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Programs for KNXV-DT on Thursday, May 25, 2017
12:00 AM
Becker All the Rage (TV-PG) Becker's ill-temper gets him into real trouble when he chews out two policemen for double parking and gets sentenced to an anger-management class.
12:30 AM
Becker Old Yeller (TV-PG) Both Becker and his car are getting older and when it gets ticketed due to broken parts, Becker buys a motorcycle and everyone suspects a mid-life crisis.
1:00 AM
Newhart Get Dick (TV-PG) Dick is guilty of burning down Maison Hubert after enjoying an after-dinner cigar, so the Loudons graciously offer to give Hubert a room at the Inn.
1:30 AM
Newhart Poetry and Pastry (TV-PG) Dick is chosen to judge the town's annual poetry and pastry contest and becomes the object of Miss Goddard's affections.
2:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actress Shelley Long; actress Liv Ullmann; comedian Bob Nelson.
3:00 AM
What's Happening!! Black and White Blues Rerun has a bright idea to borrow the color TV the church is raffling after their black and white one breaks down in the middle of a football game.
3:30 AM
What's Happening!! Going, Going, Gong As the new manager of a kid's song and dance group, Raj is convinced they are ready to try out for the Gong Show but runs into competition from Rerun.
4:00 AM
Mr. Belvedere Baby (TV-G) Marsha is upset when she receives news she may be pregnant and voices it out load; Mr. Belvedere accepts an award from Queen Elizabeth.
4:30 AM
Mr. Belvedere Separation (TV-G) When George and Marsha start bickering constantly, Mr. Belvedere suggests they go on a marriage retreat, but they decide to separate instead.
5:00 AM
Doogie Howser, M.D. Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's (TV-PG) After Doogie runs into the former gang member who once held him hostage, he tries to help the boy out by arranging for him to get a job at the hospital.
5:30 AM
Doogie Howser, M.D. Ask Dr. Doogie (TV-PG) When Doogie becomes a celebrity, he must make a difficult choice after his newfound fame and hectic schedule begin to interfere with his duties as a doctor.
6:00 AM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Free Sabrina (TV-G) Sabrina witnesses a famous actress shoplifting at a store and tries to prove to everyone she's a thief, but Sabrina ends up detained instead.
6:30 AM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina Unplugged (TV-G) Sabrina has to break into the computer system at the office when footage of her casting magical spells is caught by secretly installed webcams.
7:00 AM
Mork & Mindy Three the Hard Way (TV-G) Dr. Exidor confirms that Mork's craving for Teflon is a sign that he is about to give birth, but Mindy has trouble understanding how their child can be an egg.
7:30 AM
Mork & Mindy Mama Mork, Papa Mindy (TV-G) Mearth adjusts to life with her newborn 225-pound son, but when he starts to speak and calls her "Shoe," she feels hurt and withdraws from her son.
8:00 AM
Green Acres The Agricultural Student (TV-G) The Agricultural Department decides to send a student in order to observe the work of County Agent Hank Kimball.
8:30 AM
Green Acres How Hooterville Was Floundered (TV-G) Joe Carson quits as the head of the Hooterville centennial celebration and Oliver decides to take over, and suggests a reenactment of the towns finding.
9:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Tax Refund (TV-G) Gracie invites the mayor of Los Angeles over to her home for dinner.
9:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Cigarette Girl; Georgie Jessel; Teddy Bear (TV-G) After reading a vague gossip column tip and spotting a mysterious teddy bear, Gracie starts to think that George is having an affair with the cigarette girl.
10:00 AM
Father Knows Best Bud Takes Up the Dance (TV-G) Bud is invited to his first school dance, but he doesn't actually know how to dance, so he decides to learn by studying a book about dancing.
10:30 AM
Father Knows Best Lesson in Citizenship (TV-G) Jim tries to inspire the kids to be good citizens and contribute to their community, but when they finally do, they wind up complicating Jim's life.
11:00 AM
The Patty Duke Show Don't Bank On It (TV-G) Martin thinks that Patty doesn't do her chores as much as she should, especially when she failed to make a bank deposit for him, so he teaches her a lesson.
11:30 AM
The Patty Duke Show Three Little Kittens (TV-G) Patty and Ross buy three kittens from a neighborhood kid and intend to sell them again to make a profit, but they end up losing track of the kittens.
12:00 PM
Hazel Winter Wonderland (TV-G) Hazel finds herself in a dilemma when her plan to enter a dog-sled race with her crush is threatened after the Baxters' ski trip is altered dramatically.
12:30 PM
Hazel Hazel's Winning Personality (TV-G) Hazel decides to take a course to improve her personality, but the teacher's instructions to give constant compliments get her into trouble with the Baxters.
1:00 PM
The Joey Bishop Show The Weed City Story (TV-G) Joe and Larry go out of town to play some golf but they make a mistake in stopping in a small hamlet, where Tom Weed recognizes Joey from television.
1:30 PM
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty's Education (TV-G) Rusty starts college and keeps asking Joey questions, none of which he knows how to answer; they ask for help from a bookmaker with a photographic memory.
2:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Fastest Gun in the East (TV-G) Tony tells Jeannie that he wishes he had lived in the Old West and she blinks him to the town of Gopher Gulch where he encounters a gang of cattle rustlers.
2:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie How To Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons (TV-G) Jeannie becomes upset because despite her best efforts, her attempts at pleasing her master seem to almost always end in disaster.
3:00 PM
Bewitched How To Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help (TV-G) Darrin begins to believe that his eccentric new client is actually Endora in disguise attempting to give him grief like she typically does.
3:30 PM
Bewitched Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated (TV-G) After Aunt Clara begins to believe that she has gained the power to see the future in newspaper headlines, she predicts that Larry will break his leg.
4:00 PM
Good Times The End of the Rainbow (TV-PG) The Evans family and Willona finally have good fortune bestowed upon each of them as J.J. receives a job offer and Keith reveals news about his football career.
4:30 PM
Good Times Too Old Blues (TV-PG) James is rejected for a job because of his age but Florida and the kids get ahead of themselves and plan a big party to celebrate.
5:00 PM
Sanford and Son Ol' Brown Eyes (TV-PG) As the 35th anniversary of Sanford & Son Salvage is underway, Lamont has a few gifts he would like to give to Fred in order to celebrate.
5:30 PM
Sanford and Son Grady and His Lady (TV-PG) An excited Grady tells Fred and Lamont that he is engaged, but they soon discover that his new fiancee is not exactly a beauty queen.
6:00 PM
All in the Family Archie's Civil Rights (TV-PG) Archie ends up in court when he uses illegal tear gas to fight off a robber, and he tries to hide his prejudices after learning his judge is a black woman.
6:30 PM
All in the Family New Year's Wedding (TV-PG) When the baby sitter cancels before Mike and Gloria are about to attend their best friends' wedding, Mike decides that he and Gloria will host the ceremony.
7:00 PM
The Jeffersons Louise's Award (TV-G) Louise is ecstatic to learn she has been nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award, but George bribes a judge to make sure she wins.
7:30 PM
The Jeffersons The Other Woman (TV-G) Tom has to go out of town for business and a co-worker will be joining him, but a fight erupts when Helen sees what this co-worker looks like.
8:00 PM
227 The Whiz Kid (TV-G) Mary is in charge of directing the church production of "The Whiz"; the Jenkins are surprised when 11-year-old Alexandria comes to stay with them.
8:30 PM
227 Hide the Star (TV-PG) Lester's very famous business partner is staying with the Jenkins, but they have to keep it a secret because he does not want anybody to know he is in town.
9:00 PM
Three's Company Friends and Lovers, Part 1 (TV-PG) Janet and Philip agree to get married in the trio's apartment; Jack proposes to Vicky; Terri is able to land a nursing job in Hawaii.
9:30 PM
Three's Company Friends and Lovers, Part 2 (TV-PG) Vicky declines Jack's proposal but agrees to move in together; the trio of friends leave the apartment and go their separate ways.
10:00 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson sits down for an interview with comedians Eddie Murphy and Ellen DeGeneres; actress Jane Leeves makes an appearance.
11:00 PM
Wings Wingless, Part 1 (TV-PG) Joe finds his airline struggling financially and tries to find someone to invest in the business in order to save it, but his plans don't turn out well.
11:30 PM
Wings Wingless, Part 2 (TV-PG) After Joe finds an investor, the new president of the airline decides to ask everyone to come up with a new gimmick to bring in money, frustrating Joe.
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