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Programs for KNXV-DT on Friday, October 18, 2019
12:00 AM
Coach Define Romance (TV-PG) Despite all of his efforts to shun jealousy, Hayden feels completely insecure when he learns Christine is going on a date with someone else.
12:30 AM
Murphy Brown Underdogs (HD, TV-PG) Miller's low ratings cause Murphy to a make an attempt to get him fired, her plan works but ironically all the other networks start bidding on his services.
1:00 AM
Becker Let's Talk About Sex (TV-PG) Margaret bugs John about doing his community service, so he arranges to speak to 8-year-olds at the school about nutrition; cops use the diner for a stakeout.
1:30 AM
Wings Death Becomes Him (TV-PG) Sandpiper is chosen by the late Richard Kingsbury's daughter to bring his body to the island, but the brother's make a devastating mistake.
2:00 AM
Growing Pains Jason Flirts, Maggie Hurts (TV-G) When an attractive young woman flirts with Jason, Maggie becomes bothered by the incident, and while Ben observes his parents, he draws a conclusion.
2:30 AM
Family Ties Designated Hitter (TV-PG) Jennifer insults the class bully while protecting her boyfriend from his intimidation tactic; Alex and Mallory take IQ tests and Mallory obtains a higher score.
3:00 AM
Bewitched Samantha's Old Salem Trip (TV-G) After coming home from Salem, Esmerelda sends Samantha back to Salem, only a few centuries earlier, leaving it up to Darrin to save her.
3:30 AM
I Dream of Jeannie Fastest Gun in the East (TV-G) Tony tells Jeannie that he wishes he had lived in the Old West and she blinks him to the town of Gopher Gulch where he encounters a gang of cattle rustlers.
4:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson sits down with announcer Joe Garagiola; actor Dennis Wolfberg makes an appearance; actress Lisa Jane Persky visits the show.
5:00 AM
Three's Company Janet Wigs Out (TV-PG) Janet hopes that she will attract more male attention by wearing a blonde wig and her plan appears to be working when she impresses a man.
5:30 AM
Three's Company Up in the Air (TV-PG) Janet asks Jack to escort her to a ball on a private island, and in order to keep his fear of flying under control, Jack takes a medication.
6:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Wading Pool at Acapulco (TV-G) Ronnie and Ralph decide to apply for jobs as lifeguards at a resort in Acapulco, but they learn they'll be supervising the kiddie pool, and decide not to do it.
6:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show A Pain in the Back (TV-G) Blanche tries to convince Harry to take George along on a fishing so that the two would bond, but George decides to fake a backache so he doesn't have to go.
7:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Three's a Crowd (TV-G) Ellie is growing frustrated of Joey's friend, Freddie, stopping by unannounced and when he invites himself over during their anniversary, Ellie has had enough.
7:30 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Door to Door Salesman (TV-G) Newlywed Joey tries to cure his new wife, Ellie, of her temptation to compulsively buy things that she does not need from persuasive door-to-door salesmen.
8:00 AM
McHale's Navy Secret Chimp 007 (TV-PG) Binghamton jumps to conclusions when he sees Parker with a chimp carrying a stolen top-secret order and assumes they're funneling information to German spies.
8:30 AM
McHale's Navy 36-24-73 (TV-PG) A shapely multi-tasker on the captain's staff, provides contestants for a beauty contest, knows which regulations to invoke and helps McHale snag a submarine.
9:00 AM
Father Knows Best Bicycle Trip for Two (TV-G) Jim plans for him and Margaret to go on a bicycle trip together, but the adventure turns into a complete disaster when the couple gets into an argument.
9:30 AM
Father Knows Best Margaret's Old Flame (TV-G) Jim and Margaret become excited about their college class reunion and joke around with one another about the people they used to date in school.
10:00 AM
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Witch Doctor (TV-G) Mr. Wilson volunteers his writing talents for an article concerning voodoo practices, and Dennis mistakenly tells everyone that the man is a witch doctor.
10:30 AM
Dennis the Menace The Chinese Girl (TV-G) The Wilson household grows a little bit larger after George and Martha agree to take in a girl from Hong Kong, whom Dennis quickly befriends.
11:00 AM
Hazel Hazel's Day Off (TV-G) Hazel wants to take her day off, but she is instead forced to work when a wealthy man says he will donate land for a park; Hazel thinks he should relax.
11:30 AM
Hazel I've Been Singing All My Life (TV-G) Georges sister plans to produce a talent show in order to raise money for the local hospital; Hazel wants to be one of the acts on the show.
12:00 PM
The Partridge Family Keith and Lauriebelle (TV-G) Laurie asks Danny to take over for her on her babysitting jobs so she can go skiing with her friends; when he refuses, Keith agrees to on one condition.
12:30 PM
The Partridge Family Morning Becomes Electric (TV-G) To make amends for blowing the fuses at a rally, the family decides to be a "model" family and show everyone how easy it is to cut down on electricity use.
1:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had (TV-G) Tony finds that he regrets his troublesome association with Jeanie and makes a snap decision to send his beautiful and mischievous genie away forever.
1:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie The Greatest Entertainer in the World (TV-G) Tony tries to arrange for Sammy Davis, Jr. to appear at a function honoring General Peterson and Jeannie has to use her magic to overcome an obstacle.
2:00 PM
Bewitched Paris Witch's Style (TV-G) Samantha's father becomes angry when he learns that she and Darrin have been traveling through Europe without stopping to see him in London.
2:30 PM
Bewitched TV or Not TV (TV-G) Tabitha pops into her favorite television show and makes two puppets come to life; impressed by her abilities, the show's sponsors make Tabitha the new star.
3:00 PM
Welcome Back Kotter A Love Story (TV-PG) Juan's sister joins Kotter's class and it makes Juan uncomfortable, even crazy, when Arnold, Freddie, and Vinnie are instantly attracted to her.
3:30 PM
What's Happening!! If I'm Elected (TV-PG) Dwayne is proud of his father for running for city council, but when Dwayne overhears him firing a family friend, his pride turns to shame.
4:00 PM
Benson Two Boys and Their Dog (TV-PG) Benson reluctantly gets involved in Clayton's newest investment scheme which consists of buying a pure-bred male champion in order to breed puppies.
4:30 PM
227 My Aching Back (TV-PG) When Mary beats out Sandra for a role in a movie being filmed outside 227, she becomes so anxious about her part she injures her back.
5:00 PM
227 Country Cousins (TV-PG) When Lester is informed that he has an inheritance coming to him, he is told before he can collect it he must live with some of his distant white relatives.
5:30 PM
Gimme a Break! Class of '84 (TV-PG) During a graduation ceremony, a family man reveals some startling information in regards to all of his achievements while in school.
6:00 PM
Maude Vivian's Decision (TV-PG) Maude and Vivian attend their 30-year college reunion, and Vivian indulges in a lot of champagne before going back to their room and becoming very depressed.
6:30 PM
Maude Carol's Dilemma (TV-PG) Carol's ex-husband comes to town and lavishes gifts and attention on her, and Carol and Maude assume he wants to get back together with her.
7:00 PM
Archie Bunker's Place Harry's Investment Archie becomes outraged to know that Harry has gone behind his back and invested in a rival bar that could cause him financial ruin.
7:30 PM
Archie Bunker's Place Three's a Crowd Archie joins Barney and his date for dinner, only to realize that he may have feelings for her; Archie worries about dating too soon after losing Edith.
8:00 PM
Alice Block Those Kicks (TV-PG) When the girls realize that Mel has a gambling addiction, they decide to show support by revealing their personal vices and vow to give them up.
8:30 PM
Alice Whatever Happened to the Class of '78? (TV-PG) When Alice encourages Flo to attend night classes to get her high school diploma, Flo soon starts struggling to balance studying and her social life.
9:00 PM
Barney Miller Obituary (TV-PG) The local newspaper prints an obituary for a man who turns out to still be alive; a thief is brought into the precinct after he is caught stealing chickens.
9:30 PM
Barney Miller Inquiry (TV-PG) When Wojo is accused of excessive force, Internal Affairs is called in, and a man stirs up trouble when his son is declined admission into a kindergarten.
10:00 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include David Horowitz, Eura Irwin and Robert Blake.
11:00 PM
Three's Company The Best of Three's Company, Part 1 (TV-PG) Lucille Ball hosts a special featuring the most memorable clips from the series, and discusses what aspects have helped to make the show such a success.
11:30 PM
Three's Company The Best of Three's Company, Part 2 (TV-PG) Lucille Ball hosts a special featuring the most memorable clips from the series.
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