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Dancing with the Stars (TV-PG) Celebrities are paired with professional dancers in order to train for a live televised ballroom dancing competition, and one couple is eliminated every week.
Bewitched Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse (TV-G) Samantha has a strange reaction to a drink that causes her to lose her powers and break out in stripes, so she and Darrin go on a search for the anecdote.
Bewitched The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam (TV-G) Endora tests Darrin by giving him a pin that makes it impossible for him to lie, but his client likes his honesty and gives him a big account.
All in the Family The Very Moving Day (TV-PG) Gloria confides in Archie and Edith that she has just learned she's unexpectedly pregnant, but she isn't sure how Mike is going to react to the news.
All in the Family Alone at Last (TV-PG) Archie and Mike argue after they learn that Mike and Gloria can't move out yet because Mike forgot to have the utilities in their new home turned on.
Diff'rent Strokes Friendly-Mate (TV-G) When Willis and Arnold call a computer dating service on behalf of Mr. Drummond, the person who takes the call assumes he is black, leading to a mix-up.
Diff'rent Strokes Poor Drummond (TV-G) The boys overhear Mr. Drummond worrying over a business deal and get the idea the family is running out of money, so they apply for welfare on his behalf.
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