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Modern Family Stuck in a Moment (HD, New, TV-PG) Hayley wants to give the family a memorable gift for Christmas; Phil upsets Claire; Jay, Gloria and Joe face some unwelcome guests over the holidays.
Single Parents The Magic Box (HD, New, TV-PG) Angie scrambles to find a gift for Owen after he unexpectedly appears with a present for her; the group worries that Miggy may still believe in Santa.
A Million Little Things christmas wishlist (HD, New, TV-14) Delilah struggles to tell Sophie and Danny about her pregnancy; the crew unites to help the Dixon family embrace the Christmas spirit.
ABC15 News @ 10pm (HD) Phoenix's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the ABC 15 News Team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (TV-14) Jimmy Kimmel hosts a late-night talk show including monologues, comedy sketches and interviews with talented celebrities and musical guests.

Daily | 14 Day
Alice Alice by Moonlight (TV-PG) When Alice takes a second job as a singer at a nightclub, it affects her performance at the job negatively, forcing Mel to make her choose between occupations.
Alice Single Belles (TV-PG) Alice, Flo and Vera decide to go out and visit a single bar, but when Alice and Flo meet someone, they find out they both are pursuing the same man.
Barney Miller Community Relations (TV-PG) Barney arrests a blind shoplifter, only to be charged with harrassment, while a tenant retaliates for being evicted by threatening a landlord with a musket.
Barney Miller The Rand Report (TV-PG) When police officer Wojo is forced to become part-time at the police department, he gets upset and decides to quit the 12th Precinct entirely.
Coach Somewhere Out There (TV-PG) In this episode reviewing nine years of relationships between family and friends, Dauber thinks aliens contacted him, and wonders if he should leave the team.
Coach A Boy and His Doll (TV-PG) The Burleighs give Timothy a "Princess Tiffany" doll, but Luther feels that more masculine influences are needed for the boy.

Daily | 14 Day
Home Improvement The Dating Game (TV-G) When Al hears about Ilene's engagement, Tim helps his friend deal with his depression by taking him out to meet a new woman.
Home Improvement A Night to Dismember (TV-G) Mark and his friend make a scary movie for a school project, but when Mark casts himself as the killer, Tim and Jill begin to worry about their youngest son.
3rd Rock from the Sun Dick on One Knee (TV-PG) A Frenchman asks Sally to marry him so that he can keep his green card and Sally busily starts planning her wedding; Tommy discovers he has a talent.
3rd Rock from the Sun Same Old Song and Dick (TV-PG) Dick believes that he and Mary are in a rut and strives for a way to make it more exciting; Sally and Harry trade jobs; Tommy finds out August is not perfect.
That '70s Show Stone Cold Crazy (TV-14) While Samantha helps Donna maintain her relationship with Eric using some racy photos, Fez finds that living with a woman isn't all he had hoped for.
That '70s Show Long Away (TV-14) Fez and Jackie get themselves into an embarrassing situation after they are caught spying on Donna and Randy; Red comes to have respect for Leo.
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