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American Housewife Saving Christmas (HD, New, TV-PG) Katie works to keep her parents, who have been separated for a long time, apart when her father shows up in time to surprise the Otto's for Christmas.
Modern Family Stuck in a Moment (HD, New, TV-PG) Hayley wants to give the family a memorable gift for Christmas; Phil upsets Claire; Jay, Gloria and Joe face some unwelcome guests over the holidays.
Single Parents The Magic Box (HD, New, TV-PG) Angie scrambles to find a gift for Owen after he unexpectedly appears with a present for her; the group worries that Miggy may still believe in Santa.
A Million Little Things christmas wishlist (HD, New, TV-14) Delilah struggles to tell Sophie and Danny about her pregnancy; the crew unites to help the Dixon family embrace the Christmas spirit.
ABC15 News @ 10pm (HD) Phoenix's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the ABC 15 News Team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.

Daily | 14 Day
Archie Bunker's Place Edith vs. the Energy Crisis Everyone must work to conserve energy as it becomes scarce, both at the bar and at home; Archie comes down with strep throat.
Alice Alice by Moonlight (TV-PG) When Alice takes a second job as a singer at a nightclub, it affects her performance at the job negatively, forcing Mel to make her choose between occupations.
Alice Single Belles (TV-PG) Alice, Flo and Vera decide to go out and visit a single bar, but when Alice and Flo meet someone, they find out they both are pursuing the same man.
Barney Miller Community Relations (TV-PG) Barney arrests a blind shoplifter, only to be charged with harrassment, while a tenant retaliates for being evicted by threatening a landlord with a musket.
Barney Miller The Rand Report (TV-PG) When police officer Wojo is forced to become part-time at the police department, he gets upset and decides to quit the 12th Precinct entirely.
Coach Somewhere Out There (TV-PG) In this episode reviewing nine years of relationships between family and friends, Dauber thinks aliens contacted him, and wonders if he should leave the team.

Daily | 14 Day
Home Improvement Room at the Top (TV-G) Tim makes a big fuss when Jill wants him to build her an office in the attic and then changes her mind at the last minute.
Home Improvement The Dating Game (TV-G) When Al hears about Ilene's engagement, Tim helps his friend deal with his depression by taking him out to meet a new woman.
Home Improvement A Night to Dismember (TV-G) Mark and his friend make a scary movie for a school project, but when Mark casts himself as the killer, Tim and Jill begin to worry about their youngest son.
3rd Rock from the Sun Dick on One Knee (TV-PG) A Frenchman asks Sally to marry him so that he can keep his green card and Sally busily starts planning her wedding; Tommy discovers he has a talent.
3rd Rock from the Sun Same Old Song and Dick (TV-PG) Dick believes that he and Mary are in a rut and strives for a way to make it more exciting; Sally and Harry trade jobs; Tommy finds out August is not perfect.
That '70s Show Stone Cold Crazy (TV-14) While Samantha helps Donna maintain her relationship with Eric using some racy photos, Fez finds that living with a woman isn't all he had hoped for.
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