation Last Call: Hooker Takedown (TV-14)
4:00 AM
Murderous Affairs Bad Lovers (TV-14)
4:30 AM
Murderous Affairs Run for Your Life (TV-14)
5:00 AM
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Florida v. Anthony (Repeat)
6:00 AM
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Arizona v. Arias (Repeat)
7:00 AM
The FBI Files Hunter's Target (HD, TV-14) An FBI investigation uncovers a conspiracy that includes a man who is willing to murder his friends for money.
8:00 AM
The FBI Files The Shootist (HD, TV-14) In the late 1980s, a lone gunman responsible for the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in FBI history, finds a match in the FBI.
9:00 AM
The FBI Files Rebellion in Paradise (HD, TV-14) The Macheteros (Machete Wielders), whose only goal is the creation of a sovereign Puerto Rico at all costs, claim credit for an assault on 18 unarmed servicemen
10:00 AM
The FBI Files A Hunter's Game (HD, TV-14) Robert Hansen sexually abused women for days then sent them naked into the freezing woods where he hunted them with a rifle.
11:00 AM
It Takes A Killer The Gainesville Ripper (HD, TV-14) A former prison inmate goes on the run and begins to murder people in Gainesville, Fla., as he seeks revenge on society for spending eight-years in prison.
11:30 AM
It Takes A Killer Terror on the Strip (HD, TV-14) A murderer with a past of serial rape terrorizes the red light district in Tampa, Fla., and randomly targets women during the night.
12:00 PM
It Takes a Killer Murderous Ambition (HD, TV-14) When a husband and his pregnant wife are shot dead, police think it was a random act of violence, but they later try to track down the killer, who had a motive.
12:30 PM
It Takes a Killer Spoiled, Rotten, & Ruthless (HD, TV-14) After three members of a wealthy family were killed, it takes nearly three years and a few fortunate breaks before law enforcement finally finds the killer.
1:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes A Skydiver Murder (HD, TV-PG) The world renowned painter Wolfgang Beltracchi was revealed to be an impostor; deadly love triangle between a teacher, a mother and a skydiving instructor.
1:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Killer Cross-Dresser (HD, TV-PG) A homeless man murders the couple who hired him as a housekeeper; a former American astronaut attempted to kidnap her ex-lover's current girlfriend.
2:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Oklahoma City Bombing (HD, TV-PG) A look into the FBI investigation of the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh, including a history of his life and personal interviews from the victims.
2:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Texas Teen Love Triangle (HD, TV-PG) Investigators make the discovery of revealing clues of obsession, teenage romance and revenge related to the alleged murder of a high school girl.
3:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes The Makeover Murder (HD, TV-PG) A former beauty queen and prominent surgeon raise eight children together, but the family is soon torn apart after the mother is found dead in the bathtub.
3:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Panic at Canyon Lake (HD, TV-PG) Investigators follow a trail of credit card fraud that leads them to a shopaholic killer that kills several women in the gated community of Canyon Lake, Calif.
4:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Gambled On Murder (HD, TV-PG) An investigative series that recreates cases involving corruption, as various crime specialists analyze each individual case and provide their expert opinions.
4:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Semper Free (HD, TV-PG) An investigative series that recreates cases involving corruption, as various crime specialists analyze each individual case and provide their expert opinions.
5:00 PM
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Texas v. Guyger (New)
6:00 PM
Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Texas v. Guyger (Repeat)
7:00 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Missouri 500: Dogfighting Duo (TV-14)
7:30 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Thin Crust: Destroying Vegas Mob (TV-14)
8:00 PM
Murderous Affairs Dead Silence (TV-14)
8:30 PM
Murderous Affairs Flight of Fancy (TV-14)
9:00 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Orozco: Cartel Laundry (TV-14)
9:30 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Komex: Selling Sarin (TV-14)
10:00 PM
Murderous Affairs Shattered Lives (TV-14)
10:30 PM
Murderous Affairs Deception (TV-14)
11:00 PM
The FBI Files The Dixie Mafia (HD, TV-14) After ten years, FBI agents finally solve the murder of a judge and his wife, and uncover a vast conspiracy in the process.
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