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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
The James Brown Show Jim Brown (HD, New) NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown.
ABC15 News Sunday The ABC 15 Weekend News Team presents a report of the news of the day, along with sports, traffic updates and the latest Phoenix area weather forecast.
ABC World News Sunday Crucial events and developments from the U.S. and the world are covered by the ABC News team.
America's Funniest Home Videos (HD, New, TV-PG) The top videos from the 28th season compete for the grand prize of $100,000; the two $100,000 winners compete for a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Daily | 14 Day
Growing Pains (TV-G) When his wife decides to pursue a career in journalism, a psychiatrist moves his practice into his home and takes over care of the house and kids.
The Hogan Family (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Dear John (TV-PG) A man joins a support group for divorced and widowed people after his wife leaves him for his best friend and seeks support for others by helping each other.
Murphy Brown (TV-PG) Murphy is the lead reporter of a news magazine show called "FYI" based in Washington, D.C., and she is having her townhouse repainted by Eldin.
Wings (TV-PG) Buttoned-down Joe Hackett and his free spirit brother Brian run a one-plane local commuter service for a great deal of fun and a little profit.
Becker (TV-PG) Dr. John Becker is a talented physician with a brusque exterior and interior but is completely dedicated to healing his patients and make them better.

Daily | 14 Day
The Drew Carey Show No Booze for Drew (TV-14) Drew tries to hold true to his pledge of refusing to drink alcohol during Kellie's pregnancy; Mimi fabricates excuses to bump into a handsome messenger.
That '70s Show Celebration Day (TV-14) The kids oversleep and miss graduation while on their big camping celebration; Fez becomes heartbroken because he must leave America; Kitty takes medication.
That '70s Show The Kids Are Alright (TV-14) Eric lives with his parents to help them out even though he just wants to be with Donna; Kelso finds out he's allergic to eggs after he drinks them.
That '70s Show Join Together (TV-14) Eric discovers out that the sadder Donna gets the more she wants to have sex; Kelso tries to help get Jackie and Hyde back together.
That '70s Show Magic Bus (TV-14) No one pays any attention to Eric's birthday while he prepares for Donna's move to Madison; Red and Kitty prepare for a special night.
Roseanne The Dark Ages (TV-14) After learning that David spent the night in Darlene's room, both Dan and Roseanne are forced to consider their daughter in a new light.
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