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« The View (HD, New, TV-14) "The Political View" with Anthony Scaramucci, author of "Trump, The Blue-Collar President"; "View Your Deal" with hot items at affordable prices.
ABC15 News @ 11am Phoenix 's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the ABC 15 News Team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.
GMA Day (New) Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner from "The Resident."
General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Carly confides in Stella; Alexis tries to help Kristina; Josslyn launches her plan; Kristina is devastated; Oscar gets the support he needs.

Daily | 14 Day
Dennis the Menace The Christmas Horse (TV-G) Dennis is overwhelmed with excitement after convincing himself that he is to receive a horse from his parents, and the youth searches the town for it.
Hazel The Investment Club (TV-PG) Hazel and her friends are approached to invest in the stock market, but they don't realize that the stock the businessman is selling useless stocks.
Hazel Hazel's Mona Lisa Grin (TV-G) Years after being the model of a painters portrait, Hazel finds out the artist has since found fame and fortune as an acclaimed painter.
The Partridge Family Forgive Us Our Debt's (TV-G) Shirley purchases a cuckoo clock from the local department store, and charges for it, but the bill arrives asking her to pay far more than the asking price.
The Partridge Family The Partridge Connection (TV-G) Danny is surprised when Punky steals a yo-yo, but when Punky calls him a chicken, he too steals one, too; Danny suffers from a very guilty conscience.
I Dream of Jeannie Is There a Doctor in the House? (TV-G) Jeannie seeks her mother's help when Tony begins to experience episodes of narcolepsy, but she doesn't realize that his condition is her mother's little joke.

Daily | 14 Day
Night Court Dan's Parents (TV-14) To everyone's surprise, Dan's parents are not dead; the truth comes out when they come over for a visit to see their son whom they think is successful.
Night Court Nuts About Harry (TV-14) Mental hospital patients stage a strike to convince the court that they are the victims of mistreatment, as one locks herself in a closet with a gun.
Night Court An Old Flame (TV-14) The court brings in a judge to substitute but he only seems to wreak havoc amongst the cases; an old boyfriend of Selma's returns for her.
The Drew Carey Show Drew Goes to the Browns' Game (TV-14) Drew catches Sharon making out on the jumbo-tron after the gang sneaks into the Browns' game; Steve proposes to Mimi at the football game.
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the Gang Law (TV-14) A judge decrees that Drew and the gang cause too much trouble together and uses the provisions of a new anti-gang law to order them to stay apart forever.
The Drew Carey Show Drew's Reunion (TV-14) Drew is humiliated when the speaker at his high school reunion ridicules his limited accomplishments; Kate hits on a former, nerdy, classmate who is now wealthy
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