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Programs for KNXV-DT on Thursday, December 20, 2018
11:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Argus Hamilton, Paul Reiser and Maggie Wheeler.
12:30 AM
Becker But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet (TV-PG) Becker's old college roommate is a recovering alcoholic and comes to town to make amends for his past misdeeds; Margaret spends a lot of time with Cliff.
1:00 AM
Wings Ready, Teddy, Go (TV-PG) When Davis finally arrives, Helen snoops in his luggage, finding a box with a surprising item; Fay makes it her mission to say a rat from school.
1:30 AM
Growing Pains The Nanny (TV-G) At the family's request, Maggie and Jason agree to hire a nanny to look after Chrissy once Maggie decides to start going to work again.
2:00 AM
Family Ties Double Date (TV-G) Alex brings on disaster when he invites two girls to go with him to the senior prom and devises a scheme to enable him to escort both ladies.
2:30 AM
The Hogan Family A Night to Remember (TV-G) Willie wants to date the prettiest girl at school but needs to talk Mark into dating the girl's cousin to make it happen.
3:00 AM
Head of the Class Valentine's Day (TV-G)
3:30 AM
Silver Spoons The 'X' Team (TV-PG) Kate inadvertently interrupts Ricky's sleepover with his friends to find the group of young boys completely entranced by an adult movie.
4:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Argus Hamilton, Paul Reiser and Maggie Wheeler.
5:00 AM
The Jack Benny Program Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (TV-G) Jack learns, at the last minute, that his TV guest won't be appearing in person but via live remote from his Lakeport farm; the feed is met with problems.
5:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program Modern Prison Sketch (TV-G) Mickey Rooney and Jack Benny portray a pair of spoiled inmates at a luxurious prison.
6:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie Buying a Boat for George (TV-G) The Harrys are trying to convince George that he has been working too hard and needs to buy a boat so he could go sailing and relax; this is all a trick.
6:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie Having George's Portrait Painted (TV-G) Gracie hires an artist to paint a portrait of George; the catch is that the portrait is supposed to be a surprise gift for George; this confuses the painter.
7:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show You're What, Again? (TV-G) Ellie finds out that she is expecting another baby but she is afraid to tell Joey because of how he acted during her first pregnancy.
7:30 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Goes to a Poker Party (TV-G) After Joey spends too much time at a Poker game, he finds himself home late; in order to make sure Ellie does not find out, he sets the clock back.
8:00 AM
McHale's Navy Blitzkrieg at McHale's Beach (TV-PG) When Colonel Harrigan discovers McHale's party beach, he wants it for his own playground, forcing Binghamton to move the 73 crew into his building in town.
8:30 AM
McHale's Navy Reunion for PT 73 (TV-PG) Binghamton thinks he will finally be rid of McHale and his gang after confiscating taped confessions of their past crimes, but McHale comes up with a plan.
9:00 AM
Father Knows Best A Medal For Margaret (TV-G) When Jim decides to build a new display case for all the children's different trophies, Margaret decides that she needs a trophy for herself.
9:30 AM
Father Knows Best The Weaker Sex (TV-G) Betty begins to like a handsome young man from school, but she runs into a dilemma when she discovers that he is not interested in asking her out on a date.
10:00 AM
Dennis the Menace Jane Butterfield Says (TV-G) Mr. Wilson believes that his firsthand experience will allow him to make single women happy through the temporary assignment of a romance column.
10:30 AM
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Hermit (TV-G) Dennis attempts to spend some quality time with an isolated individual, while Mr. Wilson grills the man about his possible service in the Civil War.
11:00 AM
Hazel All Mixed Up (TV-G) A company needs a spokesperson for their new television commercial for a brand of cake mix; the director meets Hazel, who instantly becomes his first choice.
11:30 AM
Hazel Arrivederci, Mr. B. (TV-G) An Italian woman fights to keep her child when her husband goes into the military, and her uptight mother-in-law takes the child away from her.
12:00 PM
The Partridge Family Each Dawn I Diet (TV-G) After Danny asks a girl to a swimming party, he becomes self-conscious about being overweight and goes on a diet; Reuben tries to quit smoking.
12:30 PM
The Partridge Family A Penny for His Thoughts (TV-G) When Snake is having a hard time convincing his girlfriend to marry him, Shirley tells him to prove his love in a more dramatic fashion.
1:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Great Caruso (TV-G) After Jeannie magically gives Tony the ability to sing like Enrico Caruso, news of his amazing voice spreads until General Peterson enters him in a talent show.
1:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie The World's Greatest Lover (TV-G) Jeannie attempts to help Roger out with his troubled love life by using her magical powers to cause every woman he comes across to fall in love with him.
2:00 PM
Bewitched Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue (TV-G) Darrin gets in a quarrel with a man at a restaurant and knocks him out with Samantha's help, and the man turns out to be a professional boxer.
2:30 PM
Bewitched The Dancing Bear (TV-G) Endora and Phyllis get in a quarrel when they both give Tabitha the same teddy bear as a gift, but Endora uses magic to make her gift dance.
3:00 PM
Welcome Back Kotter California Dreamin' (TV-PG) A new girl, named Bambi, arrives in the Sweathogs class, which catches the attention of all the boys and distracts them from their studies.
3:30 PM
Soap (TV-PG) Burt decides to keep his latest medical issues from his wife, meanwhile Danny and Polly decide to cement their relationship; Billy and Leslie become intimate.
4:00 PM
Benson Love in a Funny Phase (TV-PG) Benson's girlfriend tells him she wants to date other men, and his jealously gets out of control while he is trying to cope with the arrival of English royalty.
4:30 PM
What's Happening!! Give Me Odds (TV-PG) Dwayne seems to be on a hot streak when it comes to betting and can't lose, but when Rerun passes on Dwayne's tips, everyone learns just what his system is.
5:00 PM
What's Happening Now!! The Candidate (TV-PG) Maurice hires a campaign manager to ensure that he wins the race for class president, but the decision risks his friendship with Daryl.
5:30 PM
Gimme a Break! Nell Goes Back to New York (TV-PG) Nell is concerned Joey and Matthew's father is not taking proper care of the boys and decides to travel to New York to enlist Addy's help in investigate.
6:00 PM
227 War is Heck (TV-PG) After Calvin threatens to leave college because it is too hard and join the Army instead, Lester sets up a mini boot camp to prepare him for his future.
6:30 PM
227 There Go the Clowns (TV-PG) After Mary leaves a particularly spiteful message on the answering machine of Lester's business contact, she disguises herself in clown clothes to erase it.
7:00 PM
Three's Company And Baby Makes Four (TV-PG) When Cindy asks for Janet's outlook on single motherhood, the roommates conclude that Cindy is pregnant and Jack thinks about proposing to her.
7:30 PM
Archie Bunker's Place Man of the Year An old friend from Archie's high school days returns to inform him of some good news, but little does he know, the man is now a professional con artist.
8:00 PM
Alice Florence of Arabia (TV-PG) Flo gets excited over her rich Arab boyfriend, but when Alice meets him, she finds out that he intends to make Flo his fourth wife and have her join his harem.
8:30 PM
Alice The Cuban Connection (TV-PG) When a bickering and recently separated couple visits Mel's Diner, Alice decides to become a mediator for them and attempts to get them back together.
9:00 PM
Barney Miller Bugs (TV-PG) Members of the 12th Precinct find recording devices in the police station and try to figure out if they're from internal affairs or the Nixon administration.
9:30 PM
Barney Miller Corporation (TV-PG) A radical environmentalist takes on the lawyer of a chemical plant he's been attacking, and Wojo tries to help a homeless woman who has been assaulted.
10:00 PM
Coach Leaving Orlando Part 2 (TV-PG) Hayden and the gang return to Minnesota, where they reminisce and see old friends, and Hayden reveals his vision of his family's future.
10:30 PM
Coach Leaving Orlando Part 3 (TV-PG) Hayden and the gang return to Minnesota, where they reminisce and see old friends, and Hayden reveals his vision of his family's future.
11:00 PM
Murphy Brown Never Can Say Goodbye, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Just as Murphy is preparing to leave FYI she learns her mammogram shows abnormality which is going to require surgery.
11:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include James Stewart, Larry Miller and Gladys Farek.
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